AN: I claim first Adventure Quest yaoi/slash/shounen-ai fic.

Accident 1: Charcoal



Alright, he was leader of the Paladins.

Alright, he was gorgeous.

Alright, he made fangirls DIE from swooning when he winked.

But Artix was damn clumsy.

"Artix Krieger, what have you done now?" Warlic sighed, pushing the curtain to the side to see what Artix had done. He couldn't stop a snicker, though, when he saw the Paladin kneeling on the floor in front of one of his pots, face and hair completely black.

"Cough." was all he could wheeze, staring at the pot with a look of complete surprise frozen on his face.

"I see you've discovered my formula for Shadow Blending." Warlic commented. "We usually don't use it for makeup, you know. Just for blending into the shadows during times of war--"

Artix grabbed the front of his robes and tugged his face close to his, letting the mage see the fury in his eyes from being teased.

"Get. This. Off. Me. Now." He hissed.

Warlic blinked.

He helped the younger man up, still barely hiding snickers, and led him to the backroom, where he motioned for Artix to sit on the table while he warmed up some water and began mashing some things into a powder.

When he was done and turned around, holding the powder now mixed with water, Warlic was surprised to see that Artix wasn't there.

"Artix?" He asked uncertainly. If the brown-haired Paladin had accidentally used some Invisibility Potion, he was going to murder him.

Suddenly Warlic felt hands grab his shoulder and turn him around. Then those same black-powder covered hands made themselves known to Warlic's face, cupping it as Artix kissed Warlic deeply.

The bowl dropped to the floor.

The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning each other up, and a little more.