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Z had finally ditched the heels and now ran barefoot and full speed with Bridge down to the simulator room.

"Are you sure this is the way?" she asked.

Bridge ran with his bare hand out in front of him following the trail of his best friend. No one could ever quite understand just why him and Sky had bonded so well. Him being goofy and roundabout, Sky being straight-laced and straightforward, it proved that opposites attract. Bridge couldn't really explain it either but it worked and well. Sky was always there for him helping him to become a better ranger criticizing him in the way that Bridge knew meant he cared he just hated to say so and Bridge was always there for him knowing when something was wrong and always seemingly knowing what to do about it without actually having to ask and causing Sky to share his feelings (something he had never been good at).

"I'm positive." Bridge said confidently, he felt both Sky and the Red Ranger come this way. "Although since only fools are positive then maybe I'm certain, but if I was certain, which is only a synonym for positive then I guess I'd still be a fool." His ramble came to an end. "We're here."

The pair had come to a stop in front of one of the simulator room doors. Above the door the light burned red indicating that there was a simulation in progress.

"He's in there." Bridge noted solemnly. "And we can't get in." Z glanced over at the control panel and saw the wires sticking out.

"Is he still…?" she didn't want to say alive but didn't want to ask if he was dead either.

"I don't know, I can't read through the door." Bridge stared at the door frustrated with himself.

"Well what do you feel?" She touched his arm tenderly. Bridge closed his eyes and let his mind reach out to his best friend. Suddenly his eyes shot open.

"Come on!" Without explanation Bridge grabbed Z by the arm and dragged her into the control center for the simulator rooms. Inside was an observation window to each room and the master control panel.

"Bridge what's going on?" she asked but then she looked down into the one room that was active and there laying underneath a giant slab of marble was a man surrounded by a bright blue light that held the marble mere inches from his face. From the looks of things he had been there for a while and would probably not be able to keep it up much longer.

"Oh my God SKY!" she turned to Bridge who was already working on the computer. "Bridge can't you turn it off?"

"I'm trying." He grunted. "The safety's been disabled."

"Hold on, it's just a simulation. I mean it can't really kill him…right?" There was no answer from Bridge. "Wait one god-damn minute you mean these things can kill you!" she stared at him in disbelief. "Who the hell creates a training program that can KILL YOU!? Oh but it's okay don't worry we'll just put a safety on it so that it wont! How about you make it so that it can't to begin with!" Z raved to the room in general.

"Hey Z, I really need to concentrate." Bridge was now underneath the control panel digging around inside.

"Sorry." Z stood there feeling useless again. Bridge's legs were sticking out from underneath the counter and ever so often she would hear mumbled curses.

"stupid gloves can't do anything…Here Z hold these." His leather gloves were suddenly thrust into her hands. Z laid them carefully on the counter and then turned to watch Sky inside the illusion.

"Uh Bridge…"

"If you cross the red with the blue…or was it green?"


"Maybe it was purple…

"Bridge you need to hurry."

"What the heck is that doing in here?"

"Bridge I don't think he can hold on much longer."

Bridge poked his head out from under the control panel and looked down into the room. Sky was loosing steam. The sweat was pouring from his brow and his eyes were starting to roll back into his head. Z got on over the intercom.

"Sky its Z! Hold on! Bridge has got it all figured out okay? We'll get you out of there." Sky turned to the sound of his friends voice and made his best attempt to nod in acknowledgment. Turning to look down at Bridge who had returned to work she asked.

"You do have it all figured out right…?" Bridge said nothing.


Minutes passed by with Bridge furiously working underneath the panel and Z watching Sky intently.

"Z?" Sky's strained voice broke through silence.

"Yeah Sky what is it?" Bridge was too distracted on the problem in front of him to hear his friends. Whoever had messed with this had known exactly what they were doing, Bridge would be lucky to figure this out in a week much less the next five minutes.

"I never really hated you, you know that right? I just hated the fact that you and Jack came off the streets and were put on the same squad that I had trained for years to get to."

"Sky don't do this."

"But you guys deserve it. You're good Delgado don't let anyone tell you different."

"Sky no…"

"Tell Jack I'm sorry."

