Yo! so sorry for not updating sooner but I was writing other things! Heres chapter three, its longer than two but I liked the cliffhanger so I kept it short! HAHA sucks to be anyone besides me!!!!!!!!!!!

"Never mind..." Rins wondered if she should say anything after that. After all, she didn't care...yes...she did care. None of this would have happened if neither of them had cared. She looked back at Train, his eyes were open slightly. "I said never mind..." Rins murmered softly. Train arched an eyebrow.

"What's wrong?" his voice was low and hoarse. Rins felt a wave of sympathy wash over her. He was the one who was hurt and he wanted to know if she was okay. She thought about the situation, what on Earth could she do to help Train when they were stuck in an alley with him hurt so badly?!

"Arghh! Dammit!" Rins pounded a fist against the dirty brick wall, ignoring the pain that shot up her arm. "Dammit..." Finnally, everything was too much. Rins sank back to her knees sobbing. Train struugled, seeing her like this was too much for him. Hoping that he was doing the right thing, he reached out with his good arm and pulled her close. "I-I don't know what to do..." Rins said quietly, letting Train hug her.

"Shh...It's okay." Train wiped the tears from her cheeks. This only made her cry harder.

"NO! It's not okay! How can you even think that this is okay?! You could DIE! You CAN"T die...you can't die." Rins burried her face in his shoulder.

Footsteps resounded against the pavement not far away. Rins jerked away from Train and stood up. Her face set, ready to protect her partner, even if it ment her own death. She felt someone come up behind her, Train. He came to stand beside her, wavering slightly, but standing none the less. His face was pale in the moonlight but his eyes were as determined as his partner's. The footsteps sounded nearer, two, no, three people. How many could that psycho expend before risking himself to others? Mayhaps hundreds. Hell, maybe thousands. This was as good as spot as any to fight them all. The thought that they might not make it out of the alley alive didn't even stray across either of their minds.

"Stay back..." Train whispered. Rins snorted indignantly.

" 'Stay back' you say?! You are the one who is hurt. You stay back!" She stepped in front of him. Train's eyes flashed angrily but Rins didn't see.

"Rins, stay back," Train caught her arm and pulled her behind him. Hades in his hand in mere seconds, he leveled it, ready to fire.

Three men in black suits rounded the corner, their own guns drawn. They knew that the Black Cat was injured and they weren't afraid to take advantage of that girl behind him either. If the Black Cat no longer worked for Chronos, he no longer had a clear concious about innocents.

"Do you trust me Rins?" Train whispered in her ear.

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