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Birth Rite...

In ancient times some considered a child born with a ' birthmark ' special; having been ' touched by God or divinity'. Others deemed such a child as ' cursed by the hand of Evil.' Some believe that something traumatic happened to the Mother during her pregnancy, leaving a permanent impression upon her unborn child.

It is upon these theories that I base my story because there are things in life that are simply not meant to be understood; the possibilities are endless.

Chapter one...

" Not tonight.." the silver-haired demon growled. " Damn it, Inuyasha, where are you?"

Night had fallen, its arms of blackness intensifying the rays of the full moon. It was on these nights that his kind – or most of them- would remain sheltered within, away from the moonlight. Yet it would beckon; it always did. Away from it, away from its ability to force the change, they held a better chance of withstanding its call. But tonight he had no choice.

Urgent need slammed through him bringing with it the intense desire to shift, to run free as the beast nature had created. He shouldn't be out tonight; it was dangerous. But he'd felt Inuyasha leave, and the desire to protect their secret was all consuming.

Centuries of time had changed them. Where once they had reigned as feared demons; giant dogs of the sky; evolution had indeed touched upon them. It gradually compressed their massive size until their forms were smaller, easier to blend in with the rising cities and the growing population of humans. But even with their new, smaller frames there had been those throughout history who had happened upon them when their beasts were no longer contained within their human shells. Their tales have been told throughout history giving birth to horror stories born from years of re-telling, stories meant to frighten young children to stay in bed at night, campfire tales that haunted ones perspective of what was real, and what was myth. The once prominent title of Dog Demon had long since been replaced by the title of Werewolf. Man by day-beast by night.

It had been these fables that had driven his kind to remain hidden; to keep their secret at all costs.

It was this reason alone that had this Sesshomaru angered beyond his normally emotionless facade. What was that mutt thinking ...he knew better!


Inuyasha stumbled through the forest surrounding his home. The scent of fresh blood had awakened his instincts, pulling him from the safety of his room. He kept to the shadows to avoid the light of the moon. He eluded the beast within him, ignored its demand to be released. How could he have forgotten what night it was? Sesshomaru was most likely in a full-blown rant by now, and he'd be lucky to escape a serious ass-chewing.

This forest belonged to his family. It had been passed down from Father to Son for generations. What hadn't been inherited had been purchased, thus offering his family the seclusion they needed. It granted them miles and miles of unpopulated privacy where they could shift and hunt when the desire became to much to bear, without the worry of nosy neighbors or city folk discovering their true nature.

But that was what was odd in the scent that had lured him from his seclusion. They were miles from the general population. Why was he smelling a human female's blood? Something was wrong, and he was determined to find out what.

He moved unheard- unnoticed through the trees. Her scent was closer now.

He staggered backward at the sudden smell of death that swirled within the night breeze, the sweet tinge of her blood laced within it.

He moved faster. His feet followed their own path. He knew this land, could navigate it with his eyes closed if he had to; but nothing prepared him for the sight that met his eyes as he rounded yet another patch of trees.

Two beings stood within the moonlight. He would have thought them to be embracing had the scent of death and blood not surrounded them. A woman with large, dark eyes and a mane of raven tresses lay nearly motionless within the embrace of a man - or what had once been a man. His head was buried into the curve of her neck, his fangs buried deep within her flesh. The movement of her hand pulled his focus from the man to the bulge of her stomach. She was with child!

He growled. How could such a beast take the life of a woman who was so obviously about to give life to her un-born child?

Another growl soon matched his own . Chancing a swift glance to his right he found Sesshomaru, his body already beginning to shift. His eyes returned to the hideous thing still clutching the woman.

The creature raised his head; crimson eyes finding the golden tones of his own. Chestnut hair swirled around his shoulders to frame his face. Pale skin stretched tight over drawn features.

Dropping the woman in his arms, he stepped forward. Her blood dripped from elongated fangs; his mouth curled in a sneer.

