Saturday came. While 'Timmy' was out doing the usual Saturday stuff in his tree-house with A.J. and Chester – they were all playing on hand-held video games getting ready for the arcade evening, Timantha (the real Timmy as a girl) was spending the day with Trixie helping her get things for the party. The only sour moment came when both Trixie and Timantha bumped into Veronica at the mall. Veronica looked at Timantha with a very jaundiced expression.

"So this is the person that you were talking to me about", Veronica said to Trixie.

"Yep. She had a sleepover at my house last night", Trixie replied, which caused Veronica's eyes to widen.

"You never invited me over!" she blurted out.

"Sorry", Trixie said with only barely suppressed insincerity, "I was just too glad to see Timantha again". Besides, Trixie thought, she still remembered Veronica's reaction to the earlier spat with Timmy.

Veronica turned to face Timantha, asking acidly, "How long are you going to be in Dimmsdale?"

"Not long, I'm afraid", Timantha replied. Timantha was very discomforted by the expression on Veronica's face. Trixie at this point stepped in.

"We've got to get some things for the video arcade evening, so I'll see you later", Trixie said, pulling Timantha along. Veronica glared at them both as they retreated. As she had a secret crush on Timmy herself, she would have wanted to come to give him moral support, but realized that as Timmy was currently taken by Tootie, perhaps it was just as well. But seeing Trixie with this interloper really steamed her up. At least she wopld not be hanging around for long...

"You didn't invite her to the evening?" Timantha asked.

"Veronica doesn't care for video games", Trixie replied, "and this evening is more like a competition than anything else. Besides, its only for the evening".

Timantha nodded at that, while breathing a sigh of relief. The last thing that she wanted would be a catfight between her and Veronica. Besides, Timantha wanted to be double sure that Trixie would not become vindictive again towards 'Timmy' and Tootie. The bottom line was that Trixie had an image to maintain and Timantha hoped that the party alone would be enough, without Trixie having to resort to petty revenge.

Tootie was spending the day helping her mother get the sewing room (formally Vicky's bedroom) in order. It really felt nice having no fear of the vindictive big sister's shadow looming over her any more. Mrs. Flannigan had promised Tootie to help get her evening dress ready for the video evening date with Timmy at Trixie's house, and while Trixie was not exactly a video-gamer, she wanted to be there providing moral support for Timmy.

A few blocks away, Vicky was busy setting up the final changes in her apartment. Her arsenal of weapons had been stowed in the spare room, and all of her Chip Skylark posters had been put up. In its own way, it really felt nice here. Vicky wondered why she didn't go this route long ago, but realized that it was because she enjoyed terrorizing her parents and her sister. Now that her parents had finally gotten brave, having her own home was the next best thing. Her parents arranged automatic deposits to her bank account so that the rent, food, and clothes would be taken care of, and her baby-sitting job would take care of any extra monetary expenses. Still, it was fun while it lasted, ruling the Flannigan house…

The evening came, and the invited guests had arrived at the Tang mansion. While the security guard had verified everyone's identity at the door before entry, Trixie and Timantha had ensured that the drinks and snacks they had gotten at the mall were set up, and that they were wearing their new clothes that they had brought at Smucky-Dales. Timantha thought that she really looked nice in the dress Trixie had bought for her.

Timantha noticed 'Timmy' and Tootie entering. She looked on approvingly at Tootie's new dress. She really was a beautiful woman, Timantha thought. Why did it take so long to realize it?

"Thanks for coming, Timmy", Trixie said by way of greeting, "I just wanted to show you that there are no hard feelings".

"I appreciate that, Trixie", 'Timmy' replied, "and thank you for inviting Tootie. She's going to be my good luck charm this evening".

"Good to see you looking so pretty, Tootie", Trixie said to her, "It's good that you finally rid yourself of those dreadful clothes, glasses, and braces. As my mother always said to me: If you've got it, flaunt it".

Nodding an acknowledgment, Tootie pulled 'Timmy' over to a table loaded with snacks. She didn't see 'Timmy' giving Timantha a discrete wink.

When all of the invitees had arrived, Trixie pulled out a bell and tapped it a couple of times, causing the guests to quiet down and look at her.

"This evening is for those who are good at games to see just how good they are in competition. Lets all go to the machines and lets get some high scores racked up!" she announced.

