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Chapter 31: Not So Quiet Nights.

No P.O.V.

Hedrick Hall, 1:30am.

"Man, I shouldn't have gone out without eating something first ." A guy in his early 20's muttered to himself as he stumbled down the empty hallway towards his room; after bumping into the wall several times he finally reached his door. "I'm gonna be royally screwed tomorrow." He reached into the pocket of his black jeans and pulled out the room key. Reaching forwards he slipped the key into the lock...but just as the young man was about to turn it the lights in the corridor all started to flicker. He looked around cautiously before re-pocketing the key and pushing open the door slightly.

"Wooooh!" Came a scream from behind, the blonde haired man spun around quickly ready to defend himself but let out a sigh of relief when he realized his 'attacker' was just a shirtless student completely pissed out of his head. "That was an awesome party Tom!" The other man screamed before disappearing round the corner.

"Yeah it was." He said while laughing to himself for being so stupid; Tom entered the room and closed the door behind him. Looking around he found the room empty meaning his other two roommates where still partying the night away. "Rather them than me." Tom switched on one of the small lamps which was located on the desk near the door, and then moved over to close the window. He pulled the window shut and flicked the lock closed, just as he was about to close the curtains the lamp started to flicker. The blonde turned around just in time to see the light bulb burst, plunging the room into complete darkness. "Hello?"

"Murderer." A chilling voice echoed through the pitch black room. "Murderer!" The windows flew open violently, hitting the wall outside and smashing glass panes, making Tom move forward; a cold wind blew in causing a chill to run up his spine.

"Very funny guys...you can come out now." Tom felt a hand on his shoulder and released the breath he had been holding before turning round. "Thanks for giving me a heart-." But what he found behind him wasn't one of his friends. "How...it's impossible....your de-." Before Tom could even finish the sentence an invisible force sent him flying out of the open window...to his death.


Katie's P.O.V.

4:41am. Is it possible for time to go backwards? It sure feels like it. I have been lying in bed awake for hours not able to sleep; maybe it has something to do with having nothing on the case apart from one dead student or maybe it's the fact that Sam is sleeping in the bed right next to me! We spent the rest of yesterday coming up with a plan of attack for tomorrow...or today technically, after a couple of hours of brainstorming we decided that he would go and talk to Mark Winters roommates and I would go and talk to Claire (our councillor) to see if she knew anything about him.

Anyway after talking to Lauren on the phone about tomorrow I told Sam I was going to bed and because it was late he was tired as well and that lead us to the problem of the sleep arrangements. Because people here think we're together our room obviously only had one double bed, Sam ever the gentleman offered to sleep on the floor. But what kind of person would I be if I made him sleep on the hardwood floor? So after a couple of minutes of negations we finally came to an agreement; Sam would sleep on top of the covers with a blanket while I would sleep under them.

4:45am. Four minutes! You have got to be joking; I'm waiting till 5am to get up that way it won't look as suspicious because being a hunter means early wake ups; the other occupant of the bed started to move which caused me to freeze. After the shuffling stopped I cautiously looked to my right and found Sam lying on his back sound asleep, the blue blanket he was using had slipped all the way down his chest and was now only covering his legs; it's probably a good thing he's wearing a t-shirt as well as sweat pants because if I had to sleep in the same bed as a shirtless Sam Winchester I probably would have had a heart attack and died.

An inaudible murmur escaped his lips making me smile; it's amazing how peaceful even the most troubled person can look when their asleep. Sam shifted his position again which made a lock of dark brown hair fall over his left eye; oh my god he looks so adorable. I pushed myself up into a sitting position gently (as to not disturb Sam) and then turned to face him; he was still lying on his back but now his head was facing towards me.

Ignoring my better judgement I slowly reached out and gently moved the wayward piece of hair off of his face; before even realising...my hand had travelled down and was now resting on his cheek. 'Okay Katie, time to remove your hand.' But just as I was about to take my own advice something very surprising happened, Sam moved...but this time it was into my touch. He nuzzled his face into my palm again and the breath caught in my throat. 'Oh crap.' Sam had now shifted over onto his left side fully, trapping my hand between his face and the pillow in the process. 'Oh my god, what if he wakes up? He's going to think I'm a complete freak.' Knowing that the situation was probably going to end up with me and Sam sharing a VERY awkward moment, I took a chance and went with the idea that had just popped into my head.

With my free hand I reached over and placed it on the cheek which wasn't buried in the pillow and started to slowly rub my thumb over his flawless skin. Sam responded exactly as I had hoped and once his head had turned I slipped my hand out quickly; knowing it needed to be done I pulled my other hand away just as he rolled over. If Lauren ever finds out about this I'll never live it down.

The first rays of sunshine leaked through the cracks in the blinds bathing the room in a soft natural light, I looked down at the alarm clock which had been my enemy tonight and found it flashing 5:12am. I guess they were right? Time really does fly when your secretly stroking your crushes face while their asleep.


Lauren's P.O.V.

Oh my god that feels so good! "A little lower please Orlando." Mr. Bloom's hands travelled down and started massaging the tense muscles of my lower back. Ever since dragging Katie to the movies to watch Pirate of the Caribbean I've had the biggest crush on Orlando Bloom. "Ohh, that's nice." His hands disappeared under the towel making my heart jump but when they reappeared they belonged to someone else.

"There we go all done." I opened my eyes and found myself standing in front of a large double door instead of relaxing on a massage table with an extremely hot guy rubbing me down. "They should have given you a discount because of that dodgy zipper." Said a voice I thought I'd never hear again; a beautiful woman with silky light brown hair and crystal blue eyes stepped out from behind me and smiled. "You look beautiful honey."


