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In the California town of Dimmsdale, there stood a two-story house. It looked unremarkable, except for the sound of terrified screaming emanating from within. The screaming was coming from a ten-year old boy wearing a pink baseball hat named Timmy Turner.

"Aaaaaahhhhh!", Timmy screamed as he bolted into this room, slamming and locking his door behind him. He looked disheveled and his clothes were in tatters.

Just then, two fairies poofed into existence over him. One male, one female. Both had small gold crowns floating above their heads, and they both had wings on their backs. The male had green hair and eyes while the female fairy had pink hair and eyes. Their names were Cosmo and Wanda, and they were Timmy's Fairy Godparents.

"Having a pleasant evening, Timmy?" Cosmo asked inanely.

"Pleasant?!!!" Timmy screamed in reply, "Vicky pushed me under the house and I ended up being attacked by rats!"

"Well, perhaps comparatively pleasant then," Cosmo replied, "after all, compared with last week when she sic-ed rabid dogs onto you, rats is easy street…."

Just then, Cosmo's mouth got zippered up. "Jidiot!" Wanda snarled at him before looking down at Timmy sadly.

"Sorry, sport," Wanda said, "but with Vicky in the house, we have to stay unseen".

"Well, this reeks!", Timmy replied, "Vicky is so icky, she makes Genghis Khan look like Florence Nightingale!"

"Nightingale? I don't see any birds", Cosmo said as he unzipped his mouth, "but I do see Kevin", he said, pointing to a pebble on Timmy's mantelpiece.

Just then, a loud pounding starts on his door.

"Twerp!!!", Vicky's voice sounded out, "Get out here, you've still got the sewers to clean!!!" Just then, an ominous sound starts.

"Oh no, it's her chainsaw!", Timmy gasps, "Quick: I wish my door was made of titanium".

Wanda and Cosmo raise their wands……POOF!

The sound of the chainsaw changes as the blades break off from the door!

"Aaah!, my saw! So, you got yourself a titanium door, eh Twerp? There's more than one way to get through this and then you'll pay me for a new saw!"

There was silence for a few seconds, and then there was a hissing sound, followed by a glowing tip on the door.

"Oh no! She's got an acetylene torch!", Wanda said.

"A – set – ah – lean," Cosmo echoed, drawing out the word, "Four syllables, that's a record for me! Jippee!"

"Oh no, she's burning her way into my room," Timmy screamed, "What can I do? The last time she tried this, I wished her to be nice and that bug of hers made other people evil instead, so that's out!"

Just then, they head a car pull up to the front of the house and turn into the driveway. Then there was the sound of car doors opening and closing. Timmy ran up to the window.

"Dad and Mom! They're home!" Timmy exclaimed with a smirk, "When they see what Vicky's doing to the door, She's going to get it!".

"Timmy! Vicky! We're home", Mr. and Mrs. Turner shouted as they walked into the house.

Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda hear the CLOMP, CLOMP, CLOMP as Mr. and Mrs. Turner walked up the stairs. Just then, they hear Mr. Turner say:

"Vicky, what's with the broken chainsaw and the acetylene torch in your hand?"

"Uh, uh….," Vicky stammered, "Timmy is trapped in his room and I was trying to get him out".

"With a welding torch?" Mrs. Turner asked.

"The door is made of Titanium", Vicky explained.

"We have something that works well," Mr. Turner said.

Before Timmy could get up and open the door, it was smashed in as a battering-ram knocked the door off its hinges. At that same instant, Cosmo and Wanda zapped back into their fish-tank in their goldfish disguises.

"Timmy!" Vicky rushed forward, crushing Timmy in a bear hug, and making a poor show of sobbing in relief, "You're all right my precious little imp!". She then whispered in Timmy's ear, "Spill the beans and this bear hug will make a garbage compactor seem like a love-tap with a feather in comparison, Twerp!"

Timmy couldn't reply as Vicky was literally choking him in the hug, but managed to nod. Vicky then let him go, causing him to fall to the ground.

"That was brave of you trying to save our Timmy," Mrs. Turner said to Vicky, giving her a large wad of money, "This is a little extra for your bravery".

Vicky's eyes briefly flashed dollar bills as she took the money.

"Well, now that you're home, I'll be heading home myself. Goodnight, Mr. and Mrs. Turner", Vicky purred as she walked downstairs, rifling the thick wad of bills.

"Where did you get a titanium door, young man?" Mr. Turner demanded as Timmy stood back up.

"Uh, Internet?" he replied.

"You've got to be careful about all these things you're getting off the internet, Son", Mr. Turner said, apparently satisfied with the answer.

