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Happy Halloween
written by: ohwhatsherface


Part 1 of 3
Of Men And Movies



The blond haired teenager walked through the darkened halls of her home slowly, paranoia ebbing her every move. She glanced around frightfully, scrutinizing everything she passed by. She had just gotten home from a night out with some friends. The news on the radio had stated that there was a homicidal, knife wielding, slasher maniac on the loose in the city and that everyone should lock their doors and keep inside their homes. She immediately went home, where she knew she would be by herself since everyone was out.


She shrieked and then jumped backwards, hitting the wall behind her when she heard something fall. A grey cat came into view, crawling towards her. The girl sighed in relief; it was just her cat… Shaking her head and laughing at her stupidity, she—now more carefree—climbed up the stairs of her home to get to her room. The blond ran her hand through her hair as she shut the door to her bedroom closed. She lay down on her bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking back on her night out. Suddenly, her thoughts stopped when she saw her doorknob turning.

The girl screamed as the silhouette of a man came into view and a machete in his hands.




Cagalli Yula Attha and Miriallia Haww hugged each other tightly while pulling the large pink blanket they were cuddling under up to their chins as they watched the girl on the television screen try to run away from the masked murderer. Lacus Clyne, who was sitting on the floor grabbed Shiho Hahnenfuss' arm—the brunette was sitting on the carpet, beside her—and whimpered pathetically. "Oh my god… No more! Turn it off! Someone stop it!" It was pretty late, about midnight, and Cagalli, Lacus, Miriallia and Shiho—Yzak's newly declared fiancée who was visiting from the PLANTs and staying with the welcoming group of girls at the Attha Manor—decided to watch one of the horror movie marathons that were playing since it was two days to Halloween. The four boys had gone out together to do some male bonding for Athrun's birthday. The girls had all crept into the living room where they all relaxed with popcorn and ice cream in hands to spend their night getting merely freaked out, not terrified.

The teenager on the glowing screen that was brightening the lightless room limped down the road where no one was creeping. She had blood oozing off of her but she was still trying to run away from the man who stabbed her. The homicidal maniac was walking, stepping with his dark boots casually, not making an effort to bother catching up to the bloody blond. She suddenly tripped and he was then right on top of her. The knife rose into the air and made its way downwards.

The four girls all screamed loudly, cuddling into each other while for some odd reason, trying to run behind the couch.

"Turn it off!" Miriallia bellowed, fanning her face.

Shiho groped around on the couch. "Where is the remote?"

"Just go up to the TV and press the power button!" the pink haired girl said in her 'Captain Lacus' tone while suppressing cries. Her usual calmness was now gone.

"Hell no am I going near that screen!" Cagalli yelled back.

Suddenly, the living room door opened and the silhouette of a man was seen.

Their eyes all widened at the sight, each girl forgetting about the movie as the real image of a person in the dark doorway was seen. Each girl screamed loudly as they tried to run behind the couch or somewhere else they saw safe.

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," Lacus repeated, terrified. Cagalli whimpered and was inwardly scolding herself. What the hell was she doing, hiding behind a couch like a little wimp? For god sake's she fought on the front lines in a war and here she was, cowering behind a sofa like a pathetic little school girl!

The lights then turned on, illuminating the entire room, brushing away the girls' fears.

"What the heck is going on?"

Miriallia shot up from her spot on the ground at the sound of her boyfriend's voice. Rubbing her eyes that had begun watering because of her thinking she was going to be slashed to ribbons, she ran over to him and then buried her face into his chest. "Dearka!" Her arms flew around him and she hung onto the surprised blond hair boy like he was her life line. "Oh my god I was so scared." Sweetly, the seventeen-year-old place an arm across her, holding her close, whispering sweet things to calm her down, pushing away the urge to ask what was wrong with them.

Their four significant others were the ones who opened up the door and Kira just so happened to be in front of the hall light, creating the scary figure. Lacus went over to him and held onto his arm, not saying a word. He said nothing back since he was just so flustered by the way Lacus was clinging to him.

Reluctantly, Cagalli walked over to the television and pressed down the power button, shutting off the movie in the middle of the director zooming up on the bloody blonde's gory corpse. She cleared her throat, savoring what little dignity she felt she still had, and then walked back over to the couch. She and Shiho shared a look and both of them sat on the sofa. They'd be damned if they looked like simmering idiots who couldn't take a little horror movie. The two absolutely refused to run over to their boyfriends and let them sweep them away.

Yzak leaned against the living room wall, looking away, pretending not to care that the girl who unwillingly had become his fiancée and came to Orb with him. Nope, it meant nothing to Yzak Joule that Shiho Hahnenfuss looked absolutely terrified mere moments ago and he that he wanted nothing more than to make the fear go away.

Eyeing Cagalli, Athrun walked up to the couch and sat down an inch away from her. "So…"

She glared at him with her amber orbs and acted like her naturally tough-girl self. "So?"

"What just happened?" Kira asked in a slight stutter as he glanced around from Lacus, to all the other girls in the room.

"Yeah, we just came in the house," Yzak said. "Athrun let us in, and we came here because we saw the lights were on. Then when we opened the door and—"

"You four all screamed like a bunch of freaking banshees!" Dearka concluded.

"We were watching a horror movie about this homicidal, slasher maniac and he was about to kill a girl, Kira!" Lacus confessed, babbling.

Shiho growled in annoyance. Her cheeks were red from embarrassment, feeling stupid that she had been scared by a silly movie. "Then you four idiots just had to do exactly what the slasher guy did in the movie and just stand there in the doorway."

Cagalli clenched her hand into a fist and punched Athrun in the shoulder. "You scared us you dumbasses!" The four boys blinked, taking in the information and then they all burst into laughter. Their amused chuckles ran on until finally, Cagalli hit Athrun again, who started the chain reaction of the stopping of laughter. "Stop giggling like a bunch of little brats! You would've been scared too!"

Dearka snorted. "Yeah right, Princess."

"Men don't get scared, Cagalli," her twin mocked.

Gold eyes widened in anger and disbelief. Shiho spoke through clenched teeth. "What did you just say…?" The two girls who worked hard to get to such statuses as mobile suit pilots felt the fury growing within them.

Yzak smirked at his fiancée pissed off state. "You heard him, Hahnenfuss. Unlike you little girls, we wouldn't be running around like idiots."

Miriallia let out the frustration being built by the boys' words by poking Dearka. Her boyfriend looked down at her sheepishly. "Well come on Milly, you know it's true. We're men… And besides, we're soldiers."

"So? Cagalli and Shiho are soldiers too!" Miriallia pointed out carelessly.

"SHUT UP MIRIALLIA!" the two girls shouted in their own defense.

Once again, their boyfriends all erupted into laughter and the pair of girls who were more embarrassed, inwardly plotted their deaths. Cagalli frowned. "Oh shut up! You know you would have done the same thing in our positions."

Kira smirked at his sister. "No, you're wrong, sis. It's like I said Cagalli, men don't get scared."

Cagalli mirrored his smug expression, making them look like twins more so than ever.

"We'll see about that, Kira…"


End of Part 1



Just a small Halloween Story!

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