"Sky please…" She didn't have it in her to tell him Jack was already gone.

"Take care of Bridge for me okay? He loves you."

"Sky, you can do this! Hold on!"

"Z, I don't have any energy left, I've been here for the last half hour."

"Oh god…Sky." Z looked down and kicked Bridge in the leg to get his attention. "Bridge! How much longer?"

"I've almost…"

In the background there was a loud thud followed by a sickening squish.

"GOT IT!" Bridge jumped up triumphantly pressing buttons and powering down the simulation. He turned to Z with a wide grin that quickly dissipated when he saw the despondent look on her face.

"Z what…?" He turned to the window and saw a small room empty except for one man, lying on the floor, blood oozing from every orifice.


"Bridge let's get out of here!" She picked up his gloves and grabbed a hold of his arm.

"No I can't leave him!" Bridge cried, pulling his arm back.

"Bridge we're next! We've got to get out of here!"

"But he needs me!" Z grabbed Bridge roughly by the chin and forced him to look at her instead of the horrific sight inside the room.

"I need you." She declared. Bridge nodded and reluctantly let himself be led from the control room and what remained of his best friend.



Somberly the pair made their way down to their quarters keeping an eye out for anything that might indicate another attack.

"Whoever this is," Bridge speculated, "Has already used the Red, Blue, and Yellow power. Which means, that if I'm right, we have to be on the lookout for the Pink and Green."

"Have you been able to sense anything underneath the Ranger power?" she asked.

"Not really but there's this…familiarity underneath it all that I just can't quite place." The feeling had been bothering Bridge the whole time, like he knew who was doing this he just couldn't seem to move the haze in order to see who it was.

"Well what we need is to get back to our rooms. We need to change and get our blasters so that we at least have something." Bridge agreed. His fake leather pants were beginning to chafe.

Together they arrived at the girl's room. After a quick scan to make sure no one but them was there, the two of them walked in locking the door behind them. Bridge watched as Z dug through her closet and produced her yellow SPD uniform and began to change.

"Uh…Bridge turn around please." She noticed that he was still there staring but not really at her, more off to the left and far far away. Suddenly he walked over to the wall and flipped himself upside down.


He stood there on his hands, eyes closed, lips moving in silent deliberation. When his eyes snapped open, he fluidly moved himself back into the upright position and turned to her excitedly.

"What was it that Boom had said back in the commanders study?" he asked, as though he were the teacher asking a student.

"That our morphers were stolen?" she looked at him confused as to where this was going.

"Yes! But from where?" he urged her on.

"From…I don't remember."

"From our rooms! He said they were stolen from our rooms!" He looked at her expectantly waiting for the epiphany. Moments passed while Z worked it out in her overly taxed brain.

"That means…" she answered slowly wanting to make sure she got it right. "That whoever stole our morphers had to come into our rooms…which means that if they were in here…" Her eyes lit up with understanding, "You'd be able to see the psychic trail they left and we'd know who we were up against!"

"YES!" Bridge grabbed her around the waist hugging her to him and twirling them both around the room.

"Oh damn…" Z cut short the celebration.

"What?" Bridge set her down but did not let go.

"Me and Syd? We didn't leave them in our room."

"Where did you leave them…?"

"In your room, we didn't want Boom snooping around in ours." She swiftly became distracted by the floor.

Of course nothing could be that easy. He thought to himself.

"That's okay, no problem, I'll just go over there, quick scan, be right back."

"No Bridge. Remember what you said? We should stick together!" Her eyes shot back up to his face.

"But I'd rather have you here where I know the killer isn't then take you with me to where I know the killer might be." He rationalized.

"You promised you wouldn't leave me!" Her face filled with anxiety.

"Z, I also promised that I wouldn't let anything happen to you. I can't keep them both."

"Yes you can, take me with you! I'm not helpless!" Z's anger was now bubbling to the surface.

"Z…" he pulled her closer and cupped her face. "If anything happened to you I couldn't live with myself and then what? We'd both be dead. So please just stay here, I'll be right back, I promise." He pleaded with her.

