Three and a half years have passed by. Three and a half years. Three and a half years I've been locked behind these bars. And for those three and a half years I've concealed my sins, hidden the truths that lie deep down inside me.

But now, now things have changed. I never thought I'd see her again.

I can remember the first day I laid eyes on her, there was a spark. Something took control over me, and over her. I knew she wanted me. In the interrogation she clasped her hand over my shoulder, oh she wanted me alright.

Her eyes sparkled. She was filled with lust. She looked so innocent.

I'll never forget her face. Her eyes. Her body. I undressed her with my eyes, my hands slid down her chest, touching her lightly but forcefully.

I could imagine she'd be one to fight a little. But I like that. I bet she'd tell me to stop, but I couldn't, I wouldn't. I'd unbutton her clothes; I'd hold her down…

But like I said, I thought all of these feelings had gone. I thought they'd left. I thought I was a free man, a healed man.

But I' m not.