Author: Gem2niki

Character and Pairing: Hitachiin Kaoru/Ootori Kyouya, Hitachiin Hikaru/Fujioka Haruhi

Genre: Romance/Reflection

Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Disclaimer: Ouran Host Club is owned by Bisco Hatori.

Notes: Long chapter this time! Enjoy.

The Notebook Kiss.

Chapter 9

Kaoru was playing with his mechanical pencil. That same pencil that lead everything up to the situation now. Pressing his index finger onto the lead while holding onto the other end with his other fingers, he seemed to be testing if he was still back in reality by feeling the pain from the sharp pointed end. He sighed.

What happened yesterday...I can't stop thinking about it.

Recalling back that day in that empty room, Kaoru was still in shock. His hand touched where the mark was left on his forehead. He returned it. The kiss.

Kyouya had already left the room. Curious if he had already left, Kaoru got up and headed toward the door. Turning the door knob slowly, he peeked through the crack. There was Kyouya composed as usual with his eyes closed, leaning against the wall next to the door.

He's still there...

"I see that you're finally awake." Kyouya already sensed Kaoru's presence.

"Er, yeah...I think the pill is starting to wear off." He was actually more awake ever since Kyouya carried him to this room.

"I see-"

"Kaoru, there you are!" It was the brash Hikaru coming down the hallway with a unwilling Haruhi by his side. "I thought you guys were at the infirmary?!"


"We closed the Host Club early today. Most of the girls ended up with stomach ache for some reason." As Hikaru approach Kaoru, he grabbed his hand and pulled him away from Kyouya. "I already have your bag in the limo. Grab your blazer, we're going home!"

"I feel irritated when you're away from me for this long." Hikaru muttered. Kaoru a bit surprised, slips his hand out of Hikaru's.

"I can get my jacket on my own, Hikaru." Kaoru went back into the room. Their private moment was spoiled by his brother. He wasn't sure if he was relieved or upset. He grabbed the clothes that the senpai managed to take off when he was "asleep" and put them back on. Exiting the room, he wondered if his senpai was about to say something before getting interrupted.

"Ah sorry, Kyouya-senpai. We're going to head out first." They was a slight moment of awkward silence before Hikaru started yelling again from down the hall.

"Hurry up, Kaoru!"

"Well, see you tomorrow..." said Kaoru, as he walked away, a bit disappointed.


"We should stop by the supermarket and get those commoner lunchboxes!" Hikaru started spouting.

"Hikaru, didn't we grab some yesterday?!" Haruhi quickly responded. Hikaru's fascination in commoner food has been getting out of hand lately.

"But there are so many kinds I haven't tried yet!"

"Kaoru, are you feeling better?" Haruhi turned to Kaoru. "It looks like whatever that was bothering you earlier has been finally cleared up."

Kaoru suddenly remembered the kiss and blushed profusely. Turning his head away from Haruhi, he muttered, "It was nothing, really."

"Something happened!" Hikaru noticed right away.

"Ah, is that so." replied an oblivious Haruhi.

That weird day finally came to an end to some relief. As much as I wanted to tell someone, the words wouldn't come out.

The Hitachiin limo arrived at Haruhi's apartment. As Haruhi walked out of the car, Hikaru rushed to get out as well.

"Haruhi, we'll walk you to the door!"

"No, it's fine, Hikaru. Stay put!" Hikaru didn't listen and followed suit. Kaoru, slightly reluctant, followed behind.

They walked to Haruhi's front door carrying some grocery they bought along the way. She turned around after unlocking the door, "Thanks again for dropping me off today."

"Sorry we missed your train," Hikaru apologized, scratching behind his head, "Kaoru was taking too long!"

"You're blaming me?!" It was only because Kaoru wanted to use the bathroom before leaving, only to find that the whole bathroom stall had a huge line of desperate students. Something was seriously going wrong with the school.

"We'll see you tomorrow..." Hikaru smiled down at Haruhi.

"Un." Haruhi smiled back. Kaoru observed an awkward moment as the two made eye contact with what seemed to be an affection attached to it. Kaoru, without thinking, pushed Hikaru from behind toward Haruhi.

"Why did you do that for, Kaoru?!" Hikaru was alarmed. Haruhi was in complete shock.

"Haruhi are you okay."

"Yeah I'm fine."

"Ah, nothing..." Kaoru, himself, was a bit surprised was putting his thoughts together.

"You're acting really strange again!" Hikaru more irritated from his inability to understand his twin.

"Ah sorry."

It was in front of me all this time! I knew I felt something was different. How did I not notice it before?

"Kaoru, why are you dazing off again?" That look was irritating Hikaru again. He walked toward Kaoru, and pushed him along from behind "Let's go, let's go! Bye Haruhi!"

"Bye!" Haruhi made a small wave.

The twins got into the limo and into their seat, signaling the chauffer to drive back to the mansion.

It wasn't as if we weren't spending more time with each other anymore. In fact, Hikaru seems more peskier than usual trying to ask me questions. But what we want isn't the same anymore. That closed off world we used to live in, opened up so much for us to start taking chances. If I were to take that next step...

Ah! Kaoru snapped back into reality from his deep thoughts. He noticed a small cut on his finger from where he was playing with the mechanical pencil. Argh, why was I doing that to myself to begin with?!

Before Kaoru could even think of getting the first aid kid, Hunny-senpai was right behind him, noticing the cut, "Kao-chan, you're bleeding!"