"But you just said that you couldn't keep all of your prom…" her words were cut short when his lips came crashing down on hers. Finally. Possessively his hands gripped her body pressing it firm against his. Her only response was to loose herself in his taste. At last he pulled away.

"Any man who wouldn't come back to that would be an idiot." He said breathlessly. Reluctantly she let him go. Almost to the door Bridge turned when he heard his name and found his arms suddenly full of Z. Tangling her fingers in his disheveled hair she yanked him down to her eager lips and kissed him passionately one last time.

"Don't be an idiot, okay?" she whispered

"I won't." He assured, and then walked out the door locking it behind him.

Z wandered over to her lost roommates side of the room and picked up Peanuts. Hugging the stuffed elephant to her chest for comfort she then sat on her own bed and waited for her protector to return.


Bridge walked hesitantly across the common room keeping his mind alert for anything…off. It was nearing mid-night and the base was dark except for the glowing video game screens casting eerie shadows across the room.

Go in, quick scan, back to Z. Go in, quick scan, back to Z. Go in, quick scan, back to Z. It was the mantra that kept him until he got to his door. Immediately he knew there was something wrong. When he opened the door no less than three inches of water came pouring out. That's weird I don't think I left the water on. Bridge walked into his room water sloshing around his boots with every step. Looking around the room his eyes began to prick with tears. No more late night conversations, no more kidding around, no more Sky. Bridge made a mental note to come back after everything and get the Red Ranger helmet that belonged to Sky's father. His heart broke a little more when he realized he would have to hand both that and Sky's Blue Ranger helmet over to his mother. Bridge was brought back from his thoughts when he felt something bump into his left foot. Bending down he found his bath book, a symbol of his innocence now lost, floating across the sodden floor. As he reached down to grab it he was pushed the rest of the way from behind and landed face first in the water.

"You just really are that gullible, aren't you Bridge?" The menacing voice from behind him laughed.

Quickly Bridge began to tug at the wet leather on his hands.

"I don't know what you think your trying to do…" The Pink Ranger stood above him. "Going to find out who I am?"

"Dude you're not even a girl!" Bridge pointed to the wrong bulge in the wrong place in the pink spandex.

"You're right I'm not." Bridges cry for help was strangled when the Pink Ranger picked him up by the collar and forcibly dragged him over to his nightstand. Struggling with his gloves the whole time Bridge finally managed to free his right hand. Tossing the soggy leather aside he grabbed the Pink Rangers arm with his bare fingers. His eyes widened in horror with the realization of who was behind the helmet.

"But why?" he stuttered in shock.

"Why? You ask me WHY?" The decidedly male voice became infuriated. "All I ever wanted was to be part of the gang! Play light-ball, go to the park for a picnic, be invited to parties! Just to hang out with the high and mighty Power Rangers! But NO! Ever since you all made B squad, suddenly you didn't have time for me! Were all too good for me! Even you Bridge! When Cruger let those two thieves in off the street suddenly you didn't care if your new subscription of Extreme Upgrade was in, you didn't care about having time to connect the waffle iron to the toaster to the mainframe! You just cared about HER"

"I'm sorry!" Bridge tried to apologize while his mind raced wildly.

"Me too Bridge. I didn't really want to have to kill you. But if one goes you all have to go! After all you guys do everything as a team, right?" The Pink Ranger grabbed Bridges ungloved hand and shoved it into his toaster, Maureen.

"Now, knowing you Bridge, this toaster probably has far more power then any normal toaster needs. And with all the water on the floor all I have to do is push down that little black button and well…I'm sure it's how you would have wanted to go." Before the button was pushed the Pink Ranger powered down.

"Five rangers down," Boom smiled at him psychotically, "One to go…"

"NOOOOOOO!" Bridge screamed, but there was nothing he could do his hand was firmly stuck inside Maureen and Boom had already morphed into the Green Ranger.

"Good-bye Bridge." Pushing down on the little black button the Green Ranger ran from the room while Bridge met the same fate as every piece of bread he had ever put into his beloved toaster.


Z sat there clutching Peanuts when the lights began to flicker and then power down completely. The room washed over in the orangey tint of the floodlights and her heart started racing.

