By: kawaii-Cherimu130

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"Feraligater! Use hydro pump!" Kamon ordered. Kamon had long, slick, firey red hair. His were eyes were emotionless, yet a eerie brown. His clothes consisted of a purple jacket, purple shorts, a red T-shirt, white and black sneakers, and there was a silver chain hanging out of his short pocket.

"Typlosion, dodge!" Crystal called out. Her hair was a long, icy, blue that matched her lively, looking eyes. For clothes, Crystal wore a white jacket, a white tanktop, and white shorts. Her shoes were a pair of matching, white sneakers. Dangling on Crystal's hand, was a silver charm bracelet. Tiny words were written on the bracelet, but it was hard to see underneath the forest's shade.

Typlosion quickly ducked the massive amount of water, and without being called on, Typlosion rammed his body into Feraligater's. The gaint blue aligater was thrown up against an old, sturdy tree.

"No! You stupid, stupid Pokemon!" Kamon cursed bitterly as Crystal struck a winning pose. "Don't say that to your Pokemon!" Crystal chided. "I can if I want, now mind your own buissness!" Kamon yelled angerliy. Pointing at Typlosion, Kamon quickly added, "Now, hydro pump that weakling!"

Feraligater shook off the pain from the hard collision, and he took a deep breathe. Opening his jaw, Feraligater fired a powerful gust of water at Typlosion.

"Watch out!" Crystal cried. But it was to late. As Typlosion turned around, the water struck him. "Yes!" Kamon cheered. "Show that worthless Pokemon who's boss!"

Typlosion was laying on the ground, his body covered with cuts and bruises from the long, harsh battle. Crystal's heart dropped. Kamon couldn't win...it wasn't possible...after 3 hours of battling...

After all that training she had done with her Pokemon, Kamon couldn't win. Besides, Kamon was the bad guy. Bad guys never win.

"Get up!" Crystal begged as Typlosion slowly pushed himself up, off the ground using his arms. Blood trickled down his lip, and the ground's dirt mixed in with his cuts. Painstakingly, he fell back down again.

"Haha! What a loser." Kamon smirked at the pityful sight. "But then again," Kamon mused. "The Pokemon does take after it's trainer."