My Hermione

I remember as if it were yesterday.
The first time we met
The first time we spoke
The first time I called her a mudblood
The first time she slapped me
The first time we kissed
The first time we made love

Mudblood, Muggle, Granger, Girl, Hermione.
The things I called her
The insults we traded
Potter, Weasley, and Granger the best of friends.
Weasley had a hard time accepting it.
But I loved her.

It's funny, me, Draco Malfoy in love with a muggle;
My muggle, to be exact.
Every year she got more and more beautiful, Pansy wasn't happy though.
She hated Hermione for having my love.
It's ironic a Gryffindor and a Slytherin any other houses could match but in all the years Hogwarts has stood a Slytherin has never loved a Gryffindor.

Father wasn't happy.
His only son and a filthy mudblood.
A disgrace to the Malfoy name, I didn't care
When I heard those three words from her sweet lips, I knew I would never let her go. Potty and Weasel were hiding in the bushes and I swear to this day that Weasely had a heart attack or something.
I laughed
she hit me
it was amusing.
They didn't like though,
their best friend,
and that Slytherin scum,

Hermione Malfoy- I married her, she looked gorgeous on our wedding day.
And even more gorgeous when she was nine months pregnant. Mind you Weasley threw up (literally) when she told everyone that she was having my baby. Good for him. I love her.

Our first child, Our son, Lucius Draco Malfoy II
Our twin daughters two years later, Minerva and Ophelia Malfoy.
Then a son, Drake.
6 years later, Levina was born.
And last but not least, Cassius.
Our last. Trust me, Hermione said she'd kill me if I got her pregnant again.
I was originally aiming for 12 but at least I got half.
I finally come to my own room after a midnight wander and look down at my sleeping wife, I know we'll be together for a long while yet, and I lie down next to her.
My sweet, My love, My Hermione.

Authors Note: So what did you think? I personally think Hermione and Malfoy should get together don't ask me why I just do. Please r/r and tell me what you think. This was my first ever Harry Potter fic LONG before I wrote Voldemort's Bad Day.