Kaoru turned around to the sweet caring face of his senpai along with the stoic looking one. "Hunny-senpai..."

"Let's treat the cut okay?" He smiled back innocently.

After ten minutes has passed, there was a long awkward moment as the key players observed the result of Hunny-senpai's first aid skills. Kaoru's finger was wrapped around multitude of times, like a mummy with a bow to top it off. How did this happen?!

"You went overboard, Hunny-senpai!" Kaoru screamed at his now thickly wrapped finger.

"Teehee, I guess I did. At least it looks cute." Again with that innocent smile, he ran off with Mori-senpai following behind.

How did I let Hunny-senpai get carried away? It was only a scratch. Kaoru tried to unwrap the tape, only to make the knots worst and made him frustrated. It was ONLY A SCRATCH! He yelled internally.

"What are you still doing here?" A familiar voice startled Kaoru.

Kaoru found himself in an even awkward situation. Why...why is Kyouya-senpai of all people still here! He made such an effort to avoid him today. Now here he was sitting across from Kaoru, unwrapping the tape from his finger. Kaoru slightly flushed as the guy he might actually like was also holding his hand.


"Heeh, not bad." Kaoru observed his tape-free finger with a freshly placed bandage over the cut. It's only a minor cut, but I always become reckless because of my own carelessness.

As Kaoru was staring blankly at his finger, Kyouya studied the younger twin. He suddenly pulled out a marble black pen from his notebook and started writing. Snapping out of his train of thoughts, Kaoru noticed what the megane teen was doing.

A little irritated, he questioned, "Kyouya-senpai, what are you writing?" At a time like this!

"Do you have to ask, I'm writing. I'm always writing." He calmly replied as he continued jotting down notes into his black notebook.

"Just a while ago, you observed something and started writing. What did you notice?"

He sighed. "If you really want to know, I've noted that you didn't thank me after I helped you. That's very rude. You'll owe me a favor for my kind generosity."

"Just for that?!" Kaoru became more irritated.

What am I doing? His gaze averted at his own tightly fisted hand pressed against his thighs. He's right in front of me and I can't even say anything about yesterday...If he indeed returned the kiss, then-

"About the night before yesterday..." Kaoru's eyes opened wide upon hearing those words, realizing that he might already know about the security camera incident. "Do you have anything to say about it?"

Kaoru, mustering up his deceiving acting skill, looked up with an innocent clueless expression, "Eh? What is there for me to say? Did something happened?"

Kyouya paused, observing the calmness in the other boy's face. It was a bit tricky to tell whether he was lying underneath that mask he seemed to frequently have on. "Nothing. I thought it might relate to your little message on my notebook."

"What makes you think I wrote it?"

"It's hard to imagine your brother pulling off such a prank, especially if it involves you. He's not that perceptive." Kyouya took off his glasses and laid it on the table. He opened up his notebook to that page where it all started. "So what's your reason for leaving this mark?"

"Reason? Not everything can be explained with a reason, senpai. I was just bored."


"Yup, bored. 'We're always bored. Out of all the member, Kyouya-senpai has the least incidents that has happened to you. You're always on the sideline, watching, observing, taking notes, I wanted to see some sort of interesting reaction from you. That's all." Kaoru lied.

"Hmm. I see. You wanted to add conflict to see something interesting out of my seemingly dullish life." Kyouya started taping his glasses against the marble surfaced table. "But you have issues that should keep yourself from being bored."

His dark eyes seemed to have glared into Kaoru's soul. His calm facade broke down. Kaoru actually started to feel more nervous. He could feel his heart pounding heavily.

"Huh?! What do you mean?" he said as he turned away from the glare. SCARY! The shadow king emerged! Why did I say that?! I'm going to die!

"While you were off thinking about the distance between you and your brother, he is already ahead of the game."

"You are in love with her, aren't you?"

Kaoru could feel his heart dropping. His mind raced back to a moment he caught as we walking down the hallway by himself. At the corner of a pillar on this empty hallway, he saw Hikaru kiss Haruhi on the forehead. Haruhi a bit surprised blushed back. It was then he knew he couldn't bring himself to confess to Haruhi before Hikaru. He knew something was going on between the two, but didn't want to admit the truth. He was afraid that the distance between them has become a reality...

"G-GAME...?! Who ever said it was a game?!" Infuriated, Kaoru slammed his hand on the table as he got up. "What do you know?! How could someone like you understand...

"I just can't-I can't-!" Kaoru stopped, realizing what he was about to blurt out. I can't tell anyone about my feelings...not even right now. Kaoru looked up at a startled looking Kyouya.

Realizing that he let his emotion take over, his face flustered with embarrassment. Did I just yell at him?

"Excuse me, I'm going home now." With his heart sinking even deeper, he turned away from his senpai and headed to the sofa to grab his bag. Before he could reach it, he felt a hand grab his wrist, which belonged to the person he wanted to run away from at this moment.

"Why do you keep hiding behind that mask of yours? If you don't confront your issues now, you will only keep hurting yourself." An unusual words of concern coming from the Shadow King.

Kaoru, paused, realized that weren't only for him but Kyouya as well. He glared at the megane in the eyes.

"The same goes to you, Kyouya-senpai." Kyouya unable to respond back, loosened his grip. Kaoru pulled away, grabbed his bag, and walked out of the Music Room.

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