Where's my chicken?!

It was a peaceful day at Hogwarts, everything was doing fine till a tremendous cry from the Gryffindor Tower awake everyone

"Where's my chicken wing?!" a dark haired boy shouted out at the top of his lungs.

"Oh come on Padfoot! It's just a stupid chicken wing, we don't have to shout over it!" shouted back by a brown haired boy.

"A stupid chicken wing!! For you Moony it's a stupid chicken wing, for me it's what we call FOOD!" bellowed Sirius Black

"Did someone said food?" said the leader of the group

"Prongs! Moony here just ate my chicken wing and don't want to admit it!" said Sirius

James Potter stood there for awhile, looking as if he is in deep thoughts.

"Remus Lupin! Shame on yourself…Not admitting for what you have done." said James looking disappointed

Remus looked at James surprised but then laughs and said "Alright Sirius you win! But my answer is still the same… I didn't eat your bloody chicken wing; beside I got the whole kitchen so why eat your chicken wing?" With that he left the two and headed to the library

"Do you really think that Remus ate my chicken wing?" asked Sirius guilty

"Of course he didn't, Padfoot! Our little Remy is just too innocent to do such a thing." said James smiling

"Then who ate it? I spent 3 days to make that bloody chicken." said Sirius crying

"You cook, Padfoot?" said James shocked

"Who gave you that bloody idea? I got it from the kitchen and did something to it."

"What did you did? You didn't poisoned it did you?" asked James

"Of course not my dear, I just cursed and jinxed and hexed it for our lovely slimy snappy!" laughed Sirius

With that James Potter screamed on top of his lungs and ran out of the Gryffindor common room immediately

"Hey! Where are you going, James?" shouted Sirius

"To the Hospital Wing!!!" shouted James back leaving poor Sirius alone in the room

'Why is he going there' thought Sirius puzzled

"Oh need not to mind him! To the kitchen we go!" said Sirius happily marching to the kitchens

Meanwhile in the Hospital Wing

"I should have never touched that chicken!" James cursed himself

"I've told you thousands of times James, never to eat anything you can find in or on Sirius's bed. Only heaven knows what they are!" said Remus sitting beside James bedside while reading his book.

"I'm sorry, Moony." cried James

"It's alright, James." said Remus putting down his book "But next time…I won't be helping you and you'll have to face hell all by yourself! Thank God you just ate his chicken wing, Sirius will be furious if you ate his prized chicken leg."

James sweated and didn't looked at Remus for awhile

"No…You didn't! James Harold Potter!!" shouted Remus

Back to the Gryffindor dorm, Lucifer has been awaken from his sleep.

"Where is my CHICKEN LEG???!!!!!!!"

"There you go! You're on your own this time, Prongs…owl me if you're still alive after this event is finished." said Remus heading for the door quickly

"Where you heading, Moony?" asked a very worried James

"Somewhere safe and quite. Good luck!" said Remus waving goodbye to his friend

"No! Don't leave me alone Moony!!!!" begged James "I'll NEVER eat chicken ever again for my entire LIFE!!"

"Did anyone say CHICKEN?"

"Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Sirius noooooooooooo!!!!!!!"