Bittersweet Victory
All Harry Potter could think about as he unleashed the final blow and Lord Voldemort fell to the ground- finally totalled- was of her. Of how, somehow, this victory that his life had been leading up to, was worthless without her here with him to celebrate it. He could still see her face in his mind's eye; the delicate curve of her chin, the fiery love in her brown eyes, her auburn hair cascading down her shoulders like a crimson waterfall. He missed her smile most; how it would light up her entire face. She would never be here anymore, all because of the dead man lying before him.

Lord Voldemort had taken his parents, his friends, his family, his everything. And then the evil, dark wizard had taken the one person Harry loved the most: Ginny Weasley, his soulmate. All Voldemort had succeeded in was provoking the most powerful man on earth, and he met his downfall for it.

And somehow, now that it was over, Harry was unsure of what to do next. He had spent his entire life fighting for everything he needed, he wanted. And now there was nothing left to fight.