This is my submission for the Tate Twins Halloween theme challenge. Hope you all like it!

By the by this takes place outside of any continuity I may have built up to this point.

Disclaimer: I do not own the power rangers! However I just may dress up as one for Halloween…on second thought spandex is a privilege not a right…


"It all started on a dark and stormy night…"

"But Sky its not dark or stormy, in fact it's 2:00 in the afternoon."

"Bridge do you want to hear the story or not?"

"Okay sorry."

"Like I was saying…It all started on a dark and stormy night."

"Why can't any of these stories start on a bright sunny afternoon?"


"Sorry Sky."

"Now if we're all done interrupting me…? Thank you. Getting back …It all started on a dark and stormy night. The group of teenage friends were just driving home from the party when all of a sudden, in the middle of the road, jumped a figure dressed in tattered clothes dripping wet from the rain. The driver tried to stop but it was no use the storm had made the roads slick. He tried to swerve but the car hydroplaned. With a sickening thud the car came to a stop on the side of the road. All of the teenagers jumped from the car and ran to the figure now laying in a heap on the pavement…"

"Sky I've already heard this one! They made it into a movie in the late '90's."

"Yeah you know I think Z's right I think this was a bad horror flick way back when…"

"Fine Jack if you think you can come up with better…"

"Oh I know I can."

"Ooh ooh Jack tell a story about zombies!"

"Bridge when it's your turn you can tell a story about zombies. My story is about… THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK HOLE!"

"God Jack not that story again."

"What Z? It's a good story!"

"Yeah that I've heard like fifty bazillion times!"

"Well just because you've heard it…"

"Okay here's how it goes…there's a creature from a black hole, he kills a lot of people, and then a hero who suspiciously resembles Jack finds a way to send the creature back from whence it came. The End."

"Z you suck."

"Better than you'll ever know."

"Will I ever get to know?"



"Okay I've got one. On a bright and sunny afternoon there was this girl. She was cute and blond and nothing bad ever happened to her, mostly because she was blond and cute. No one ever wanted to hurt this cute and sweet, yet still strong and independent girl…"

"Can it Syd before I loose my lunch."

"I don't know, I think maybe Syd was on to something, I mean I was scared…terrified even…"



"My turn!"

"Here we go. Anyone got an extra five hours they don't mind wasting?"


"Alright fine, it's your turn."

"Thank you. Okay so there were these zombies right? Well I think that maybe they actually preferred to be called vitally impaired, or was it animatedly challenged? Anyway there were these zombies and you had to watch out because if they bit you, you would become a zombie too. It had something to do with a virus carried in the saliva…although if they were dead I'm not really sure how they created saliva…You know what let me start over…There were these zombies!"

"Bridge! We don't have all night. We promised that we would take the kids from the local shelters trick or treating."

"Sorry Jack."

"Alright move over you wusses! It's MY turn."

"Oh man here we go…Z always tells the best stories. Every year you wouldn't believe how many people would show up to the shelter just to be scared senseless by one of her deranged tales."

"Thank you Jack."

"Credit where credit's due."

"Okay…There were these five friends, Cloud, Gateway, Melbourne, Johnson, and X. They where all on the same elite force of soldiers traversing the galaxy in search of the alien threat known as the Krumm. One day their commander Sphinx sent them to the mysterious planet Htrae, believed to be a major base of operation for the Krumm. Their mission was to infiltrate and destroy the Queen before she could create anymore Krumm soldiers. Little did they know not all of them would be making it back…"

"Wow Z real original."

"What Sky?"

"Cloud? Melbourne? X?"

"You're just upset because no one liked your story."

"You know what this was a stupid idea. Bridge was right."

"I was?"

"Yes. It's only 2 in the afternoon and everyone knows you can't tell a really good scary story until it gets dark out."

"Yeah we should be getting our costumes ready to take the kids out."


Ha! My first attempt at a story with chapters that's not Shifting Hearts I bet you all didn't think I could do it huh? I was becoming the one shot queen! Well no more! I promise that all the chapters of this story will be up before Halloween!