Author: Gem2niki
Character and Pairing: Hitachiin Kaoru/Ootori Kyouya, Hitachiin Hikaru/Fujioka Haruhi
Genre: Romance/Reflection
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Disclaimer: Ouran Host Club is owned by Bisco Hatori.

Notes: Again, broken down into short chapters XD But hopefully that'll make updating much easier and frequent. I'm so busy with college.

The Notebook Kiss.

Chapter 3.

"Why did I have to come….?" Haruhi muttered as she walked behind the twins down the large hallway of Ouran high school. It was now past midnight and the full moon behind the windows brightly illuminated the hallway. The window frames cast linear shadow down over the trio.

"Because Haruhi has to," the Hitachiin brother replied in unison.

"What? That's not even a valid reason."

"What happens if we get caught? You're here to back us up, Haruhi." Kaoru first said.

"Haruhi wants to be a lawyer, right? So you have to learn to defend your clients (which is us) when they get in trouble!" Hikaru said next.

"Don't tell me you guys are up to no good…" Not that they weren't always up to trouble to begin with.

"Hmm…Why are we doing this again, Kaoru?" Hikaru started to question. Kaoru had asked them a favor if they can help him get a surveillance recording at school but he never mentioned what was exactly inside the recording. Hikaru and Haruhi both stared at Kaoru puzzled.

"Eh!" Kaoru winced. He managed to just beg them persistently to help come with him, but to explain to them the reason was something he never intended.

"Hikaru! Did you really bring the proper blueprint?" Kaoru immediately changed subject. Simple-minded, Hikaru looked at the rolled up map in his hand.

"Of course I did!" he asserted, unrolling the map for Kaoru to see. It was a map of the school's surveillance camera network. It showed what rooms the cameras were linked up to. The Music Room line was linked separately from the other network into a different room. There was no label of what that room was or how it connected with the other hallway.

"That's strange. Exactly where is this room anyways?" Kaoru asked Hikaru. Kaoru was never the type to understand the complex drawings as Hikaru was.

"Hmm…That is strange. I don't remember that room down that hallway. Maybe it's a secret room?" He suggested mischievously.

Haruhi just sighed at this strange situation she was dragged into. "To begin with…, where did you get that blueprint? Isn't that something for only the school to have?"

"Someone who doesn't belong in the noble class shouldn't ask." Hikaru and Kaoru replied.

"I bet you guys stole it." She concluded.

"If you want to know where that room is located, you must be ready to sacrifice someone for Bereznoff. Kekeke."

"NEKOZAWA-SENPAI!!" The trio was startled when out of nowhere a darker shadow crept from behind them. Haruhi jumped to Kaoru's side and gripped at his sweater. They weren't expecting anyone to be at school.

"My, my, I wonder why three young first-years are doing at school this late of the night." Nekozawa-senpai said with the usual creepiness to his tone and the Bereznoff puppet in his hand.

"The same goes for you." The Hitachiin, now composed, wondered in return.

"Of course it is the night of the luminous full moon which changes the cats into graceful beasts. The Black Magic Club is having a sacred ritual for this wondrous occasion."

"Isn't that werewolves…anyways I don't think we should trust…." Hikaru really didn't care anymore. He noticed Haruhi was holding onto Kaoru. Haruhi felt his glance from the corner of her eyes, and noticed her hand placement as well and immediately let go.

Nekozawa-senpai was slowly camouflaging into the darkness. "Fine, have it your way hehe."

"Wait! You know where the room is?" Kaoru asked more intently.

"Of course I have knowledge of it. It shares the same corridor as the Black Magic Club's room."

"Eh…the Black Magic Club's room…"

"Certainly, those who are not engulfed in darkness cannot find it as easily."

Kyouya is definitely the evil who can find it!! Kaoru thought to himself. He monitors the surveillance room for the Host Club…even worst.

"Saa, which one shall be the sacrifice?" Nekozawa-senpai asked with a big grin to his face.

No one. They all thought.

"Uh, do you have a qualification for this 'sacrifice'?" Haruhi decided to ask.

"Well," Nekozawa and the puppet both had their hands on their chins, "We prefer it be someone with the greater evil inside their heart."

"Greater evil…" Haruhi thought about this, "I know. how about Hikaru go as the sacrifice."

"What?! Are you kidding me?!" Hikaru was alarmed that he was chosen. "We don't even know what this whole sacrifice business is about?"

"Well, I thought the more evil one is Hikaru than Kaoru." Haruhi pointed out. Hikaru, well aware of this, was still reluctant to go. He turned to Kaoru for help.

"Please, Hikaru, for me." Kaoru innocently pleaded. Even his own brother was doing this to him.

Hikaru looked back Haruhi, who slightly grinned. "Please, Hikaru, for Kaoru."

On the back of Hikaru's mind, it was actually for both of them. How often does Haruhi even request him to do something supposedly heroic instead of stop being bothersome?

"Alright, alright, I'll be the sacrifice." Hikaru finally agreed unwillingly. "So, what do I have to do?"

"You'll find out soooooooon hehehe." Nekozawa said vaguely. His smile widened.

The trio sweated, not sure what they got themselves into.


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