It's not only about you boys-4

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Dani sat on the lumpy mattress staring at the book John had, had sitting on the tray. She still felt bad about taking it from him and once she had this spell down she would give it back to him. She rubbed her neck in frustration as the lumpy bed was irritating the rest of her body; she felt sleepiness coming on and tried to fight it off for a few more hours.

Her mind wandered back to the way Dean had blown up at John for getting remarried. It did bother her more than she wanted to admit but then again John wasn't her father, he was her husband, the one who she loved very much. The one she was willing to protect, and if Dani was reading this spell right, it was a summoning spell of some sorts.

Why would John summon the Demon to come to him, dean was fine , Sam wasn't hurt , there had to be some reason, Dani just had to figure it out before John did what ever it was he was going to do. She heard the front door open, but she didn't throw the book fast enough.

" Dani?" John's voice boomed.

She jumped a foot off the bed and stared at him like his sons did when they were doing some thing wrong.

"John … how did you figure out where I was staying? " she asked him, not recalling telling John where the room was.

" It wasn't hard to find you, what are you doing this that book?" John walked over to the book, picked it up, and looked back over at her. She had to turn the tables some how. .

" John, that looked like a summoning book, am I right? What are you doing with this?" she asked again. Before John could answer a thought flashed before her eyes.

Oh my god. You were going to summon that demon weren't you? John … this Demon, this monster was the one that ripped your family apart and just when you get one again, you are going to summon it to destroy your family again" she accused him.

John tried not to show that he was guilty, he knew that she would completely flip out if she knew the truth. He worked him mind over trying to think of a way out of this. He use to win fights all the time with Mary.

"Look, it isn't what you think?"

Dani cocked her eyebrow in disbelief.

" Anyway, why do you have the book. You never look at any of my supernatural stuff, why now."

"Oh no, you are not turning this on me John."

John moved closer to her, he saw the title of the book, and it should be hard to find another one so he decided to let her think that he wasn't going to go summon the demon. He picked up the book and closed it. Dani watched him puzzled. John went out side threw the book in the metal garbage can and threw a match in there.

" There it is over" he told her in his sexy gruff voice.

Dani smiled at him, thanking god she hid the notes she needed, she walked over to him and jumped onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist. She leaned in to kiss him. He pulled away from her though and frowned.

" You going to tell me why you were looking at that book or not" he asked her fear creeping into his voice. He lost Mary to the Demon; he did not want to loose Dani as well.

"I told you, I was just curious, now come on and lets go to bed " Dani pleaded with him, knowing he was not in the best of moods and she didn't want to deal with a drunk John.

" As tempting as that is I think I'm going to go see my boys Dean gets out of the hospital so I want to make sure he is really okay. I'll be back long after you are asleep" he kissed her cheek and walked out of the motel room.

Dani stood at the window long enough to know that John really thought he had her fooled. Well he didn't, she knew better and she was going to get to that Demon before he did. She pulled out the notes she had taken, pulled out the ingredients that she had needed. Grabbed the motel keys and jumped into her car.

She had to do this where John would never look for her, a smile came over her face as she saw a campsite sign. She pulled her car onto the path and drove for a mile, before she decided it was safe enough. Dani pulled her bag out and walked another mile into the campsite.

Dani's smile grew when she saw the basketball court, she walked over to it, set her things down, pulled out a piece of chalk and started drawing the symbols on the ground. After that she lit thew candles, burned the rest of the ingredients, and recited the spell.


Lights flickered in Dean's room making Sam jump in his seat. Dean looked over at his brother and let out a chuckle.

"Afraid of the storm coming little brother."

Sam frowned at Dean; he was more than thrilled that he was alive but was going to worry now that he had a second chance, well third in Dean's case. Sam was worried how he would act towards Dani Winchester after he got out of here. Sam liked her; she seemed like a nice woman. Sam decided to poke Dean with this.

"So, dad picked a winner huh? Dani seems like a great person."

Dean only mumbled some thing; it wasn't like he wasn't happy for his father, but Dad should never had gotten remarried. It seemed wrong and he'd be damned if he were going to be overly nice to her.

"Come on Dean, did you think dad was going to stay alone for the rest of his life, I mean he is in his forties not seventies."

"I'm not saying that, but he could just live with her for the rest of his life they didn't have to get married Sam."

"No I didn't" their father's voiced boomed out as he walked into the room with McDonalds bags.

"But I did because it was my choice. I love Danielle I really do she helped me and cared for me and even put up with me for whatever reason. So you don't have to be nice to her or even like her, but you will respect her and not badmouth her. Understand?" he looked from Dean to Sam they both nodded.

"Good, now here is dinner before I spring you out." Dean grabbed the bag away from his father before John could stop him. They sat their eating dinner when lighting raced across the sky; it wasn't white lighting more of a bluish color.

"Wow that is some storm, maybe we should wait until it is over to go to the motel Dad, look at the rain come down" Sam pointed out.

John agreed, he didn't need either of his sons struck by lighting tonight. He was sure Dani could use the time to cool off.


Dani stood in the pouring rain, her eyes peeled for anything, then she saw him. He was in the form of a man, a groundkeeper actually. The Demon looked at this woman with curiosity; he had never seen her before.

" Who are you to summon me?" he demanded.

" I am Dani Winchester, John Winchester's wife and I'm here to make a bargain with you."

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