A/N: Hello readers. Well this is the fourth time I've done this, started a new fanfic. I suppose I'm kinda a veteran now, I don't know. Anyways, we got a Sakura X Hinata fic for you all today. In case you're new to this sort of stuff, this is a yuri fanfic, meaning that at some point it will contain sexual material involving two women (Sakura and Hinata). If that isn't your thing then you should probably go find something else to read. Everyone else enjoy.

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Hinata Hyuuga smiled as she entered the Hokage's chamber. It had been a long time since she last set out on a mission; they had been oddly sparse since she became a chunin. Now, she had been called for some endeavor, of which the details were still unknown. She stared at the floor meekly as she took her position next to the frame of her one time classmate and fellow chunin, Sakura Haruno, whom she could only assume would be helping her on her mission.

"Good, now you're both here. We can begin." Tsunade started informatively.

"Right, just tell us what you want us to do, sensei. We're ready, right Hinata." Sakura replied with an energetic smile.

"Right." Hinata responded, dutifully yet unsure.

"Great. Of all the young kunoichi in this village, you two are probably the most skilled, that is why you were selected for this mission... In recent months, a new shadow organization, calling themselves Blood Petals, has been on the rise. They have been committing various insidious acts ranging from, smuggling, extortion, and kidnapping to organized murder. Your objective, in short, is to bring this group down." Tsunade spoke with a dramatized tone.

"Umm, sensei, I know, I'm your personal student and stuff, and you probably think that means I'm a lot better than everyone else, but, uh, I don't think me and Hinata can take down an entire organization by ourselves." Sakura spoke with intense disbelief.

"Normally yes, but this organization is different. It recruits much like any other, promising a haven for outcast ninja with nowhere else to go, except this one's different in that it recruits a solidly female base. It's been quite successful in getting younger kunoichi to join through usual means of fake promises and shadowy deals, but it also forces girls into its ranks subversively, often against their will. The organization then starts to transform the girls into criminals, while offering no protection of their life and no chance of escape." Tsunade continued in the same manner as before.

"That's horrible…. But I still don't see how the two of us will be able to stop it." Sakura replied in a steady tone.

"This organization is different from othersin another important way, it doesn't try to remain hidden. It feeds of its public image as an all girl criminal ninja killing squad. Often they will accept donations from the public in exchange for the girls doing various favors, which they use to fund operations. As a result of this, we know exactly where their base of operations is. It's an old abandoned fortress far north of here. Knowing it's location provides an opportunity for you two to sneak in. You see due to the means they use for recruitment and contiuned maitenance, the Blood Petals have almost no loyalty to their organization or to one another once they've joined, the only thing keeping them together is the machinations of their leader, a deprived evil man by the name of, Kasho Miyatomi. The goal of your mission is to eliminate this man at all cost." Tsunade concluded.

"I see, if we take him out, then you're the organization will dissolve on it's own. Still, I don't know if me and Hinata are right for this kind of thing." Sakura said with a frown.

"The two of you have the advantage of blending in near seamlessly with the members of the organization. You have the best chance of any at getting close to him. You will leave immediately; if you do not return in ten days time we will send in a rescue team, please try not to get caught." Tsunade spoke slightly impatient.

"Right." Hinata said unassumingly as Sakura opened her mouth to further protest.

"Alright then you are to leave at once. Good luck." Tsunade said with a wide smile as the two young girls turned to leave her.


Sakura and Hinata moved at a brisk pace northward toward their destination. The gravity of their mission put a bitter strain on either girl's thoughts, but this was not something idle conversation couldn't cure.

"Tsunade-sensei's really putting a lot of trust in us. We got to do our best to succeed with this." Sakura said softly.

"Yeah…" Hinata sighed, slightly.

"So… Hinata, how've you been lately? We really haven't talked all that much since we both became ninja." Sakura said as she struggled to start a conversation.

"Oh… well, I guess everything is fine. I mean I've become more confident in my abilities and everything, and I don't feel like I'm as big a burden on everyone." Hinata said in her usual reserved manner.

"And you still like Naruto?" Sakura said with a teasing smirk.

"What? I-I… what gives you that idea, I-…." Hinata started in a predictably broken way.

"Oh come on, it's obvious to everyone in the world but him, you know. It's not like you have to be ashamed either, Naruto really is a great guy." Sakura said with a reluctant sigh.

"I-it's just that, that I don't know anymore, I don't know what I feel. He's been gone for so long now, that I can't help but wonder if he'll even remember me when he returns, and if he does will it even be worth it. Don't you ever feel the same way?" Hinata spoke, fidgeting nervously.

"You mean about Sasuke? Yes... of course, I do, that's all I have been able to think for awhile. I'm really staring to question whether I've just been misleading myself this entire time... Well, I guess finding lasting happiness isn't supposed to be easy." Sakura said in a carefree manner.

