Dear Otou-san,

I'm a big girl now

9 on the eigth

I'm a student now

Tests in the spring.

Okaa-san's showed me


All the letters, all the

Photos, all the scrolls.

But she didn't show me the journal

The old, velvet covered one.

The one with your own thoughts,

When you were my age.

Every page I turn I feel you,

Your pain, your hate,

Your tears, your sorrow

Your smiles, your love.

More than I ever,

I think I know you

Jii-san says that you

Were the strongest person on Earth

That you could beat an army of ninja

With your eyes blindfolded.

I used to believe his stories.

But that's all they were; stories.

Threads woven with a slim needle,

Attempting to paint a picture in our minds

To create a new reality

But it only last so long before it starts

To crumble away.

There are so many people who tell me

How much they loved you


How great you were


They were the same people

Who hated you.

Who spat on you

For the curse you bore.

They tell me I'm just like you




But I can't believe them.

How can I when I don't know you?

All I ever wanted was to meet you,

Was to tell you that I loved you.

I wanted to hug you and kiss you,

To take the pain away.

But I'm too late.

All I have are the memories,

Hand-me-downs from others,

I used to ask okaa-san;

"When is otou-san coming home?"

And she would tell me

"Not yet, Midori, not yet."

And I waited,

And I'm still waiting.

Please come home,


I miss you,

And so does everyone else.

Jii-san said that he'd even relinquish his

Title for you.

He told me

"If your father ever came back, I'd gladly step down"

So please come home;

Because if there's even a speck of truth

In the stories I've been told.

Then you're still out there, somewhere.

I want you to see how strong I am,

I've already learned the jutsu of the Hyūga main branch;

The top student of my class.

Even stronger than Daisetsu,

Jii-san's son.

We all miss you,


And I want to meet you,

Even just for a second,

A fleeting glance,


Please come home.

So I can show you

That my dream will come true

To be the shichidaime.

So that you can say

"Midori, I'm so very proud of you"

and ruffle my hair.

And I'll smile and tell you

"I love you."

And we could live happily

Like a family…

So please otou-san,

Please come home.

I don't want to hear the

Whispers anymore.

I just want

I just want you home.



Heir to the Hyūga clan