Title: Content with Losing

Author: Jasmine Starlight

Word Count: 286

Universe: Tennis No Ohjisama

Disclaimer: What, bitch?

Warnings: yaoi. No real spoilers—up until the Hyoutei arc to be safe. Just before the trip to Germany.

Pairings: Atobe/Tezuka

Rating: PG-13

Time Started: 07:45 AM 10/10/06

TimeCompleted: 07:48 AM 10/12/06

A/N: Oh how I love Buchou Love!

Atobe couldn't quite remember how he'd got here but he sure wasn't regretting it now. Tezuka was writhing under him and making helpless sounds. His school uniform was strewn across the room; his uniform shirt resting on the bedside lamp.

Keigo had come here to speak with Tezuka before he went off to Germany; the last thing he could remember was sitting down on the bed. After that it, Atobe felt as though his brain was in a fog.

Tezuka didn't seem to be complaining as he arched into the other captain's touches. The risk that one of Tezuka's parents could walk in any minute only heightened Atobe's arousal.

Speaking of which was beginning to feel uncomfortably tight in his uniform pants. That was before Tezuka sat up and graciously unzipped them with his teeth. The most coherent thoughts that Keigo has on what happened after that consist of: "Fuck that feels good."

Afterwards they are laying together on the Seigaku captain's rumpled and stained bed, Keigo absentmindedly toys with strands of Tezuka's hair.

"You know, this is not what I had in mind when I came to talk to you."

Tezuka leans over to find his glasses before replying, "Talk is cheap."

Atobe pulls him close, "You never make anything easy for me, do you?"

"I thought you liked a challenge."