"I suppose your right, Sakura." Hinata replied simply.

"As I see it, the guys have it easier. If I had the option I'd take someone like you over Sasuke any day." Sakura said lazily as she quickened her step; Hinata stopped and altered her glance at the sound of the words. "No, don't worry Hinata, I didn't mean anything weird by that, I was just thinking out loud. Haven't you ever thought about things like that... like about who'd you want to be with if you were a guy." Sakura stopped to address her dark-haired companion.

"Hmm, I suppose it would be Ino." Hinata looked up and said with a smile as she continued to walk.

"Why on earth would anyone want to be with Ino?" Sakura replied curtly.

"I suppose you're nice as well…" Hinata started with a meek laugh.

"Oh no, it's okay, It'd be kinda creepy if I actually wanted you to think of me like that…" Sakura blushed a little as she said her words.

"It looks like we're getting close... How are we going to go about this mission?" Hinata said suddenly as her Byakugan eyes spotted the fortress on the horizon.

"I suppose we just sneak in from the back. I mean they'll probably be guarding the entrance." Sakura spoke in response, relieved at the sudden change of conversation.

"And what if their guarding the back too?" Hinata asked intently.

"Then we'll just have to find another way in." Sakura said sharply as they approached the large fortress.

"Hmm, I don't see any guards with my byakugan, but they could just be hiding somewhere I'm not looking." Hinata said quietly as the two came around toward the back gate.

"Then let's just hurry before they see us." Sakura said energetically as she rushed off toward the large doors.

"Sakura, I seriously doubt they would leave one of their main gates unguarded." Hinata called to her friend reservedly as she attempted to stop her enthusiastic dash.

"You're right; we need to proceed with caution on a mission like this." Sakura said firmly turning to face her companion.

"It looks like we're too late for that…" Hinata spoke sheepishly.

"What do you mean?" Sakura asked confused.

"We've been spotted." Hinata replied nudging in the direction behind her comrade.

Sakura turned to see the figure of a woman dressed in dark red racing toward them at frightening speeds. It wasn't long before the gap was closed, and the two young kunoichi were face to face with what could only be an enemy.

"Stop. Who are you to intrude on territory under the direct authority of the Blood Petals?" The woman spoke in a deep, soft voice that seemed as regretful as it was harsh.

"Um, well you see we're…" Hinata started shyly.

"We're here as new recruits. We want to join your organization." Sakura finished determinately.

"Oh… well, I can see you both already meet the qualifications. Konoha's kunoichis are typically well trained." The woman said doubtingly nodding toward the headbands that both girls still wore.

"Well… we're done with that village; we want to be on our own now. We just wore these headbands since… we thought that if you knew we were already trained ninjas you'd let us join." Sakura tried to explain her obvious carelessness.

"I suppose that's logical. What I'm having a harder time excepting is your little companion there. If I'm not mistaken… those eyes… I've seen them before. Tell me… what reason would a member of a clan as prominent as the Hyuuga have to abandon her perfect life for a criminal career?" The woman looked at the two with a wicked smile as if nothing they could say would save them.

Hinata gasped; had they really been so careless to be caught so easily. Help wouldn't arrive for ten days; there would be no hope for them. There was no way out of this; it would end here. The mission was too much for them, too much for her. Once again, she had let down someone she cared about, and they would both pay the price for their mistakes.

"The reason is... the reason is… our love for one another is too strong." Sakura exclaimed proudly leaving only silence in the wake of her words.

A/N: Yep that's how chapter one goes down. Hope ya'll enjoyed it. I think I like the basic plot outline of this story more than any other one I've written thus far. When I first got the request to do a Sakura X Hinata fic, I wasn't happy with it at all. I was expecting the requests I got to be more interesting, unusual pairings and not just partner swapping of the five central girls (Sakura, Hinata, Tenten, Temari, and Ino although no one seems to like Ino). I really don't want to write a story between Sakura and every other girl in Naruto, but it seemed like that's what was expected of me. So I decided that if the Sakura X Hinata pairing wasn't going to excite me, then I'd have to give the story a more interesting plotline. Although that statement might be a little misleading, unlike my last three stories this one will have little in the way of action. The focus is more on just situational stuff, dramatics, I'm even trying to add a bit of a comedic element to this one as well. I love writing Hinata, and I think I'm decent enough at it, but as usual Sakura might seem a little off here; as the female lead Sakura's personality is the most dynamic and most difficult to portray accurately, hopefully it's not too bad. Actually in future chapters Hinata might seem to be the one who's out of character, but I don't know. Speaking of chapters, there will be five again, cuz I like odd numbers. Anyways, keep reading and I appreciate any reviews, even harsh negative criticism.