" You can have her. There isn't much left anyway. "

" What have you done?" Inuyasha growled. Stepping forward, he moved toward the woman lying upon the forest floor, a pool of blood surrounding her abdomen.

" Ah. Don't worry. I took the liberty of ending the child's life as well. No one will bear witness to my crimes this night. " the man murmured before turning away and moving into the the shelter of outlying trees.

" What kind of beast are you? She was carrying a child!" Inuyasha hissed.

" Beast you say? I am no beast. I am a creature of the night, just as you are; a vampire I believe is what these pathetic mortals have dubbed me. I sought sustenance...and she provided it. " he said before cascading further into the trees and disappearing.

Inuyasha moved forward ignoring the pulse of energy that surged through him as the moonlight caressed his flesh. The beast within him howled, its desire to be freed merging with the power above him.

His fangs lengthened, claws descended, and yet he gently brushed the hair from the woman's face.

" Don't ..let Kagome die..please...don't let my baby girl...die.." Her voice washed over him in a whisper before it faded alongside her heartbeat.

His eyes closed for a moment before opening to examine the wound to her stomach. Several long, deep gashes left her body open and bleeding and before he fully realized what he was doing , he reached to take hold of the life that still lay within her.

Cradling the infant in his arms he stood. She was covered in blood, her tiny mouth opening to emit a harsh cry. Long jagged claw marks lined her upper right shoulder, her blood mixing with that of her Mother's.

But it wasn't that which disturbed him the most. It was the knowledge that his beast had receded the moment he touched the child.

Leaning forward, he cleaned the blood from her face before sealing the cuts in her shoulder with his tongue. He was surprised when his actions seemed to sooth the infant until she lay sleeping soundly within his tender embrace.

A stirring of the forest pulled his attention from the babe in his arms to the form of his brother. Red eyes had replaced his normally golden gaze, and Inuyasha wondered if this child would calm Sesshomaru's beast as it had his own.

Moving forward, Inuyasha carefully laid the sleeping baby against his brother's chest and watched in silence as he too shifted back to his human form though the moonlight still danced over them both.

" What is this?" Sesshomaru murmured.

" I believe it is a human child, you idiot." Inuyasha growled before reaching to again hold the baby to his chest.

" I know that, mutt. I mean, what is this...?"

Inuyasha glanced down at the baby, his brother's fingers sliding gently over the soft skin of her face. What should have been a pale cheek was instead splashed in a soft pink that covered her right temple and cheek bone.

" We need to get back." Sesshomaru growled.

There was something special about this child. How could such a small being sooth their inner beasts? Did it have something to do with the mark upon her cheek?

" What about her Mother?" Inuyasha asked.

" Leave her. We'll have the priest come back to give her a proper burial. "

" Are we going to notify the police?"

" And tell them what Inuyasha? That some creature with fangs killed her. We'd become the suspects, and we can't risk the attention. We'll have Koga check into it. He'll know what to do."

" What about the baby? I ain't no babysitter ya know."

Sesshomaru growled softly. He was in no mood for all the questions. The image of a small girl came to him then; big dark eyes and dark brown hair.

Didn't Miroku find a young girl a few months back?

" Yeah. Still has her living with him and his Uncle. Said something about her parents being found slaughtered a few miles North of our property. Koga said the family had been out camping when they were attacked. When he asked the girl what happened, she said a monster took them all away. She was the only survivor- no family outside of the parents and a younger brother who was never found. So he decided to keep her. Why?"

" How old is the girl?"

" I think he said that she was four. Why? What's with all the questions? You never cared before."

" Take the baby to him. If there's already a human child in his home, one more will make little difference. "


A pounding on the door brought Miroku's attention away from the little girl he was tucking in for the night. The window shades had been drawn to block out the moon's light; a habit borne of years of precaution. He was like them; Sesshomaru and Inuyasha; born of demon Dog's who had long since passed on. His Uncle though, was not. His parents had been human; converted during an attack brought on by savage hunger, their lives torn apart by a Werewolf who had lost control of both the beast that lay within him, and his mind.

