Puppy Love

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A glimpse of black hair with a healthy blue sheen could be seen by a lad of nearly sixteen as a pretty young girl walked along the trail he was walking on. Going the opposite direction of him, she didn't even look up at him as they drew closer but instead had her lavender blue eyes gazing at the ground in deep thought.

The girl tugged at her skirt and began to mumble softly as she strolled through the forest on the dirt path catching the man's interest and he decided, with a boyish shrug and smirk, to wait on the trail as she unknowingly approached him.

Heck he had nothing better to do; maybe he could help this strangely dressed girl out. Judging from her rambling mumbles, it was obvious she was having an inner conflict. Maybe even he'd get a reward from the beautiful teen before him. With a perverted glint in his eyes the boy he ever so smoothly, laid his back against the tree and smirked in what he considered a 'sexy fashion'. The teen was quite puzzled when the girl stopped in the middle of her walk.

Kagome's point of view

The sun filtered through the leaves, causing intricate patterns of light to appear on the nature around Kagome making everything glow, as if the very ground she walked on was made of gold and the plants shine in radiance. Kagome's mind was on other things though. Garbed in her traditional school uniform, Kagome walked down the path in the feudal era and pulled her skirt down self-consciously, mumbling nonsense about skirts and evil being related.

Keeping her mind trained the recent occurrence involving her morbid embarrassment, Kagome didn't notice the figure ahead stop in it's pace and lean casually against a tree. 'I'm so stupid! Why did I even wear this to a battle!' Kagome thought angrily, stopping in mid stride with a blush while remembering earlier events.


The sun was shining brightly on the open field, making a bead of sweat trail down the back of Kagome's neck. The day had started off normal with the exception of Shippo having to be nursed by Kaede after he dug through Kagome's backpack and ate every ounce of chocolate in there! (This was about a year's worth of chocolate! Hey, She has to deal with Inuyasha everyday. The chocolate eases the headaches XD) Resulting in a very bad tummy ache.

So during the normalcy, which includes Miroku, Sango, Kagome, Inuyasha, and Kilala walking down the path to god knows where, somewhere along their path they ran into Sesshomaru with his own little group of two. Sesshomaru, looking as regal and cold as ever even with a giggling eight year old girl and disgruntled toad at his side, insulted Inuyasha with smooth and snide remarks. Being the brash and ever so logical man that he is, Inuyasha immediately broke into a mantra of fumbled insults and wildly thrashed at Sesshomaru with his windscar.

Of course the name, 'Windscar', lived up to its name and therefore, made a lot of wind. After two years since the fifthteen year old Kagome passed through the well of never once flying up during battle, the flimsy fabric of Kagome's skirt finally lost it's little war with the thrashing wind and did what skirts do best, it flew up. With a squeal Kagome promptly flashed everyone with her very expensive and lacy Victorian secret underwear. It's just like luck to make this the day she decided to wear smutty underwear the one day she dragged it out of her drawer.

Hearing her squeal Inuyasha whipped his head around, expecting to see her thrashing in the enemy's grasp. He COMPLETELY wasn't expecting getting an eye full of black and red thong goodness. With a blush and a stammer, all he could do was stare as the five second battle between Kagome and her skirt seemed to last for an eternity. When the wind calmed down all that was seen was a gapping Inuyasha, a very wide grinned Miroku, a shell-shocked Sango, a wide-eyed Rin and a quirked-eye browed Sesshomaru who had long ago dodged the Windscar as soon as Inuyasha released it.

Maybe shouting out the name of the move before he released it made it a little to obvious to dodge. Of course Jaken had been blown away when his reflexes failed him and he took the blast head on, flying off to some unknown destination. Kagome was turning redder and redder by every passing second with all the unhidden stares and awkward silence. Tears started to well up in her eyes and with all the dignity she could muster, Kagome sprinted for the trees, making sure her skirt stayed in its place. Kagome ran and ran before she ran out of Kaede's village, past the bone eater's well, past… well a lot of things before finally her breath gave out and she was forced into a panting rest.

'Wow, embarrassment gives me speed I never even knew I had! Too bad I ran my self into unfamiliar lands!' Kagome mentally berated herself as she continued walking. 'I'll just fallow this path till I find a place that can help me find Kaede's village. Yeah, there's got to be some--'

"Hey human." A deep voice echoed from the trees.

"EEKKK!" squealed Kagome as she doubled over, coming VERY close to having a heart attack.

"Oh damn! I'm sorry to scare you like that! Need some help getting up?" the boy questioned while offering a hand. Kagome whipped around towards the voice and with head bowed in embarrassment she mumbled a 'thank you' before accepting the boy's hand. Five prickling sensations came to her hand causing a slight stinging to arise and on instinct, Kagome jerked her head up to see five fingers with five long deadly looking claws attached, grasping her wrist.

"God damn it! They did it again! Sometimes they're too lethal for their own good!" Kagome heard the boy give a light chuckle before she threw her head up from her sprawled position on the ground to finally see the young man's face. A gasp tore from her lips as she scurried back only to run her back into a tree so hard she saw bursts of light coming into her vision. With a scared expression on her face, Kagome stuttered at the boy before her, looking the same age as herself, who looked at her with deep concern. The expressions flickering on his face on made her more confused and frightened.

'What's going on!' She thought as the boy reached out for her only to flinch back when she jerked away.

"Are you okay?" he asks only making her heart pound harder.

'This isn't right He should have tried to slaughtered me by now not ask of my well-being!'

Croaking out in a shaky voice Kagome whispered, "Your... hair and... but I saw you! What? But you're... I mean you are…."

"A demon?" The boy guessed as he brushed his silver shoulder length hair back behind his pointed ear.

"Yep! I'm probably the nicest and sexiest demon you'll probably meet!" The boy laughed as he kneeled beside her.

'Is he… flirting with me? Ohm my head hurts!'

"Whoa careful!" he cried as he steadied her swaying form. "Your! You're…" Kagome cried out while trying not to faint.

"What?" "Your name?" Kagome shouted in hysteria as she staggered out of his grasp.

"My name?" he questioned.

With a bright smile he said, "I'm Sesshomaru! And your's?"

But Kagome didn't hear him. All her muddled mind repeated was, 'This is not the same Sesshomaru I saw an hour ago! Where am I!'

Chapter one end

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