The imposter Sesshomaru stood there looking befuddled at the strange and no doubt insane woman in front of him.

'Great job Sesshomaru,' He thought to himself, 'Of all the girls in all the land you could have hit on, you picked the crazy one.' Rolling his eyes as his thoughts, he kneeled gracefully beside the girl and studied her carefully as she just sat there holding her head, eyes closed, and muttering something about deep confusion.

'Although I'm not complaining about the sight, this girl really needs to learn a thing or two about modesty.' Sesshomaru mentally appraised the girl's outfit as his eyes lingered over the short length of her skirt. The girl moved her knee up causing Sesshomaru's eyebrows to shoot up.

'Never mind! this attire is working just fine.' He thought before tilting his head to get a better look.

"This can't be happening…" Kagome murmured as she slowly opened her eyes to deal with the new enigma. To her surprise the object of her confusion wasn't in front of her.

'He was there a second ago. Did he leave?' Kagome thought as she turned to her left to look for him. Imagine her confusion when she was met with the sight of a pointed ear very close to her face.

'Huh?' Looking down, Kagome figured out why his ear was the only thing she could see, because his eyes were to busy staring at her Victoria's secrete underwear!

"What do you think you're doing?!?" Kagome shouted while simultaneously standing and grinding her foot into the back of his head. "mmuhf hudg!!" Was the only reply she received as the short haired Sesshomaru struggled for air while his head was being shoved deeper and deeper into the dirt. In a flash, a hand had wrapped around Kagome's ankle and pulled, causing her to yelp as she came down with a loud thump on the rocky dirt bellow. Kagome opened her mouth to complain but instead could only make a sound of protest in the back of her throat as she felt the look-alike Sesshomaru straddle over her. Once again finding her voice Kagome opened to speak only to squeak again. Hovering inches from her face was a very rumpled and VERY ticked Sesshomaru glaring right into her startled blue eyes.

'Guess he's a little grumpy' Kagome gulped as he continued to give her the scariest staring contest in history. Finally in a very serious tone he said words that made her question his manliness.

"Owie! That hurt meanie!" Sesshomaru said instantly going from though guy to pouting at her and giving her a very childish glare.

'I will ever look at Sesshomaru the same way again.' Kagome thought, mouth agape, as she just gave him a blank 'what the crap is going on' kind of look. Sesshomaru snorted at her face.

"What?! It really did hurt! I probably have a bruise or something…" He grumbled and tenderly rubbed the back of his head. Sighing at the fact that Kagome was still giving him the blank stare. Sesshomaru suddenly perked up as if he had an idea of why she was making the face.

"I know…" He said in a sexy, baritone voice that made Kagome gulp, "You're scared aren't you?" He whispered as he got closer to her face with an evil gleam in his eye. As if her mind flicked a switch, Kagome realized a lot of things at once. 1.) Sesshomaru was straddling her (How do you not notice that?!) 2.) He had the same look in his eye as he has when he is about to kill someone 3.) And his name still meant "Killing Perfection". Quicker than lightning Kagome brought her knee up and… well, kneed the great Taiyoukai of the West in a very no-no place. Wide eyes (and were those tears?!) stared into Kagome's eyes before Sesshomaru rolled off her, groaning in pain and quickly cupping where it hurt.

Kagome mentally cringed, 'Ok not that smart of a plan. A little too hard a knee too…' Casting a worried glance at the pitiful sight of Sesshomaru crunched into a ball and holding his cough main priorities, Kagome took off bolting. Even though she knew Sesshomaru had super speed and would probably catch up to her in a nanosecond after dealing with his… issue, she was still brave and charged on without fear.

"OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP RUNINGRUNINGRUNING!" (Well so much for that idea.) Sprinting through the foliage and jumping over logs gave Kagome some time to think… even if she was panicking while she did it. 'Ok so. He's defiantly not the Sesshomaru from earlier (that's for sure,) He has shorter hair and a more boyish appearance and he- IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! OH MY GOD!' Kagome skidded to a stop only to be pinned into a tree… hard. She gasped at the pain as a hand held a vise grip on her neck and Kagome grew dizzy from the bright bursts of light invading her vision.

"Second time today I've rammed into a tree…" Kagome moaned softly as her eyes finally took in the form trapping her to the tree with his claws. 'I thought that he'd still be rolling on the ground from the blow and I certainly thought he'd be a little more… filled with rage or something.' Kagome blinked slowly at the deadly calm and emotionless face before her. Before she could stop herself, her mouth had already blurted it out,

"So how's your package?" Sesshomaru's grip tightened and he sneered but before he could get a word out a voice yelled out from beside them.

"Who's he?" Kagome tilted her head to the side to see who the voice belonged to and saw Sesshomaru do the same. She jerked her head side to side, taking in the figure still grasping her by the neck and the one that had spoken. And that's how Kagome found herself bordering the brink of insanity while glancing between the two men.

"Sesshomaru?!" Kagome questioned quietly and urgently, instantly regretting it when both heads turned her way. "Ohhh Kami…"

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