Love Shock

Chapter 2: Sunset

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The sky had took on a dusky color as sunset began to creep in; a multitude of colors in the sky, a reflection of the torrent emotions raging through the two beneath it.

Saki Hanajima, her lips pressed to those of Hatsuharu Sohma's in a tender kiss; her left hand entwined in his black and white hair, her right hand placed on his shoulder in a firm, yet gentle grip. His taste is so…intoxicating.

Hatsuharu Sohma, his lips pressed to those of Saki Hanajima in a soft, but electrifying kiss; his left hand cupping her cheek, softly stroking the skin, his right hand on her waist, holding her close to him. She tastes so…exotic.

They break apart after what seemed like ages. Their breath light and raspy, warm breathe rolling out in waves, tickling each other's moist lips, swollen from their passionate kissing. Their eyes have the same glazed over look, a result of an excess amount of bliss. Their foreheads resting lightly against each other, noses touching. Their cheeks rosy, a feeling of warmth radiating through their bodies.

"Hey," Hatsuharu's voice was calm and slightly shaky, hinting at the excitement coursing through his body, "we should get going before it gets to cold."

"Yes, I believe Tohru is probably looking for me right now." Saki's voice held the same shaky quality as Haru's, her bliss evident in the fluttering of her eyelashes.

They stared into each other's eyes, losing themselves in them. Haru raised his hand, his fingers brushing away a lock of hair in front of Saki's face. Their lips are brushing each other, not kissing, but touching lightly. Haru presses his lips to Saki's plump ones, nibbling on her lower lip, causing a moan to escape from Saki's lips.

A rustling was heard in the trees, not far off from where the two lovers are. They break apart, a nervous tension thick in the air.

"Who's there?" Hatsuharu's voice was cold as ice, his eyes scanning the surrounding area, his body tense, ready to defend Saki from whomever the intruder may be.

"Dog." Saki points to the trees on her right side.

"Well, well isn't this a surprise?" The voice of Shigure was heard, his body emerging from the woods soon after that.

"What are you doing here, Shigure?" Haru looks at his cousin, his eyes slightly narrowed, annoyed at the intrusion. His arm grips tighter around Saki's waist, pulling her closer to him, Haru being well aware of Shigure's pension for High School girls. Damn dog. What the hell does he want?Haru fought down his black side, not wanting to reveal that side of him to Saki.

Saki looked towards Haru, sensing the change in his waves. His waves…they changed for the slightest instant. Almost as if…another person was standing here. Saki turned her gaze to Shigure as she realized he was speaking.

"…Seeing as how my little flower began to panic when her friend didn't show up, you know how she gets, we went on a search party; and lo and behold, not only do I find Tohru's friend, but I also come across my dear cousin, Hatsuharu." Shigure shifted his gaze between the two. "Now what exactly were you two doing here?" Shigure flashed them a knowing smile, a playful glint visible in his eyes.

"You should not speak of things you do not wish to know the answer to." Saki's hair began to rise, tendrils flaring up above her head, waves rolling off her body.

Haru looked at Saki, and then turned his gaze on Shigure, laughing inwardly at the dog's nervousness. About time the damn dog shut up. Yes, I agree.

"Hehe…well, okay then…my mind does not need to know the answer. I shall be content with my ignorance. Shall we be moving along then?" Shigure's smile faltered, his feet rapidly carrying him away from Saki, moving towards his house.

Hatsuharu and Saki began to follow Shigure in his wake; Haru's arm draped around Saki's shoulders, her head resting on his shoulder, her hand on his chest. Haru's eyes glanced towards the sky.

"It stopped snowing" A slight frown marred his face, but was quickly banished as Saki's fingers traced his lips. Haru looked down into the lavender eyes of Saki, a smile beginning to form on his lips. She has beautiful eyes. That's not all that's good. She's got a little of this and a little of that, and you can't forget that. Damn you, shut up.

Saki noticed the waves again. There it is…they changed again. Saki refrained from asking, deciding to wait for him to tell her the reason behind this.

"Do not worry Hatsuharu. It will snow again." Saki's lips hovered near Haru's.

Haru's fingers caressed Saki's cheek before pressing his lips to hers.

They stayed there for a few more moments, before resuming their walk to Shigure's house. Snow began to fall down again, mixing itself in Saki's hair. A smile tugged on Haru's lips as he continued to walk with Saki.

Author's Note: There you go one more chapter. I hope you enjoyed the fact that Saki was toying with Shigure. I'm gonna introduce the rest of the gang in the next chapter.