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I was inspired to write a Kiba and Hinata pairing as a result of stumbling across two one-shots from Akasha on the AFF.

If you are old enough to get into the site – the two stories are: possession is 9/10s of the law and repossession.

The story is dedicated to Celtic Oak, an author whose work I greatly admire. I love all of her stories but Magnetism is a personal favorite of mine.

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Last delivery

Hinata was tired. This was the last floral delivery of the day and she was eager to get back to her cozy little apartment and soak in a fragrant tub of hot water.

The petite dark haired woman wearily looked at her delivery slip and waited for the elevator to travel down to the ground floor.

She sighed disheartening when she saw that she had to go to the top floor to deliver the arrangement but she was thrilled that her boss was allowing her to go straight home rather than dropping off the van this evening.

Hinata shifted the bouquet in her arms and waited patiently for the elevator to do its graceful descent into the main lobby of the sleek office complex.

Her eyes shifted nervously around the foyer as she silently willed the elevator to hurry up. She was used to buildings having all the modern advances of property protection displayed but this place with the large amount of security cameras dotted discreetly around the foyer made her feel a little uneasy for some reason.

The young woman took a final glance at the slip as the elevator finally reached the ground floor and the doors slid open.

She was silently praying that there was a listing of names on the top floor. The last thing she really wanted to do was get lost.

Hinata stepped in and was about to push the button for the top floor, when she heard a deep voice asking her to hold the elevator for him.

She nodded and put a dainty foot out, waiting to hear the man approach the lift.

The man stepped in and stood patiently a little away from her, waiting for the elevator to start moving.

"Sir? Which floor are you going to?" asked the young woman.

The large man watched the petite woman in mild interest as she slid her leg back and allowed the doors to close.

"Top floor." replied the man smoothly.

He was fascinated that not once had she been tempted to look back in his direction as the lift commenced its long ascent to the top.

She seemed more concerned about maintaining her grip on the bouquet than satisfying her curiosity about the other occupant of the elevator.

Yes, it was curiously refreshing to have a woman not interested in checking him out for once in his life.

So, why was he also a little put out by that thought?


Hinata swallowed a little nervously, trying not to let the man behind her know that he made her a little uneasy. She didn't know why but she felt sure that it was mainly due to her sheltered family life prior to taking the job at her friend's Florist shop and asserting her independence.

Her experience with and around men was pretty much non-existent and despite her new lifestyle, she was too shy to go out and actively meet someone nice.

The thought of having to talk to a guy made her freeze up. She pushed her dark glasses firmly back on her nose and jostled the large glass vase, getting a firmer grip on the vessel.

"Miss? Do you need help with that?" asked the man with an amused tone in his voice.

Hinata swallowed nervously and replied softly, "Uh, no… thank you. It's okay."

He shrugged but continued to watch the small woman with mild curiosity.

Kiba really didn't like his women that fragile looking but he couldn't help but quietly admire her elegant petite frame. There was something about her that spoke of an inner resilience despite her outward appearances.

She didn't look strong but he could tell by the way she was toting that arrangement, overall first impressions were deceptive.

A quiet feminine voice echoed in the emptiness of the elevator.

"Um, Sir? Could you please tell me when we get to the top floor?"

Kiba grinned and raised an eyebrow at that request. If she continued using that lovely soothing tone of hers, he would be more than happy to fulfill any demand this woman made.

Not that he thought that a woman like her would make many demands… she rather looked the type who would prefer to blend into the wallpaper than be the center of attention.



It was hard not to feel intimidated sharing an enclosed space with a large man like this one surely was. Hinata was thankful that she had thought to put her sunglasses on prior to entering the building. Unwanted male attention had always made her nervous, yet the simple disguise seemed to deter men from being a nuisance.

She felt the elevator finally come to a stop with a little shudder and heaved a small sigh of relief.

At last!

Hinata stiffened when she heard his gruff chuckle so close to her and found herself looking over the top of the giant bouquet to the large man in the suit holding the door of the elevator open for her.

