Blue Eyes, Shining: Intermezzi

Disclaimer/Author's Notes: Kim Possible and all the characters of the show are owned by the Disney Company. The lyrics to songs quoted in these intermezzi are the property of the respective author, artists and labels. All other characters can be blamed on the author (he, however, is not responsible for all of their actions at all times, being barely responsible for himself most of the time….). This is a strictly not-for-profit, just-for-fun work.

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Overture (introduction and explanation)

What are intermezzi?

Intermezzi (singular is intermezzo), in the most general sense, are compositions which fit between other musical or dramatic entities, such as acts of a play, chapters of a story, or movements of a larger musical work.

Why do I have intermezzi?

I am using these to prevent breaks in the story flow while also providing additional insight to the readers who wish to know more of what is happening or has happened (not necessarily from the primary character's or an historical perspective). This 'holder' will contain all intermezzi for all (currently plannded) 4 parts of the "Blue Eyes, Shining" saga, including "Black Hole Deep, version 2.0."

How will these intermezzi be identified?

The information at the beginning of the intermezzo will identify the story, the location (between or during what chapter(s) the intermezzo occurrs), and the time frame of the event's occurrence.

Do you have an example of this?

Below is the first:

Intermezzo 1

Story: Blue Eyes, Shining

Time stamp: this series of events occurred between chapters 6 and 7

When: at night, after Joss learned what happened to her mother.

Please respond with comments on this process. Thank you…cpneb.

And, now, with no further delay: Intermezzo 1