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How beautiful he looks, his hair flying in the wind, his eyes piercing some innocent soul, and his red lips moving so lovingly while he sings silently to the song he's listening to.

Zack was aware of his twin looking at him, it was making him slowly blush. He closed his eyes and felt his hair being pulled by the wind. They were on their way home, riding the bus with every window down. Zack was listening to a song he usually wouldn't like: No Sugar Tonight, by The Guess Who. But this was a pleasing song. He sought relaxation during the ride home and this piece of music brought his mind away from reality. Or was that Cody staring at him. They both contributed, he concluded.

Zack opened his eyes and sadistically looked at his brother, just for an instant. His seduction worked, as he saw Cody almost drool. An eyelash landed in Zack's eye, he rubbed his eyelid until it was standing up once more. Cody has never told his brother about how he felt for him, but it was easy for the older twin to tell. He actually had feelings for Cody, but would never release it to the world. His love for his brother would be revealed in the comfort of their room.

Zack licked his lips seductively again, and Cody was forced to look away from the sight to keep from doing anything he'd regret. Zack enjoyed toying with his brother, especially in public where he could do nothing except painfully try to look away, again, to prevent from doing anything he'd regret. The song ended at perfect timing; the red light switched to green and the bus pulled up to the Tipton Hotel.

Zack and Cody were the only ones to get off at this stop, and they took pride in it. They were walking through the doors and Cody exclaimed, louder than needed, "Zack! Your backpack!"

"Don't worry; I don't need it. I asked Ms. Kim if I could leave it on the bus every now and then."

"Zack, what about the project due tomorrow?"

Zack turned and set his hands upon Cody's shoulders with a gentle grasp. "Cody, I feel that," he paused for dramatic effect, looking into his brother's eyes and looking as sweet as could be, "you will be able to accomplish that task without me." Zack said it out just as he thought, instead of sugar coating it, to see Cody's expression and response.

"Alright," Cody said in a hurry, barely making the word audible. He was blushing so badly, Zack still held on, looking into his eyes lovingly, waiting for the wonderful moment to end. Cody was scared of what onlookers would think, so finally tore away gently and walked across the lobby to the elevator. Zack smiled, seeing how about ten people where trying to conceal their stare at the situation.

He walked towards the elevator and stepped in with his brother. His fun wasn't over yet; he could tell since no one entered the elevator with them. The door closed and Cody was still blushing, so Zack made his move. He turned around and said, "I sat in ketchup at lunch today. Do you think the stain will come out?" he asked innocently, showing Cody a dark stain on his butt. Zack was bending over, watching his brother from between his legs.

Cody was so scared and his face was so hot. He looked, stared at the plump, round ass facing in his direction. He resisted making eye contact and just stared, Zack let the moment live for at least thirty seconds until the elevator beeped. He quickly pressed another button for the top floor, then another for the bottom, and then the top floor once more.

Cody began smirking and Zack, who was now standing up, leaned closer to his brother, looking into those eyes. Cody leaned forward too, with his lips prepared for contact. Zack placed his finger on his brothers lips, and smiled. He brought his brother into a hug. A suggestive hug, saying: do what you wish. Cody's hands traveled across Zack's head, down his neck following his spine to his ass. Cody rubbed across it with both hands and pulled up on it once, gently.

Zack could feel his twin's erect member against his own, that became stiff a moment ago. He was enjoying this. Cody brought his arms up around his brother's abdomen and squeezed the two together, Zack assisting by doing the same maneuver.

Their time ended, unexpectedly when the elevator stopped at the top floor. The pool was right in front of them, and it gave Zack an idea. He walked over to the concession stand and asked the girl if it's been reserved tonight. He looked back and Cody had already closed the elevator door and was descending the floors.

"No, looks like no one reserved if for tonight." the lady said after finding the clipboard.

"Alright, I'd like to make a reservation for tonight, starting when the pool closes at seven."

"Yes sir, fill out the form and you'll be finished."

It was a great idea, he thought. Reserving the pool during night when no one was there should be romantic. While filling out the form, he wrote something extra in the "Special Specifications" spot; he wanted there to be fifty candles burning around the perimeter of the pool. It would be so romantic.

Zack exited the elevator and smiled at the lady just entering it. He walked through the halls to the door to their suite. He opened the door and entered, finding Carey not to be home.

He walked casually and quietly to the bedroom door, hearing a repeated slapping sound from within, getting faster and faster. He smiled, and quietly walked to the sofa, where he sat until the sound was accompanied by a few moans, and ended. Cody walked out casually as though nothing had happened. He grabbed a bag of Doritos and sat next to his brother, who was smiling.

"Have fun?" Zack inquired.

"Not as much as I would've had with you." Cody said gently, placing his hand upon Zack's.

"When is mom getting home, Cody?"

"Not until midnight, at least. She had to go shopping, then she is scheduled for a date, and last but not least, her show is tonight as well."

Zack was smirking, ever so happily. He pulled his hand out from under Cody's and set it upon Cody's right cheek, where he gently rubbed against the soft, tanned skin. He pulled away and said, "I have a surprise for us tonight. But it's not what you are thinking right now." he could see Cody's smile fade a little, and finished: "It's even better."

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