Oh my! He certainly was an arresting figure! She wasn't going to be forgetting that face in a hurry.

The odd tribal tattoos on his lean cheeks made him look barely civilized and yet he looked at total ease wearing that very expensive Italian suit.

The dark haired woman shuffled past him in a hurry, anxious to be out of there.

She stopped at the directory and felt the man walk away stealthily down the hallway, finally disappearing into one of the many rooms.

Her eyes swiftly went down the neat little listing and finally found the name on her slip.

Kiba Inuzuka– Room 115

She looked at the doors on both sides of the foyer and realized that she needed to go in the same direction as the man who just left.

The small woman sighed again and shuffled off after him. This whole situation made her uneasy. She couldn't wait to just make the delivery and get out of here as fast as she could to the sanctuary of her little apartment.


He had come to the office this evening in the hopes that doing some work would help diffuse the residual rage he felt over his mistress's betrayal.

Correction… his now ex-mistress.

It wasn't as though Sakura was going to miss his company at any rate if what he had interrupted was any indication.

Hmmpph. Neji Hyuuga was welcome to her.

He had smelt the scent of sex high in the air the moment he entered the expensively appointed apartment and had known right then that Sakura had found someone else to scratch her itch.

Kiba remembered approaching the bedroom door and opening it to find her with her legs high up in the air getting screwed to an inch of her life by the master assassin of the Hyuuga Family.

It was odd because he didn't feel that killing rage slip over him that he normally got when he found himself betrayed.

He had stood there for a moment with his hands in his pockets, coldly observing the scene before him before he left the room and the apartment without a backward glance.

Kiba had driven directly to his office building, mentally going through the arrangements he needed to finalize with his lawyer for Sakura to have the apartment.

She had been an excellent mistress up until now. He could afford to be generous, now that he realized that she saved him from making a huge mistake later down the track.

It was the small woman in the elevator that had him feeling confused. He wasn't ready for a relationship so soon after the demise of his current arrangement but he had found himself contemplating how the petite dark haired woman would feel in his arms.

The light rapping on his door effectively stopped Kiba's inner musings.

"Who is it?" growled the man softly.

Hinata swallowed hearing that sexy little growl in the man's voice. She now wanted the floor to open up and swallow her up. It was him. The man in the elevator was her delivery.


"Mister Kiba Inuzuka?" asked a feminine voice hesitantly.

Kiba sat up straight in his seat, suddenly on alert. He recognized the voice as belonging to the young woman with the giant floral arrangement.

"Yes. Please come in." replied Kiba. He was curious as to what she looked like from the front and wanted to know what she was hiding behind those large glasses of hers.

He watched the office door open up and saw the bouquet on legs gingerly shuffle into the room before the young woman gently placed the vase onto his desk.

"Could you please sign this, sir?" murmured Hinata, holding out her delivery slip.

She watched him sign the slip with a flourish and was about to make her escape out the door when she heard, "Take it away. I don't want it."

Hinata paused with her hand on the door and looked at the large man behind the desk in amazement.

Did he just say that he didn't want the arrangement?

"P-pardon?" stuttered the startled woman.

"The bouquet. Take it away… I don't want it." repeated the man with a low growl.

Hinata walked back to the desk slowly. This was a new one on her. She had never had someone refuse a floral delivery before. The young woman knew one thing though… there was no way in hell she could return the bouquet to the shop. Ino would kill her.

"Uh, sir… I can't take this back to the shop. The boss would be upset." Replied Hinata nervously.

Kiba raised an eyebrow at that and sighed.

Yeah – he could understand that…but the reasoning was all wrong.

The arrangement was gorgeous. He just didn't want anything to do with the sender. She had made her choice when she took the Hyuuga into her bed and her body.

It wasn't his concern that it seemed that she was now worried about losing her meal ticket.

He watched the young woman approach the desk again and noted absently that she was really quite pretty in an unconventional sense.

