Tomorrow, Maybe

G. This Chapter. Law & Order, SVU

George Huang, Elliot Stabler

Live Journal 7 Deadly Sins challenge Prompt #4 Sloth. 318 Words

Elliot and George never seem to have time for much of anything at all. Time for each other falls by the wayside as life gets in the way. Again.

Elliot and I must have planned a hundred afternoons together; carefully orchestrated in our heads, as part of a thinking out loud process late at night. Designed to be meaningful, but give nothing away as Olivia seemed to be lurking around every corner even in Elliott's private life, we talked about these days out on the town meant to bring us together. We never seemed to get much past my apartment, though. Somebody's phone would always ring.

The phone would ring, the case would break, some bastard did something awful to his girlfriend or some kook did something horrific to his child and Elliot and I would vow, "Next time." In the meantime, the movie would hit DVD, the exhibit would move to another city, the show would open, and close again, once the restaurant even burned to the ground and rebuilt itself while we waited for uninterrupted time off. In the end we never grumbled or complained and we moved on to another work day or another "not tonight" until the next day off.

Inevitably though, a day rolls around every once in a while when the cell phone is silent, and someone else is taking care of the kooks and of the bastards but we never go anywhere. I hide out with Eliott in my living room, behaving in ways we shouldn't and seldom getting up at all. It was in these moments when it was easiest to crawl inside of him, but also the easiest to choose not to. It was on one of these afternoons when I decided to step away from my notes and my determination to fix Elliot Stabler the subject, on these afternoons the whole thing suddenly became easy, and enjoyable, and something that I really wanted to do.

It is these easy Sunday afternoons, the ones which promise no blood or tears or trouble, when Elliot never bothers to don a suit, that make it worth bothering with him. Especially when sometimes at work, I'm not always sure. But that's a problem I can deal with tomorrow. Maybe.