Title: Bruise Pristine

Author: Jasmine Starlight

Word Count: 469

Universe: Tennis No Ohjisama

Disclaimer: mur.

Warnings: yaoi. No real spoilers—up until the Hyoutei arc to be safe

Pairings: Tezuka/Atobe

Rating: PG-13

Time Started: 07:06 PM 8/23/06

TimeCompleted: 09:48 PM 10/9/06

A/N: I am a whore for yaoi. And a glutton for punishment.

Tezuka did not appreciate the bruises that were forming on his hips and the rope burn on his wrists. He did not appreciate having to tug the sleeves of his school uniform down and most of all he did not appreciate Fuji's accusing looks.

As if this were Tezuka's fault.

But then again, this was Atobe—someone for all the power and money and connections he had felt the need, the urge, the instinct to bruise and bite and suck his possession onto Tezuka.

As if he was going anywhere.

It would be rather amusing—if Tezuka wasn't the one being marked and tagged by these wounds. He rather felt like cattle.

He supposed the angry tile marks on his chest would fade before morning tennis practice. One of the upsides to doing this in Keigo's massive bedroom, into which Tezuka could probably fit five of his own, was that when they were done Atobe had his school uniform sent off to the cleaners. Going to school with suspicious white stains on his pants would not be unnoticed by Fuji.

Who was getting rather irritating with his righteous anger routine, honestly how long did he plan on pretending like he cared? To Tezuka's knowledge Oishi and Fuji were the only ones who knew about him and the Monkey King. This meant that Eiji and Ryoma probably privy to the knowledge as well. This wasn't a cause for worry, Oishi while being motherly and excitable would keep Kikumaru's lips sealed and Ryoma was eternally unconcerned unless it had something to do with tennis.

Personally, Tezuka surmised that Fuji was probably using Echizen to sublimate his not-so-hidden feelings for Yuuta. But the Buchou knew when to not say anything at all.

He'd rather not think about that at all.


Fuji was probably the only one who would find fault in him playing tennis in his member's jacket. Oishi, while at times smothering, was entirely too predictable. Syuusuke was probably still holding a grudge for the whole sending Tezuka off to Germany affair.

Nevertheless the relationship was pretty much under wraps, and Tezuka supposed he could live with that. He wasn't shopping for a mate after all. But the way they went at it, Atobe could be expecting children.

Tezuka ignored the teacher who tried valiantly to continue instructing the class after he had been corrected, twice. He concealed a yawn; this lack of sleep was really getting to him.