"Why don't you keep it then?" murmured the man smoothly.

Hinata was walking over to retrieve the flowers and stumbled a little when she heard this. She fell in front of the desk and managed to dislodge the oversized glasses from her face. The young woman could hear him standing up abruptly and felt something looming above her . Hinata looked up to see Kiba stood patiently beside her with his hand out, waiting to assist her.

She blushed vividly over her graceless tumble and gratefully grabbed the proffered out-stretched hand, pulling herself up from the floor.

Hinata bent down to retrieve her glasses and didn't hear Kiba give a shocked gasp.

He wasn't mistaken by what he saw briefly before she put those glasses back on. There was only one family in this town with those eyes and he saw one of them recently giving his ex the ride of her life.

What the hell was going on here?


"I keep it?" asked the young woman hesitantly.

"Yes. I will even help you carry it back down to your delivery van if you wish." replied the man with the odd facial tattoos.

She was surprised with his offer. Hinata never received flowers… not even from her own family. Granted – it was a delivery he didn't want but it was still flattering that he was offering them to her rather than throwing the bouquet in the garbage.

The young woman nodded in gratitude over his offer of the flowers and the help to return them to her van. She really wasn't relishing a return trip down that elevator with that heavy glass vase.

"Um, thank you, Mister Inuzuka. I would appreciate your help." murmured Hinata shyly.

"I wasn't looking forward to carrying that bouquet again." added the young woman sheepishly.

He was instantly charmed by her honest candor.

"Please. Call me Kiba… and you are?" prompted the large man.

He watched her swallow convulsively and reply in a small voice, "Hinata… please just call me Hinata."

Kiba raised an eyebrow at that peculiar response but said nothing. It was indeed intriguing that the young woman in front of him was extremely reluctant to divulge her last name to him.

He would soon find out what secrets she was hiding but for now, he would not ask her.

Kiba suddenly stood up and retrieved the heavy vase and looked at the young woman standing in front of his desk, nervously pushing two fingers together.

"Why don't you lead the way then and I will follow." murmured Kiba.

He watched highly amused as she nodded briefly before fleeing from his office as though the hounds of Hell were after her.


Kiba Inuzuka loved mysteries and the little dark haired woman was certainly that.

He was not normally attracted to her type but he felt an annoying tug from an unknown spot of his anatomy and he was intrigued by it.

His attraction to women was for the most part – purely physical but this one was different. She stirred his heart.

He knew he was sporting a stupid grin on his face right now but he didn't care.

Kiba opened the door to his office and prowled over to the desk.

His body felt strangely alive, as if it knew that a new challenge had presented itself and in a way – it had.

The large man sat down and picked up the phone receiver, dialing a familiar number.

"Shino, How are you?" asked Kiba, smiling at the voice on the other end.

He listened intently to his friend for a moment and replied "No, I'm not seeing the delightful cherry blossom anymore. I found out today that she was getting pruned by someone else."

The silence on the line was deafening before Shino recommenced talking in his soothing low tone.

"No, I'm fine with it, actually. I'm at work right now but I think I will be heading home soon." replied Kiba with a smile.

"Why don't we get together during the weekend for dinner and I will fill you in on the details?"

He listened to his long time friend agree to meeting up over the weekend and suggest a time that would suit them both.

"That's fine, Shino. We'll go to our usual place. I have a favor to ask you. I need your specialized expertise to get some information about a woman I just met."

Kiba smiled when he heard the curiosity in his friend's voice and listened in quiet amusement at Shino's questions – both professional and personal.

"I don't know yet, Shino. She's not my usual… she's more the gentle wallflower than the little tigress type." responded Kiba, smiling wryly.

He listened to his friend asking him what he wanted to know about the woman and when he wanted the information.

"I would like the information as soon as possible, Shino. I am curious to know who Hinata Hyuuga is and why she is working for a florist delivering flowers, when her family is worth billions."