Title: Double The Trouble

Rating: T

Summary: Sam and Dean meet up with two new hunters and there is an instant connection.

Disclaimer: I do not own supernatural but I do own Katie and Lauren.

Double The Trouble

Chapter One: New Faces

Katie's P.O.V

"Is this going to take long, because it's really boring." My 26 year old sister said.

"Lauren you know as well as I do that we can't go and kill this spirit without the right exorcism ritual so stop complaining." I replied. "Go look around I've nearly finished"

With that she was off. Lauren headed to the back of the library to were they kept the occult books. Once she got there she started to finger through some of them, she heard someone behind her so she pulled out one of the books and spun around ready to hit the stranger with it.

"Whoa there, easy tiger put the book down." said a tall golden haired man.

"Sorry, thought you were a psycho killer." She raised the book again "Your not are you"

" No, I'm just a really handsome man wondering round the library waiting for my geeky little brother to finish his research. But that doesn't explain why a gorgeous girl like you is hanging around the occult section of a run down old library." he took a step closer, and gave her a smile.

" This gorgeous girl is waiting for her sister to finish researching as well." Lauren said flashing him a smile. " So does this handsome guy have a name." She said returning the book in her hand to its place on the shelf.

"It's Dean, and may I ask yours"

"Sure" She said running her finger over his chest, " But it doesn't mean I have to tell you." and with that Lauren took off back to her sister.

Dean looked confused girls never blow him off, then he heard, "Lauren…. the names Lauren" and then she disappeared.


Finally were the hell had she been.

"Hay, have you finished"

"Yep, where have you been I thought you were just having a look round."

" I was but then I got talking to this really fit guy and you know time fly's when your having fun."

"Right" I collected up all my books and notepad and stood up.

"Go check these out, I'm just going to put this one back"

" I'll do it" Lauren said trying to grab it.

" No, we don't have time for you to hang around her flirting with some guy you just met." with that I took off to return the book.

"Bitch" Lauren muttered

" Heard that," I said disappearing into the stacks. On my way back to Lauren I bumped into a really tall man with brown hair, which made me drop my stuff.

"Sorry" we said in unison. Both of us bent down to start picking up my stuff, as we got up he handed me one of my books and are hands touched which sent a tingle up my spine, that's never happened before. "Thanks, I'm Katie by the way."

" Sam, sorry about bumping into you."

"No, its fine….well I have to go, hope I see you around Sam." I said giving him a smile before continuing back to my sister. Before Sam went he picked up my cell phone which I must have left he tried to give it back to me but I had gone.