Chapter 1-Auditions

September 3 10:30 Sunday

Dear Diary,

Well, it has officially been 3 months and 3 days since Troy and I have been dating. He asked me during the after party. The same day we shared our first kiss. It wasn't interrupted by Chad. Tomorrow starts the second week of our eleventh grade year. Troy and I had a great summer. Midnight strolls, days at the park, hanging out on my porch swing, singing, and watching him play basketball. Everyone is pretty much used to us singing now.


"Hey man what's up?" Chad called running up to Troy who was digging through his locker.

"I can't find it."


"My audition paper."

Chad just stared at him.

"Chorus try outs today!"

"Oooooh," Chad said finally understanding.

"Looking for this?" Gabriella asked coming up behind Troy. Troy turned and saw her holding his paper.

"You left it at my house Friday."

Without saying anything Troy hugged her in thanks.

"I'll uh...see ya later," Chad smirked.

When he was gone Gabriella spoke again, "What class do you have now?"

"Social Studies, 110," Troy answered, "You?"

"I'm going to 109."

I'll walk you there," Troy said, "and I'll even carry your books."

He took them from her and gave her a smile to die for.

Free Period

"Mr. Bolton!" Ms. Darbus called from the audition room, "You're up!"

"Good luck," Gabriella whispered in Troy's ear as he stood up.

After Troy sang for Ms. Darbus she told him the list of who made what chorus would be up in two days. Troy walked toward the gym to spend the rest of free period practicing.

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