"I said don't be an idiot." She whispered to herself. Coming to the decision that she had had enough sitting on the sidelines Z got up from her bed, unlocked the door, and went out into the common room, relocking the door behind her.

"Bridge?" she tentatively called out for him.

What she found though was the Green Ranger standing between her and the door to the boys' room.

"It's all over Z. I got him."

Z knew that the helmets distorted their voices a bit but the Green Ranger before her didn't even sound remotely like Bridge.

"Who are you?" She stated looking around the Green Ranger into the boys' room. Inside she saw a charred body with its hand in Bridges toaster. That must have been what caused the power outage. Running towards the room the Green Ranger let her pass but did not allow her into the room.

"What did you do to him?!" She screamed.

"Z, I don't know what your talking about. It's me Bridge. I fought the killer and got my morpher back."

"You're lying!" she screamed again. Looking down she saw Bridges glove floating in the water with his bath book. Turning she reached down and grabbed the water logged glove and clutched it to her chest while the tears streamed down her face.

"What did you do to him?" she asked again her voice filled with anguish.

"The same thing I'm going to do to you." The Green Ranger pulled out his delta-max striker and took aim. Slowly Z rose from her position on the floor and turned to face the Green Ranger.

"You're the last one." He said triumphantly before pulling the trigger and blowing a smoking hole through her chest. Z's lifeless body fell splashing in the water as Boom powered down.

"Take that Gruumm!" he crowed. "I have single handedly taken down the Power Rangers!" Just then he heard a soft whoosh behind him.

"You forgot Boom, there's more than one of me."

Boom stared at the specter in front of him and then turned to where he thought it should be. But instead of Z's dead body all he saw was Bridges glove floating in the murky water. With a small yelp he turned and ran for it, multiple Z's on his tail.

The chase led them all the way to the testing lab, Boom's second home.

"You can't out run us Boom!" the Z's called out taunting him. Running through the lab one of the Z's noticed why through everything they hadn't heard from the perpetual Kat. Her body swung lifeless above the floor suspended from what looked to be a leash and collar.

"Your sick Boom!" She bellowed. "And you're fucking dead!"

"Oh yeah?"

A hot beam rushed past her head and hit one of her replicates between the eyes. Crashing to the floor she quickly disappeared.

"I think you're the one who's dead." Boom stood there in the opening to the experimental armory. Strapped to his waist and arm was an enormous laser gun, which he was using to randomly take out the army of Z's.

"First you have to find the real me." Z called out to him in unison. Every time Boom would take one out, another one would take its place. Z was spreading herself thin and she knew it, with every one that died she could feel herself become weaker. She just had to keep him distracted long enough to get behind him and get into the armory. There was bound to be something in there she could use. Quietly she slipped through her own ranks being brought down ruthlessly and bloodlessly.

"That thing's going to run out of power eventually Boom and then what?" she spread her words out between multiple replicates to keep him occupied. Every one that spoke was blasted away.

"I've got other toys!" He threatened, but Z could see the nervousness on his face. It was only a matter of time before Boom did something that was…well Boom. Her opportunity came when the gun on his hip did finally run out of power. And good thing, he had gone through so many replicates Z could no longer make anymore and was just barely holding on to the ones she had left. Clumsily he tried to un-strap the enormous firearm and in that time the real Z slipped in behind him. Her replicates continued to come at him. Pulling out a small blaster he was shooting them at close range when he felt something come up behind him yanking his hair violently backwards.

"Well Boom I guess this is it." She spoke quietly and deliberately.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean too! I only wanted to be part of the gang!" He began to plead for his life.

"Sorry's aren't going to bring my friends back Boom." Bringing her hand into his field of vision she showed him the device that she had selected from the armory behind them, held in her leather-clad hand.

"That's one of the nova grenades." He stuttered.

"I know."

"You'll blow us both to next Tuesday!"

"I know."

"You're the one who's crazy!"

"No Boom I'm the one who's had everything stolen away from her."

"You wont survive! Half the base will be blown away."

"There are no dormitories on this half anyway."

"You can't! You wouldn't!"

"Time to go BOOM."

Wearing the glove that had been Bridge's Z released her hold on the grenade and Boom, smiling as he ran to escape the blast that would engulf them both.


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