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Sakura Haruno moaned hotly into her lovers open mouth, her body now coated in a thin layer of sweat pushed rigidly against the other's form, heaving her chest against that of this girl. Any form of resistance seen earlier that night had disintegrated in the hours, into this pure unbridled lust. Hinata Hyuuga's moans were equably placed, heated to a degree of ecstasy, as she excitedly felt the pulses of her lover's fingers in gentle rhythm with her own fingers. Eager for a more direct access to pleasure, the pink haired ninja girl, broke from the other's mouth and contorted her form to a new position opposite the straddled form of the pearl eyed girl. Sakura licked heatedly at the top of Hinata's sex, while replacing her hand to continue its previous endeavor of pleasure, meanwhile the gentle Hyuuga took up a similar spot as she forced her tongue into the deepest reaches of Sakura's watering slit.

A similar scene had endured for the greater part of the night. It had seemed that this awakening of new love had sparked some unchecked energy in either girl that kept pushing them onward. It was certain that neither girl would be willing to quit this magical night of sexual obsession until the other was ultimately satisfied, and considering the endurance required of a ninja, it seemed unlikely it would end for hours. Both girl's were enjoying themselves too much to give in to exhaustion, both girl's were enjoying themselves too much to think about anything else, and both girl's were definitely enjoying themselves too much to hear the soft knock on the door, before it's opening.

"Sakura, listen, I've put some thought into it and I decided I'm going t-… W-what on earth are you d-doing? I thought you said it was a lie, t-that you were just friends." Miyuki started in a solemn tone, but upon observing the act before her averted her attention in disbelief.

"Oh, uh, Miyuki, Well you see… before tonight we really weren't… but now… things kinda changed." Sakura said over moans of pleasure as she reluctantly removed herself from her endeavor and tried to regain some composure.

"Oh I see, so before tonight, you weren't a couple you were just casually dating, and now you finally decided to consummate your feelings for each other." Miyuki said with an awkward smile trying to hide her enthusiasm.

"No, before now we really were merely friendly acquaintances. It just sort of somehow happened like this." Sakura said, embarrassed; Hinata had moved in accordance to the other's motions and after a few more deep licks allowed her lover her freedom.

"That's crazy, you just suddenly decide to have sex with each other because you got along well in an act." Miyuki said with a slight laugh.

"I suppose that's a more unbelievable story, then the fake on we fed you in the first place." Sakura replied, realizing how odd her and Hinata's love must seem.

"Miyuki, why is it you wished to see us?" Hinata said giving her mouth time to recover the ability to speak. A line of unknown fluid still trailed from her mouth down her cheek.

"Oh, well yeah, that… let's see. Oh, I decided that even though you guys deceived me, though that seems kinda a moot point now, I'm gonna help you complete your mission." Miyuki said with a smile as she watched Sakura wipe her hand across Hinata's face and lick the liquid from it.

"But don't you have no place to go if Blood Petals dissolves?" Sakura retuned her attention to the vice commander with her question.

"It's time I stopped making excuses like that. Junai died because of that man; his continued existence on this plane is a disservice to her memory, especially when I've sat here and done nothing about it. I've always been scared that if I challenged him I'd just end up throwing away my own life, but now that I have you two, I think we can succeed. Besides ensuring that this organization dissolves is not the condition of your mission if I'm correct." Miyuki said with an enthusiastic gleam in her eye.

"So you plan to take over and change, this place into something Junai would be proud of then?" Sakura responded with a smile.

"Exactly, I know that this organization is fundamentally illegal, but perhaps if it were to stop the kidnappings, torturous training methods, indecent activities, and allow all current members who wish to leave, the shinobi villages would no longer see it as a threat." Miyuki said with a proud sigh.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea." Hinata replied intently.

"Good. It'd be best if we do this as soon as possible. I'll give you five minutes to prepare yourselves and get dressed, meet me in the court yard when you're ready." Miyuki said before turning to leave.

"It's interesting that she gave us more time to prepare when we were faking then when it was real." Sakura said with a laugh.

"Yeah." Hinata repled in a similarly light tone.

Sakura and Hinata were slightly late to their appointed meeting. The gentle kisses radiated forth as they dressed one another assured this so. Still Miyuki was not angry when the two arrived to perform their set task.

"So what's the plan?" Sakura asked calmly as she approached the woman.

"Kasho should be asleep, the guards will let me in, you two just follow me." Miyuki responded softly.

"Right." The lovers replied in unison as they set off toward the fortress's central chamber.

"Vice-commander Rikaiga. What business do you have this late at night?" One of the sentries, a young girl around Sakura's age, said in an alarmed manner.