"Time to go to bed, Timmy," Mrs. Turner said, "See you in the morning". With that, they both left the room, walking over the flattened door.

"Boy, this reeks. That Vicky gets away with everything, taking money while ruining lives!" Timmy snarled. Cosmo and Wanda reappeared above him in fairy form, looking down on their godchild.

"It's probably her upbringing, Sweetie," Wanda ventured, "so it can't entirely be her fault". Wanda then waved her wand to fix the door.

"So, when I make a boob, I can blame it on my upbringing as well?" Cosmo asked, "Boy, what a way to get out of trouble".

Cosmo didn't get a chance to add to the sentence as Wanda conjured up an anvil above Cosmo's head. The Anvil hit Cosmo and they both hit the ground.

"Nice try, Cosmo," Wanda said, "although……. the way Mama Cosma acts around me, you may have a point".

"Jippee," Cosmo's muffled – and dazed – voice said from beneath the anvil.

"Upbringing?" Timmy said incredulously, "How can that be? She doesn't get maltreated by her parents". At that moment, Cosmo reappeared.

"Well then, let's find out," he said, using his wand to conjure up a huge crystal ball. Timmy looked into the ball and saw Vicky walking home counting the huge wad of bills she had received from Mrs. Turner. He could also hear her speak.

"Ah, another excellent day torturing the twerp for money and getting paid for it by those idiotic parents of his. Still, I'll have to see about getting another chainsaw…"

Timmy watched Vicky walk over to her house. Vicky's house was easy to see for two reasons: first, the sign THE FLANNIGANS emblazoned over the front door and second, the ominous storm clouds hovering over it.

As Vicky entered the house, she pulled out a flashlight and shone it obliquely at her face, causing her eyes to look red and sinister. She also let loose an evil laugh: "Muuu-ahhh-haaa-haaa".

Mr. and Mrs. Flannigan were sitting at their sofa holding each other and cowering in fear at the sight of their returning daughter.

"H-h-h-h-how was baby-sitting this evening, Dear?" Mr. Flannigan stuttered.

"Silence!" Vicky snarled, causing Mr. Flannigan to pale further, "remember that you don't talk unless spoken to!".

Shakily, both of Vicky's parents nodded.

"I want a new chainsaw to replace the one I broke this evening," Vicky demanded from her parents, "and I want it by the time I get back from school tomorrow. Got it?"

"Yes, Dear," Mrs. Flannigan replied quietly, not looking at her evil daughter in the eye.

"Good!" Vicky said, sneering at the cowering figures, "Now its time to 'clean' the upstairs toilet before I go to bed", she said next, referring to her usual routine of dunking her little sister Tootie's head in the commode.

"T-T-T-T-Tootie's not home yet, Dear," Mrs. Flannigan replied, "she's at her ballet class".

"I'll save it up," Vicky said venomously, "I'm going up to my room to count my life savings, then get some beauty sleep – not that I need any. I want to be woken at 7 am and I want Steak and Eggs for breakfast!" With that, she stomped up the stairs and over to her room.

Mr. and Mrs. Flannigan were holding each other and sobbing. With the weapons that Vicky had at her disposal, there was no way that they could assert control. They were scared for each other, and for Tootie.

Timmy watched this humiliation of Vicky's parents through Cosmo's Crystal Ball. He turned away from it and started thinking.

"With Vicky controlling her parents like that, its no wonder she acts like that!" he commented.

"And that's probably why Tootie tails after you all the time," Cosmo suggested, "after all, the longer she is away from her creepy sister, the better".

Timmy hadn't thought of that. True, Tootie had a huge crush on him – which creeped him out – and she pestered him an awful lot, but if it was because Tootie was scared to go home, then perhaps there was something that he could do to remedy that. He started smiling.

"Uh, Sport?" Wanda started to ask, recognizing Timmy's expression.

"If Vicky's parents were brave enough to stand up to Vicky and control her, then Tootie won't have to be out of her house all the time, which means she'll leave me alone!", Timmy said, coming to a conclusion he liked.

"Are you sure you don't want to think it all the way through?" Wanda suggested.

"Make a wish, Timmy!" Cosmo interjected, making Timmy forget about Wanda's admonition.

"I wish that from tomorrow morning on, Vicky's parents were brave enough to stand up to her, and that they would also be able to take loving care of Tootie!" Timmy announced.

With that, Wanda (with a worried expression) and Cosmo (with his usual idiotic grin) waved their wands. There was a brief flash around the Flannigan's house, but no-one inside noticed it.

Smiling, Timmy got undressed and prepared to do his ablutions before going to bed. He smiled thinking about Vicky, and what tomorrow would bring for her…