"Yeah baby it's me. Okay honey big smile now...he's already waiting for you." What? But before I could ask what was going on the double doors swung open to reveal a room full of hundreds of people all dressed....for a wedding. I suddenly looked down and found myself wearing a simple white silk dress.

"What the hell?!"

"We are gathered here today..." I looked up sharply at the sound of a new voice and realized I was now standing at the front of the church right in front of the priest; this has got to be a joke? I turned my head to the left to try and get a look at my fiancée' but I couldn't see through the bloody veil. "I now pronounce you man and wife. Could everyone please stand and welcome the new Mr and Mrs Dean Winchester!"


The sudden feeling of being submerged into freezing cold water shook me from my dream...or should I say nightmare.

"Raise and shine sleeping beauty." I pushed a lock of damp hair off my face and glared at Dean who was standing at the end of the bed holding an empty cup in each hand; he gave me his trademark smirk before turning round and walking over to his bed placing the now empty tumblers down on the dresser as he went.

"What the hell was that for?!?" I asked tossing the wet duvet aside; oh man the sheets are drenched too.

"We got work to do today and you didn't look like you were getting up anytime soon, so I gave you a helping hand." He glanced at me over his shoulder while buttoning up the dark green shirt he had just put on; looks like someone got up early this morning.

"Thanks." Dean laughed to himself quietly before turning back round to face me.

"I 'm going to get some breakfast." I gave a small nodded and then climbed off the bed running a hand through my hair quickly trying to make it look a little less messy. "Be ready by the time a get back or I'm going to talk to that kids' parents without you; got it?" He slipped on his leather jacket and then grabbed his car keys.

"Yes Sir!" I said giving a mock salute, he just shook his head and left without another word.


Katie's P.O.V.


This is the only part of the whole college experience that I'm not enjoying...picking classes. Part if the open week agreement is that Sam and I have to attend at least one class everyday while we're here and right now I have no idea which one to pick; Sam is going to an English class today because that is where Jason Reynolds, Max Butler and Thomas Martin (Mark's roommates) will be.

A loud yawn from across the room caught my attention; I turned around in my chair and watched Sam begin to stir from beneath the blanket. This morning after I had showered and changed (grey jeans, a white vest and a pair of black boots) I noticed the blanket Sam was using had slipped down even further so I pulled it back up so he wouldn't get cold.

A head of shaggy brown hair appeared shortly after followed by another yawn; I saw him look at the empty space beside him and then at the clock which resided on the nightstand. "Morning." I said cheerfully, Sam propped himself up on his elbows so he could see me. I couldn't keep the smile off my face because he just looked to cute with his hair sticking up all over the place.

"Mornin'." Oh my god, his voice sounds even sexier when he's just woken up; all raspy and rough...'Okay Katie snap out of it.' "How long have you been up?" He asked pushing the blanket off and swinging his legs over the side of the bed.

"A couple of hours." Sam looked over his shoulder at me and raised an eyebrow. "I couldn't sleep." He gave an understanding smile before pushing himself off the bed; I was just about to turn round and continue my 'class planning' when the tall brunette decided to stretch revealing to me a sliver of his tanned toned abdomen. 'Wow.'

"Found one you like yet?"

"Huh?" I asked shaking my head to clear the impure thoughts that were floating around in there, Sam walked over to me bending down to grab his duffle on the way past.

"A class, have you found one yet?" He pushed open the bathroom door (which happened to be right next to where I was sitting) and placed his bag inside.

"Ummm yeah, I think I might go and take a look at the world arts and cultures seminar." I replied placing the class sheet back on the table; Sam popped his head round the door a look of curiosity on his face.

"World arts and cultures? I would never have guessed you were into that sort of thing."

"I'm not. But when I was looking through the papers I found the one with Claire's contact info on." Sam pushed the bathroom door open fully and stepped out, (that was when I realized he was now shirtless) I quickly looked away trying to remember what I was saying. "As well as her phone number it also had her schedule on. She goes to that class the most so I thought it would be a good way for me to talk to her."

"Yeah...good idea." I looked back around and found Sam leaning on the desk next to me. 'Okay just act casual, it's not like this is the first time I've seen him topless.'

"Just out of curiosity, what sort of thing would you guess I was into?" Before Sam could answer there was a knock at the door; seeing as he was half naked I got up and answered it. Once the door was open it revealed a rather flustered looking Claire.

"Hi...look I'm sorry to disturb you but something terrible happened last night so all today's classes have been cancelled." I glanced over my shoulder and saw Sam pull a shirt on before walking over to us. "They will be back on tomorrow so you have today to do whatever you want, just make sure you sign in with me before you go to sleep tonight okay." Claire ran a hand through her short hair and let out a deep breath.

"What exactly happened, if you don't mind me asking?" Sam said from his place next to me; the young councillor looked up biting her lip obviously debating with herself whether to tell us or not.

"Another student died last night." Hello, maybe this case won't be a complete bust after all.

"How?" I asked curiously; she gave me a strange look but answered anyway.

"The police said it was an accident, supposedly Tom has been out parting and when he came back he was drunk and that was why he fell. But I heard some other people talking on my way over here and they said he might have jumped; said the grief was too much and he couldn't take it." Grief? I gave her a friendly smile which she returned. "I have to go, sorry for the inconvenience." Claire gave the two of us a small wave before walking back down the hall; I closed the door and leaned up against it while looking up at Sam.

"Another suicide." He said crossing his arms over his broad chest.

"Or an accident, either way we got another dead kid." I pushed myself off of the door and walked over to the desk. "We better call the others and then go and take a look at the crime scene." Sam nodded and went back into the bathroom to finish getting ready. Looks like this case just got a little more interesting.

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