Lemme Borrow That Top

Takes place after Shoes. I didn't actually think you guys would like it! This one's for the fans. Still Shitty. But just for YOU.

Six months after the Shoes incident, Max was allowed to see the light of day, or anyhting, speniding her time in complete solitude.

And she wasn't done, either.

The first thing she saw when she got out?

Nudge's top.

Here we go again.

Nudge was talking, whining, griping about life, with Fang trying to tell her it wasn't as bad as Max.

"Lemme borrow that top!" Max yelled, grabbing Nudge by the arm.


"That's. SUCH. a cute top."

"Uh...ge, thanks."

Max dug into her pocket, grabbing a couple of pokemon cards. "20 bucks to borrow it."





"No. But it at the mall."

"I already went to the mall." max rolled her eyes. "And it SUCKED!"

"Goddammit, max! Leave her alone." Fang said, trying to skedaddle with Nudge out of there.

"Betch, lemme borrow the top!"

More to come. Chapter as soon as I get more ideas. review, for the love of god.