Inuyasha had taken him in when his parents were taken; killed during the witch hunts of centuries past. Perhaps this was the reason he had taken the girl in. She was a lost soul, as he had been. She had no one; no family, too young to have friends. Four years old. She'd lost everything before her life truly had the chance to even start.

The pounding on the door became more insistent, jerking him from the thoughts consuming his mind.

" I'm coming...jeez, give a man a second to breath why don't ya. " he grumbled before reaching to unlock the door.

" Took you long enough." Inuyasha growled as he pushed his way through the doorway followed by Sesshomaru.

" Are you two insane? What are you doing out tonight?" he muttered while sticking his head out the door before moving back inside and locking it once again.

" Where's your Uncle?" Inuyasha muttered before taking a seat.

" In bed, where else would he be at this hour?"

" Wake him. We have need of his services this night." Sesshomaru replied as he, too, took a seat.

" Services? At this time of night? What happened?" Miroku asked.

Inuyasha reached to un-wrap the sleeping infant. " We found a woman in the forest. Her attacker drained her blood and left her and the child to die."

" A vampire? You saw him?" Miroku asked, his eyes falling to the infant. She was tiny; most likely premature, with dark hair and porcelain skin. But it was the mark upon her cheek that held his focus.

" Yeah. He announced what he was- like he was proud of it or somethin" came Inuyasha's angry reply.

" You have another child here, am I correct?" Sesshomaru said softly.

" Yes. Her name is Sango. I found her wondering alone through the forest about two months ago. I'm sure Inuyasha has told you all of this already . "

" You will keep this child as well. She is special."

" Special? How so?"

Standing with the child still in his arms; Inuyasha made his way to the window. Pulling the curtain aside he stood bathed in the moonlight, though no change occurred.

Miroku stood bewildered. " How is this possible? I have never heard of any being capable of controlling our shift. Especially not one no more than an hour old."

" I have." came a voice from the shadows.

" Uncle Mushin?"

" Many centuries ago it was rumored that a child had been born bearing a mark similar to that upon this child's face. The villagers were divided, however, as to what had caused such a mark. Many of them were frightened. Some said that the child must have been touched by the Gods to bear such a mark, while others feared a curse; a mark of Evil. It is said that the child was able to sooth the great beasts who ravaged the countryside. But eventually she was killed; by who it is not known. Most likely by those who feared her power."

" This child " the old man said while nodding to the sleeping infant in Inyasha's arms " must be kept hidden. There are those who would use her abilities for their own benefit, and others who might well kill her because of them. "

" She stays with us. " Sesshomaru replied. " But there remains the matter of a proper burial for her Mother."

" I will go. Miroku, you stay here. I will not have our secrets revealed by you wondering about this night. " Mushin announced.

" As you wish. And as for the child. What is her name?" Miroku asked, his gaze once again falling upon the infant.

" Her Mother called her Kagome before she died. I see no reason to change her choice in name. " Inuyasha answered.

" Well, shall we take her and introduce her to her new sister? Sango will be ecstatic to have a little one to call family." Miroku said before turning toward the room where said child was currently sleeping.

" Do as you wish. But the child will need fed. We will raise her as part of our pack. We will also keep her mark hidden from prying eyes. " Sesshomaru announced before making himself comfortable. It would be a long night. There was no sense in returning to the mansion now.


Fifteen years later...

" But I wanna ride, Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed as he took the motorcycle from her hands and proceeded walking back toward the garage. " Girls can't ride, Kagome, and you're no exception." he'd replied before parking the motorcycle and closing the garage doors as if that would alleviate any further temptation.

Kagome stormed away, her hands clenched into fists as she stomped her way directly into Sesshomaru's room and proceeded with informing the demon just how arrogant, egotistical and just plain aggravating his half brother was, and just how very deeply she'd love to prove him wrong about whether or not ' girls ' could ride motorcycles.

