1"Come over here Jeremy, this is my brother Cody." Zack said. Cody was feeling a bit shocked seeing the half-naked boy from before inside their suite.

"So you're name is Cody?" he asked.

"Yeah, and yours is Jeremy I take it. I thought you were going somewhere else."

"I was, but didn't. Zack has been really nice to me and we were going to play a game. He told me to wait inside the bathroom until you arrived though, so you could join in."

Zack was feeling his face heat up already, Cody was going to enjoy this. "Cody?" Zack said, getting his twin's attention. "Have you looked inside that box yet?"

"No I completely forgot about it."

"Good, get it from under my bed and bring it out here. We're going to use some of those things with Jeremy here."

Cody nodded in understanding, and he began to wonder what Zack could have been thinking. This is a stranger inside of their suite now, and they are about to rape him?!?! Was he crazy? He reluctantly obeyed and walked into their room, and retrieved the box from underneath Zack's bed.

Upon returning, Cody examined the scene: Zack was blushing tremendously red, he saw sitting on the floor beside the couch, which Jeremy was currently laying on. The coffee table was pushed aside so Zack's legs could be spread out. Cody walked over and set the box in front of where he was sitting down, beside his twin.

Zack looked down at the box and made slow, deliberate movements as he was about to open it. He took the utmost care in handling it, and slowly lifted the top of the box off.

Cody was absolutely amazed at what was inside, he was completely shocked. Nothing could have prepared him for this...nothing. For what was inside the box was a brand new pair of Sketcher's tennis shoes.

He continued staring down at the box with his mouth open until drool began dripping down his chin. He looked up wiping it dry, and saw the cutest expression ever on his twin's face.

"I can't believe it!" Zack screamed, and burst into laughter, and Jeremy too, was laughing as he walked off into the bathroom.

"Me neither! You are so cruel!"

"You know you love it." Zack said sitting up, his face red and a wide smile showing.

"Of course I do." Cody replied with a kiss on the lips. Zack fell back onto the couch, pulling Cody along with him so the younger twin was on top while their lips connected. Cody pulled his face up and slid from atop of Zack to his brother's side. "Jeremy will be coming out soon. As soon as he has left, we should move into a more comfortable spot."

Zack agreed, but still proceeded to fondle his twin's long blonde hair. Jeremy, within a whole eternity in the twins' mind, finally exited the suite. The two lovers rushed into their bedrooms and undressed in a frenzy, leaving clothes covering every part of the room.

They began the ritual with the smallest kisses. From there, hands began wandering. Cody was aghast to be first in line; Zack brought his hand down to the groin area. He laid his head upon Cody's chest and ran his cheek down his twin's torso, feeling the soft skin and warm temperature. He took the hard cock into his mouth, through tightly closed lips. He was lowering his lips so very slowly, making sure Cody was enjoying it.

Cody ran his fingers lightly through his brother's hair, and gripped it abruptly when Zack sucked as hard as he could. The older twin rapidly ran his lips up and down the shaft, sucking through his mouth harder and harder, his tongue massaging the gentle flesh as it traveled. Cody's face was getting hot, his toes were tensing and his whole spine arced backward in sheer pleasure. The once gentle hands laid upon Zack's head were now assisting the bouncing movement, quickening it. Cody was moaning at the very bottom of his throat, and the moan escaped through his now parted lips, emitting a cry of ecstasy as his semen flooded into Zack's mouth.

Cody was pulling so hard at Zack's hair, the older twin was unable to overcome the arms pushing and pulling at his head. Once Cody was sure that all of his seed was in his twin's mouth, he let go fell back onto the bed letting out a gasp of air, and continuing to breathe heavily.

Zack was savoring the nectar in his mouth, and took his time swallowing. After, he just laid on top of his brother and they both rolled to their sides in an embrace. Minutes passed, and Cody slowly began to breathe slower. Zack got up and broke the embrace, and leveled his head at Cody's jewel again. The younger twin was not paying attention, so when he felt the gentle lips make contact, it was quite startling; he continued to lay there in silence.

Zack was moving very slowly up and down his brother's dick, being so very gentle; using his tongue to massage with almost no sucking. Cody was feeling the effects of such and small orgasms erupted repeatedly, over the course of ten minutes. He was arching his back, squeezing his toes, wincing in pleasure over the whole time, enjoying each small spasm of intense pleasure. The older twin was noticing the jewel in his mouth going limp, so he quickened his movements until Cody ejaculated another large load.

"Now it's your turn." Cody said devilishly.

"I'd rather not, not yet." Zack replied. His twin could sense depression in Zack's voice, and inquired what was the matter. The response was a nod; nothing. Zack smiled after and came up to smooch his brother. The ritual ended.

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