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Part 1 – Vince McMahon "Annoyance and evil"

Vince McMahon sat in his temporary office at the WWE joint Pay-Per-View, Survivor Series. The very special Christmas Survivor Series was currently being held on December 24, in Toronto Canada. Everyone, especially the fans, had been at least a little bit excited for the show.

Out in the ring and in front of the cameras, everything was going pretty good, but backstage, it had been a living hell for poor Vince all night.

It had all started when his daughter Stephanie had barged into the room, demanding money to buy something for her newborn baby.

"Stephanie that's just plain ridiculous" Was Vince's response, "What's a baby going to do with an amusement park"?

His daughter had responded by screaming, "He'll do tons of stuff daddy! Why don't you love me? You only care about your stupid company! It's all WWE this and WWE that! You never pay attention to me anymore!" In one breath.

Despite the fact that this was completely ridiculous and Vince new it, he had given in just to shut her up, although he still couldn't figure out what on earth a baby would possibly want with an amusement park.

Thinking back on it now, Vince realized that it had probably been Stephanie's husband Triple H who had put her up to it, just to push Vince's buttons.

The second thing that had happened was evenly annoying, in Vince's mind at least.

Near the start of the Pay-Per-View, Vince had ordered a backstage hand to find Triple H and his partner in crime Shawn Michaels and send them to his office ASAP, so he could talk to them for a minute.

Now, about two hours and fifty-five minutes later, there was still no sign of either of the degenerates. Vince wished that the fans didn't like them so much. If they didn't make ratings so high, he would have plans to fire them both.

Finally, the worst thing that had happened had happened just a few minutes ago. The main event of the evening was scheduled to be John Cena facing Edge for the WWE title, but at the last minute Cena had disappeared and no one could find him.

Since there was no sign of Cena, Chris Jericho had volunteered to take his place in the title match. Having no other alternative, Vince had agreed, and the match was still going on to this very minute.

However, just a few minutes after the match had started, a crewmember had found a disgruntled John Cena locked in a storage closet down one of the corridors.

In a rage, Vince had questioned Cena, demanding to know who had put him in there.

Cena's answer was "A certain blond haired Canadian moron who thinks he the king of the world."

I bet you can guess who that was.

Vince was angrier than he had been in… well… a couple days, but there was nothing he could do to stop the match now that it had started. Well maybe except pray that Jericho wouldn't win.

Vince couldn't believe his eyes as he watched the screen now.

Lita was apparently sick and tired of being with Edge, because, as the Chairman of the WWE looked on, she handed brass knuckles to a shocked Jericho as the referee and Edge were arguing, therefore not paying attention.

"What the…" Vince said in shock "TURN AROUND YOU IDIOT!"

Edge unknowingly obeyed the bosses' orders, but when he turned around, Jericho blasted him with a brass-knuckled punch. The referee didn't see Jericho's fist long enough to detect the illegal object, so he counted as the self-proclaimed king of the world covered the Rated-R-Superstar. 1…2…3.

Jericho was ecstatic and Lita seemed pleased, but Vince McMahon went insane.

"YOU IDIOT! I SHOULD FIRE YOU, YOU STUPID SON OF A…" Vince took a deep breath to get a hold of himself. He was freakin Vince McMahon! He didn't have to put up with this crap! He wouldn't put up with this crap!

Vince took a moment to get himself together, and then an evil thought came into his head. It was Christmas Eve… They were in Toronto… All in one building… That was it! He would pay all of them back BIGTIME!

Smiling his evil smile, Vince gathered all of his stuff and left his office. He gathered all of the technicians, backstage hands, and crewmembers, excluding the cameramen, (he wanted video footage of this) and explained what was going on.

Making sure that most of the fans had gotten out, Vince had some of the crewmembers lock the place up, excluding one door, and then headed with the crew to the final door.

"Have a merry Christmas, you sorry bunch of idiots," He muttered evilly as he left a note saying just that on the door, and then walked out the only remaining unlocked door with the crewmembers, and had them lock it behind him.