" Indeed." Sesshomaru replied as he ushered the girl out of his bedroom and back toward the study. " " What is it that you wish for this Sesshomaru to do?" he replied once they were securely closed in behind the sturdy oak door.

" Well, Inuyasha refuses to teach me 'cause I'm a girl...so is there somewhere I can go that would teach me?" she asked as she sat before him, head bowed, and awaited his gruff reply of just how right Inuyasha was about the prospects of a female riding motorcycles. But that was far from what had happened...

Sesshomaru placed Kagome into a private school where he'd also purchased the services of a well known cyclist. She would return home once a month during the week of the full moon, and would return to her studies thereafter..

Mushin and Sango accompanied her.

Five years later...

Sesshomaru stood at the window of his study while Inuyasha sat reading the paper from his perch upon the edge of his desk. He'd stormed his office ranting and raving about some unknown motorcyclist that had been weaving his way into the ranks of his current obsession.

Inuyasha had made himself a career out of motorcycle racing, something that he'd been doing for the last ten years or better. But since this unknown rider had made himself known a year ago, his half brother had been watching his career with interest on a daily basis..

But unknown to said half brother was just how much it thrilled him to watch as each newspaper article was read. Inuyasha became that much more aggravated and uncomfortable not knowing whether this new individual would possibly impact his current standings within the racing circuit. But that had been the point all those years ago when a certain young woman had begged for his help in teaching Inuyasha that women were just as capable of riding motorcycles at insane speeds as boys were. A certain girl named Kagome.

She and Inuyasha had been at each others throats since then as she wouldn't put up with his brother's mouth, which was most certainly the biggest reason behind his instant support of the girl.

" What is it that you are ranting on about this time, Inuyasha?" Sesshomaru asked as he continued gazing out the window, his face carefully hidden in the shadows.

" It says here that this mystery rider is scheduled to begin riding on our circuit sometime this month. How is it that no one knows who this individual is?" Inuyasha growled as he dropped the paper into the trash as if it had burned him. Disgusted he turned to watch his brother make his way to his desk to sit before it in the manner that he'd done now for so many years.

Jakken walked in then.

" Kagome just called Sesshomaru. She says her plane is scheduled to land within the hour. Have you anyone prepared to retrieve her from the airport?"

"Inuyasha, you and Miroku are to see to the girls' needs. " Sesshomaru replied easily as he studied the reaction upon his little brother's face.

"Why can't Jakken attend to her?" Inuyasha grouched as he stood to make his way from the room knowing full well that it was pointless to argue with Sesshomaru on this. Somewhere during the last few years he and Kagome had gotten close. Not in the sense of romantically close, but more like brotherly, sisterly close. When it had happened though still remained a mystery as Kagome had been gone for the better part of five years now.

But with a smile on his face he found his way into the garage to locate his favorite cycle. After all, Sesshomaru never specified just what he wanted her picked up in, and if there stood some kind of chance to scare the girl within an inch of her sanity by driving at insane speeds down the highway then he was, by all means, there.

With a sigh he grabbed his phone and once Miroku's number was entered he proceeded to instruct him on the mornings activities before firing up the machine and speeding out of the driveway.

" He won't know what hit him, will he?" Jakken asked.

" No, I don't believe he will." Sesshomaru replied.


Kagome stepped from the plane, her eyes shutting out the sudden burst of light that invaded them before taking their time to re-adjust. While she had expected Inuyasha to pick her up from the plane, she had not expected to be picked up by the man on his motorcycle. Not that it bothered her at all, but knowing him as she did, he fully intended on trying his damnedest to scare the life out of her. And that was what she found herself looking forward to at this moment. High rates of speed upon a machine that was destined to break more than a few speed limits and had most likely done just that on more than one occasion. She waited patiently as her luggage was placed within the limo and found herself face to face with a very pissed off Sango.

" I am NOT riding THAT thing with HIM!" she swore as Miroku rounded the corner riding a very expensive, very nicely painted , deep purple cycle that sparkled beneath the early morning sun.

