By: kawaii-Cherimu130

A/N: Here's the final chapter of Rivals. I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed writting it.

The pokeballs busted open, and the red energy quickly formed into three Pokemon: A Feraligater, a Raticate, and a Growlite.

The three Pokemon's gaze suddenly shifted to Crystal. Puzzled expressions appeared on their faces. "I'm sorry..." Kamon uttered. Crystal gave him a hard nudge, and he looked up. "Hey, what was that for?" Kamon grumbled. He looked back at his Pokemon, a sorry look plastered on his face.

"Anyway, I just wanted to say...I'm sorry." Feraligater folded his arms across his chest, Raticate blinked, and Growlite perked his ears up all at the same time.

"I've been to harsh on all of you for a long, long time now. I...I'm gonna change. I can never become a champion, much less a master, by yelling at you and not really caring for your safety. From this day on, I promise all of you, that I'm going to become a better trainer. And, a better friend."

The sunset had come and gone, and now darkness crepted in. Crystal stared up at the sky and said, "It's getting late. We should hurry up and leave."

Kamon gave a weak smile. "So do you forgive me?" he asked. "Gater!" "Raticate!" "Growl, growlite!". Crystal walked over tp Kamon and placed her hand on his shoulder. "It looks like your forgiven. But now, I think you need to forgive yourself."

"Huh?" Kamon turned around to look at Crystal. Now he had the puzzled expression on his face. Crystal giggled, then she said, "I mean don't be so hard on yourself. Look on the bright side: now that your actually friendly, me and you can travel together."

"You really mean it?" Kamon asked hopefully. Crystal nodded. "Besides, it does get lonely traveling by yourself, no humans to talk to. And,"

Crystal leaned forword and planted a kiss on Kamon's cheek. "no boyfriend to talk to." Kamon felt himself blush. Crystal giggled.

"Uhhh, return!" Kamon ordered as the Pokemon snickered evilly. Kamon picked up the three pokeballs and held them between each of his fingers. All three of them were sucked into red energy, and transformed back into the ball.

Crystal grabbed Kamon's hand as he slid the pokeballs back into his pocket. "Come on," she yelled, jerking him forword. "Let's go find a Pokemon Center!"

Then, the two ran off, hand in hand.