Changing Times

I had read certain stories by other people and I liked Jonathan having a kid by Fused One and having amnesia by another while truly he is Bo Duke. So this is what-if he had a daughter, who is older than Clark and he can't remember her. This is in season two as is "Family Reunion Hazzard-Style."

Sara Duke looked around as she and her best friend Stacey walked the streets of Metropolis. The city was nothing like Hazzard. At eighteen Sara was slightly overwhelmed. Being a country girl and growing up on a farm all her life she had never seen anything as big as this. Even Atlanta wasn't this big.

If it wasn't for the archery tournament Sara would have scuttled back to Hazzard as fast as her motorcycle could carry her, but she had to do the tournament. The Dukes were known for their archery abilities. Uncle Jessie had told her often that before her father had left Hazzard he was on probation and since he couldn't touch a gun bows and arrows were the preferred choice.

Sara didn't like to think of her father that much. He had left when she was three and he had never come back. It had hurt worse because he had promised to come back. As far as Sara was concerned her father was dead.

Sara's mind came back to where she was as she looked up at "The Daily Planet." The newspaper even went to Hazzard. It was so big it was like looking at a giant. Sara felt like a small ant in this big world of Metropolis.

Sara and Stacey clutched their trophies as they walked to their motorcycles. If they wished to get to Wichita, Kansas tonight they had to leave now. Three hours into the trip Sara's bike started to die.

"Stacey, wait!" Sara shouted to her friend over the ignition of her bike, but to no use. Stacey couldn't hear her and soon Sara was left alone in the middle of no where.

"Oh great! Things can't possibly get any worse!" Sara ground out angrily as her bike conked out. Sara looked at her bike, wishing she had not said that and wondering where she would find gas in the middle of no where.

Sara then decided to walk. There had to be a farm somewhere out here. Sara pulled her two bags off her motorcycle and slung them over her shoulders. In one hour her feet were hurting, but she had to find a farm or a gas station, somewhere.

Just when Sara thought she couldn't make it any more, she saw a yellow house in the distance. Through the haze of fatigue she was able to make out two words on a wooden plank over the driveway: KENT FARM. Sara felt tears of joy come to her eyes as she stumbled to the front door and passed out in exhaustion.

Clark Kent was doing his homework in the living room, trying not to smell his mother's heavenly muffins. By the look on his father's face he was trying hard not to do that either. By the looks of things they were losing.

Clark Kent felt as if everything in his life was perfect. Almost. He still wanted to be Lana Lang's boyfriend, but since Lana's boyfriend, Whitney had died, he wasn't pushing it.

Clark turned his attention back to his biology homework, ready to get back to work. His mother's scream from the kitchen shattered that.

"JONATHAN!" Martha's bloodcurdling scream caused both Clark and Jonathan to come running.

"Sweetheart, what's wrong?" Jonathan Kent asked, his face an expression of concern.

Martha moved from the open front door. A young girl with blonde hair was huddled on the porch. By the looks of things she had passed out. Jonathan gathered the young girl into his arms. He moved her to the couch and covered her with a blanket.

"Who is she, Dad?" Clark asked.

"I don't know, Son. She can't be any more than seventeen or eighteen. I've never seen her before," Jonathan said, brushing strands of hair out of the girl's eyes.

"Lambs calling Shepard. Come in Shepard," the girl mumbled in her sleep.

Jonathan, Martha, and Clark stared at each other in confusion. Until the girl woke up they wouldn't know where she came from or who she was.