" You can and you will. You ride with me all the time Sango, what's the big deal?" Kagome questioned as once again her eyes found Inuyasha's. He sat there arrogantly like he was the only male upon the runway worth looking at...and by god he was. Silver hair lay long and loose around his shoulders to lay upon a deep red silk shirt that seemed to hang on to each curve in desperation only to be tucked into a very snug pair of black pants that all but shouted at every woman within the vicinity to check him out.

His cycle glistened a deep red with silver flames lining the outer edge of the gas tank. Chrome piping lined the sides of the bike that she just knew would rumble to life with sheer power, and the thought of that sent a shudder racing down the length of her back. There wasn't anything that could compare to the sheer pleasure she got from racing, except the look that would be upon Inuyasha's face when she took his coveted number one place. That's what she'd trained so hard for, that was what she and Sesshomaru had agreed upon all those years ago and she sure as hell wasn't going to disappoint her favorite brother.

" YOU ride with him then. We'll see if you appreciate his wondering hands." Sango hissed as they made their way across the parking lot.

" Naw, Sesshomaru would remove his hands if he knew the lecherous things he does with 'em. Besides, unless you're wanting to exceed the speed limit, I think you're safer with letch over there. I can guarantee that Inuyasha has some kind of scheme to scare the death out of me, but if you wanna trade, far be it from me to stop you." Kagome replied as she continued her track across the blacktop, her heart beat increasing with each step she took.

Inuyasha watched stunned as Kagome made her way to him. Gone was the little girl who had left five years ago and in her place was a raven haired goddess who nearly stopped his heart at the sight of her. Her jeans sat ultra low upon her hips leaving only a few precious inches of material to cover her more feminine features. Her blood red top dipped dangerously low to reveal just a hint of the full breasts hidden beneath the silky material, and there within her belly button glistened a string of rubies that beckoned his eyes to follow their beauty. Her hair had grown longer to lay at her waist, its sultry waves cascading around the tanned skin of her body. She wore spiked heals that added at least six inches to her height. And dear god she was the most ravishing thing he'd seen anywhere in his travels.

Sango made her way over to Miroku and without a word she slipped in behind him. " I missed you." she whispered and was rewarded with a smile that melted her heart and without a word they were off.

" How long you think they're gonna hide their little love affair from everyone?" Inuyasha murmured as he cleared his throat and re-situated himself upon the motorcycle.

" Ahh, let 'em have their privacy, Inu. They haven't really seen each other in at least a couple of months. I wouldn't count on seeing either of them for at least a few days. At least not by what they've been promising to do to each other over the phone. Who knew phone sex could be..." she trailed off as she took in Inuyasha's stunned expression. " I'm far from a little girl, Inuyasha. I have heard of sex before."

" Just don't let the almighty Sesshomaru hear you say that. I'm afraid he might remove certain body parts from anyone interested in the partaking of sex with you." Inuyasha smirked as he started the bike and moved forward to allow her room on the back.

" Well, contrary to what you believe Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, I think, understands that I am twenty one. I'm far from a child by any means. " she stated matter -of -factly before swinging a leg around him to sit straddling his waist in a none to childish manner that had Inuyasha reminding himself forcefully that this was Kagome..." Twenty" he reminded her. " You're only twenty. "

"Just till Saturday. And at twenty one, I fully intend on finding a club to celebrate at."she stated as she got comfortable behind him.

" Whatcha waitin for, Inu. Lets go. " she murmured quietly.

Inuyasha eased into the throttle, his speed steadily increasing until they were running past one hundred miles per hour. He'd expected her to be in a near panic by now. Expected her to be clutching him like he was her only life line and yet she didn't even touch him, her hands not holding on to anything as he sped down the highway.

He could her her breathless laugh, could feel her body riding the machine beneath her like it was an extension of her very soul. But he wasn't prepared for that one little word. Never in his life had he been so turned on by the utterance of one word that spilled so passionately...so seductively from the raven haired goddess who even now straddled his waist...

" Faster..."


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