What Not To Wear

Set: S3, about the time of 'Provider'/'Waiting In The Wings' (characters Cordy, Wes, Angel and baby Connor.)

Rating: general.

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone. I'm just borrowing them.

Summary: What do you buy the vamp who has everything? Something nice for his baby son, maybe? Unless you're Wes . . .


Cordy closed Wesley's office door. They stopped whispering but still spoke quietly.

"This isn't my area of responsibility!"

"I know. Not exactly mine either. Why that, Wes?"

Wes buried his face in his hands. "I thought it might help."

"He stopped scowling yet?"

"I haven't dared to look."

It wasn't just the pale blue. It was the large blue teddy bear embroidered on the front. Fred had created a couple of side pockets that could accommodate very small weapons but that hadn't been enough to save Wes from Angel's frankly murderous glare.

Connor, snug in his new papoose, slept on.