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This came to me while thinking , I'm sure john would of never gotten another love, but lets just say he did and was worried about what his boys would say if they found out. I hope I did alright…plus I love Jeff Dean Morgan

disclaimer- the only person I own is Dani. Nothing else….

Dani DiNuzzo, God how she hated that name. It was as if her parents thought to punish her with some cruel joke.

"Good morning Dani" a soft gruffy voice said, with chocolate brown eyes shining in her direction. Nevertheless, when he said her name he made it sound like the most beautiful name in the world. A smile graced her face as she felt him walk past her. Her eyes followed the older man to the coffee pot and watched him pour him self a cup. Dani found herself once more wondering what went on in John Winchester's head.

John cocked his head to look at Dani, why she was so good to him was beyond him. He sat down next to her, nudging her arm playfully.

"Dani, what are you thinking about, you are pretty quiet today?"

"Just wondering how much longer I have with the famous John Winchester before he leaves again?" she said with a smile. John hated these conversation hated them. Funny thing was Dani was always all right with him leaving, and he always felt worse.

"I'm here for a few more days then I'm off to meet my boys in Lawrence at Missouri's you going to be okay, by yourself. You can come with me; I've already told you a thousand times you can come along."

"John, we have had this discussion, I don't think your sons will take to me seeing as I'm only a few years older than them, especially your oldest son John". Dani patted his arm as she stood up to get ready for work. John reached out, grabbed her wrist gently in his large hand, and pulled her back.

"It doesn't matter Dani, I'm the one, who has to like you". He stood up and kissed the side of her head then stood up sauntering over to the sink, washing out his cup, then took hers out of her fingers and washed it. He wiggled his eyes brows at her.

"Did you take a shower yet?" hopefulness in his voice.

"No, did you? "She teased back.

"No, but why not take one shower and save on the water?" for the first time in a while John had a great idea. Dani followed him back up the stairs into their bedroom. Dani closed the door after herself and looked at John who was sitting on the edge of the bed. Dani waltzed over to the bed and loosened up her robe, revealing her exciting flannel ties up pants and a short tank top. She straddled over John's lap and hugged him.

John hugged her back and smiled as she pulled back "Why are you so good to me Dani?"

"That is easy, because you are a wonderful man just trying to protect to boys that you love very much, from the evil forces that are out to kill you. In addition, because you protect them and love them, it makes it very easy for me to be good to you. Now let's see if I can get you to be good to me". She requested.

John smiled and kissed her passionately, pulling her closer to him. He never thought that he would ever have feeling for another woman, ever, Mary was his wife and she came to him one night after he had spent the pervious day in bed, all day in bed with Dani. She was a lot younger than he was, almost thirty was, and he could hear his sons now. It was just suppose to be a few day things but whenever he was in MI, he went to Mt. Clemens to see her. Mary told him that after 20 years of being alone he could find happiness for himself, she did not want him to be lonely for the rest of his life.

Did he love her? He was not sure, she accepted everything he told her, he definitely had feeling for her, but other than that, he was not sure.

Her voice brought him back to what he was doing. "John, hey your cell is ringing ". She told him as she stood up to let him have some privacy to take his call.

"Hello? Dean… Dean, wait a minute calm down. Cassie? Is she okay? No, I am fine just um… Dean listen I have something I am researching, let me call you back. Be careful son." John put down the cell that was close.

He closed his eyes and rubbed his face. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Dani, pulling out her work clothes, and guilt started to sink into his bone. He sighed as he stood up and walked over to her, he had not told his sons about Dani, he told Bobby and Bobby gave him his blessing. John could not get himself to tell his boys.

"I'm sorry, Dani. Dean just freaked out about his brother guessing about a solution rather than actually knowing it."

Dani only shrugged "Its okay john I understand. I have to get to work anyway. We can continue this later, okay. I will make dinner and …' she stopped when she saw John face drop. "Or not. John what is it? "

"I'm going to Lawrence to see my boys. Something is coming and I have a feeling it is not going to be good. I will call you when I can Dani. Promise."

"Or I could go with you and stay with Missouri" she suggested.

"Dani… honey listen you can't go, I've told you why a hundred times. This demon doesn't care who it goes after…"

Dani crossed her arms staring at her older lover of two years." Really, because John every time I've asked to go with you to Missouri, you never have a problem with that but the minute you know your boys are going to be some where , you are you completely freak out. I really do not think it is about the demon. Your afraid of what they will think about Daddy have a girlfriend."

"That isn't true and you know it I promised you would meet them, and you will, after this demon is gone. My boys would adore you, Sam would welcome you and Dean would hit on you." John smiled at the thought.

"Fine John. I will accept that for now, but when this is over, I want to meet them. Have fun on your trip". She walked over at kissed his cheek, before leaving him to pack his thing for his trip to Kansas.

4 months later

"John, this is crazy. You don't have to do this." Dani begged him. He had called to tell her that he was handing over the Colt; he was going to end this soon. He was not going to listen to her, or his sons. This he was doing for his dead wife.

"Dani, if I don't stop this, it will keep happening. Kids will disappear and families will die. "She could hear the pleading in his voice. She did love him and only him. She had loved him for a long time and she did not want this to be over.

"Dani." John was pleading, in his hotel room, sitting on the bed, with tears running down his face. A knock at his door startled him. He walked over to the door and a shocked look fell over his face as he looked threw the peephole.

"I have to go there is a beautiful woman at my door" he hung up the phone and opened the door letting Dani into the room.

"What are you doing here?" John gasped as she kissed him hungrily.

"Don't worry, no one knows I'm here if that what you are worried about I booked a room at a different hotel no one saw me. I promise." John groaned into her kiss, this could be his last night with her and really, he did not care if anyone saw her. At that, moment he really, truly, did not care of both his sons saw him with Dani.

John woke up about 7ish; he woke because Dean was calling him on his cell. He was dressed and headed out to give the freaking Demon the fake colt, in hopes that Sam and Dean would kill the Demon with the real one. John leaned over Dani and kissed her forehead. He reached over and shut off her cell; phone so hew could call it and leave her a message. Then quietly walked out the door. He never heard her say she loved him.

John got into the truck and pulled out his cell phone, he dialed Dani's number, waited for the voicemail to click over.

"Danielle, its John. Listen; there is a very good chance that I will not be coming back alive. Even though I cannot verbally express whom I feel about you, you can be sure that I have never regretted or doubted my reasons for being with you. I cannot say what you want me too, but you have to know that I do. If I die because of my revenge failed, I want you to know much you mean to me. If I happen to go, I will tell my boys to wait for you before they dispose of my body. I want to say goodbye to you. If there is any mercy in this evil filled world, I will see you again. "John hung up the phone and stared at it for a good ten minutes before starting the truck and driving off to meet Meg.

Okay so it is somewhat cheesy but please let me know how awful you think this is…