title: rain
disclaimer: Everything belongs to Squeenix.
note: Did this in English class, was really bored, so please don't get mad if this thing sucks. Enjoy and don't forget to review!

"Beauty comes in many forms."

The rain first came down in slowly, and she relished each crystalline drop that mingled with her tears.

It then came down in torrents, and she danced, her melodic laugh filling the air, almost, just almost, lost in the pounding of the rain.

Then, as the drops ran down her in rivulets, entwining with her bare arms and caressing her skin, he, would in turn watch her.

He watched as she cried, her tears contradicting her happiness, and he watched as she laughed, her laughter contradicting her pain.

And finally, it ended both the rain, and her dance. Her laughter still echoing through his mind, his sky-blue eyes widened as he watched-always watching- her begin her fall.

With inhuman speed, Sora caught her, brushing Kairi's dripping red hair away from her face, still watching silently as a sad smile graced her perfect lips.

"The rain was beautiful, wasn't it?"

Sora gripped her tighter, afraid that she would disappear, before he grinned ruefully. The rain was the ugliest thing in the world-and he'd been to many-to him, each drop represented a piece of the pain that he'd inflicted upon her.

But it also cleansed her of it, doesn't it?


Her soft words woke him form his reverie, and smiling again, he nodded.

But nothing's more beautiful than you.

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