With that, everyone crowed over to the arcade machines. The games were on!

The evening went by in a blur. Timantha was relieved that Trixie was racking up impressive scores – without using that cheat ring. Cosmo and Wanda (in their jewelry disguises) watched Timantha also give a good account of herself.

All three of them managed to keep tabs on 'Timmy' as well, who – with Tootie by her side urging him on – was getting some amazing scores in.

Tad and Chad were also having fun. This arcade evening was such a great idea, it would enhance Trixie's popularity all the more, they realized, and they wondered if they could host similar events themselves.

By 10pm, it was plain that despite very stiff competition, the two best players were Trixie and 'Timmy'. Timantha wondered at first why her doppelganger would be better, but realized that Tootie was really giving him a great deal of support. That was more than could be said for A.J.'s attentions…

"Hi, Timantha", A.J. said by way of greeting, "Sorry I don't have any dead frogs with me".

"What a pity", Timantha said most unconvincingly.

It was at this stage that Chester pulled A.J. away. At least this time they didn't barricade themselves in the bathroom, but Chester was still disquieted by the fact that girls could play videogames so well.

In the end, on the final game, Trixie just managed to beat 'Timmy's' high score. The other guests applauded Trixie as the new champion. Trixie basked in the adulteration.

"Well played, Trixie", 'Timmy' said by way of congratulations, "Now you've gotten the title of 'Video-Queen' to add to your 'pretty' and 'popular' titles".

Trixie nodded formally (after all, she had to keep up the 'popular' façade), but Timantha could see that Trixie was touched by the tribute.

"You're still my hero, Timmy", Tootie said to 'Timmy', kissing him on the cheek.

"And that's kudos enough for me", 'Timmy' replied.

Timantha watched that with some wonder. I can really be such a gentleman, she thought….

The party wound down quickly after that, with all of the guests congratulating Trixie as they left. Her popularity index definitely shot up several percentage points as a result of this evening. While 'Timmy' took Tootie home, Timantha stayed back with Trixie after the last guests left.

"No dead frogs from A.J.?" Trixie asked with a smile. Timantha shuddered and shook her head.

"I'm sorry that you're going, Timantha", Trixie said quietly, "Do you know when you will be back in town?"

"I really don't know, Trixie", Timantha replied, "but you have the cell phone number and you can chat with me at any time. I'll let you know when I'm in town again".

"Thats wonderful, Timantha", Trixie said, hugging Timantha. Timantha had added to the cell phone wish a spell that would make Timmy's voice sound like Timantha's whenever he used it. Speaking of which…

"I'd best be going. I'm heading out early tomorrow. Keep in touch, okay?" Timantha asked.

Nodding, Trixie hugged Timantha one more time.

"Take care", she said. With that, Timantha left. She had to make a rendezvous.

Near the Flannigan's house, 'Timmy' was waiting. Timantha quickly got there. At that point, Wanda and Cosmo poofed back into their fairy forms.

"Everything go okay?" Timantha asked 'Timmy'.

"No problems at all. It all really worked out well", 'Timmy' replied.

"In that case, I wish that I was a boy again and that my double merged back into me with his memories", he requested.

Wanda and Cosmo raised their wands and POOF, Timantha once again became Timmy and 'Timmy' turned transparent and merged into Timmy's body.

"Thanks, guys", Timmy said after quickly making sure that he was – indeed – a he again.

"That was a wonderful thing you did, Sport", Wanda said, "not just for Trixie, but for Tootie too".

"It's hard for Trixie to be on the popular pedestal, but I think this evening showed her just how neat it is to be herself. She's still popular, so everyone's happy".

"Not Kevin", Cosmo spoke up holding his pet rock, "He was lonely while we were out at the party".

Rolling his eyes, Timmy headed back home with his fairy godparents floating behind. All in all, it was such a good way to ends things: Tootie safe and sound, and pretty as well, Mr. and Mrs. Flannigan no longer living in fear, Trixie getting a taste of humanity, and even Vicky getting something out of it. In addition, while Icky Vicky's Babysitting Service would still make the young kids under her care cry, at least Timmy would no longer be part of that. The deal with the Flannigans was still valid, and Tootie made for excellent company when he had to head over when his parents went out. At least there would be no more fairy princess costumes to endure…