"These two have just returned dire news regarding the assassination squad we sent to the Land of Earth. It's imperative I talk to the leader in regards to forming a rescue team." Miyuki said appearing genuinely concerned as she made her lie.

"Right, you may pass at once." The same sentry replied dutifully.

The three kunoichi made their way through the central chamber, and into the lavish bedroom of Kasho Miyatomi. At the sound of their footsteps, he awoke from his light sleep, startled.

"Miyuki, what is the meaning of this?" The aged man spoke in a gnarled angry tone.

"Sakura and Hinata have completed their mission, the three of us would like to give you a report." Miyuki said with a malicious smirk as she approached the object of her scorn.

"You know that that is not a matter that requires my immediate attention, or the disturbance of my rest." Miyatomi continued angrily.

"I don't know about that, the details of their mission, may surprise you." Miyuki's smirk, mow framed her entire face as a vicious grin as she drew a large shuriken from her side. Sakura Haruno immediately took up the spot at the chamber's entrance as Hinata moved in, combat ready with her byakugan active.

"So this is betrayal then, amusing, to think that you would turn on me when I gave you a purpose. You know that if I die, that will only make it that much harder to find her killer." Kasho met Miyuki's smile with his own hideous one.

"I've already found him, and he's right before me." Miyuki said sharply holding her weapon steadily.

"Hmm, so when did you come to that realization?" The evil man asked unconcerned.

"I've always known." Miyuki shouted violently.

"Then you've been plotting this the whole time, working your way up in the ranks, gaining my trust through that façade of naivety, then placing allies amongst my pawns so as to exact your pitiful revenge." Miyatomi continued in his peaceful yet despicable tone.

"No, these girls merely showed me a vision of the strength that I had lost…" The woman said emotionally.

"So be it. If you wish to strike me down, then feel free to try." Kasho grinned widely as he clenched his fist in his hand and took a defensive pose.

The battle began. Sakura continued to guard the door, ensuring that no one loyal to Miyatomi interfered. Miyuki charged forward with the large bladed weapon she held, Kasho dodged easily and delivered a vicious jab to his one time subordinates stomach. Hinata used the time to study her opponents speed and style as Miyuki struggled to parry an ensuing onslaught of taijutsu. In time the Hyuuga girl joined in, Miyatomi's technique was faster and more brutal then her own, yet the famous technique of her clan was more accurate and damaging. With Miyuki's assistance Hinata found herself an even match for the old man. She managed to land a forceful blow to his stomach, that resulted in heavy blood from his coughs and soon it seemed the man's aged body would give way.

"I suppose, I really am no match for the three of you… But, dear Miyuki, when we are next reunited in the pits of Hell, Kasho the Demon Fist, shall show you no mercy." Miyatomi said in a broken, gnarled manner as he realized his death was at hand.

"I see, if that is the case, I'll welcome your challenge, but I don't plan on dying just yet. Not until I'm someone Junai would be proud of." Miyuki said gallantly as she made her glorious strike at the evil man. She pulled from her side a short bladed knife and with a hard stab she felt Kasho Miyatomi's heart be pierced, as blood spewed from the wound onto her crimson robes. With that, Miyuki Raikiga had her revenge.

"So, is it over?" Sakura said exasperated from holding to the large chamber door.

"Yes, so it would seem." Miyuki said with a deep breath as Sakura opened the entrance.

"Commander Miyatomi, He's been killed." A surprised sentry said in surprise at the scene before her.

"From this point forward, I Commander Miyuki Raikiga am in command of Blood Petals, any members not satisfied with that condition are free to leave as they please. I ensure that you will see that this is made known." Miyuki said in a dead-serious way to the sentry.

"Right!" The sentry replied with a soft smile before turning to deliver the message.

"So it looks like our mission is done, Sakura." Hinata said softly still light of breath from her continuing exertions of the night.

"Yeah, I'm about ready to get some sleep. Then we can get out of this place." Sakura said with a deep yawn.

"I don't think these people will cause any problems now that Miyuki's their leader." Hinata said contently.

"I'd say this mission was a great success." Sakura replied enthusiastically with a sensual smile.

"God, I can't tell if you two are worked up because you assisted me in killing Miyatomi and completing your mission or from the hours of sex I'm assuming you had." Miyuki said with a self-concerned glare, as if Sakura and Hinata's unconcerned manner of speech was distracting her from her climactic moment of self importance.

"Well I suppose it's all left to be seen. I mean who knows how everyone back at home is going to take it, I mean you do intend on telling them about us, Hinata." Sakura said with a new look of concern.

"Of course, I couldn't keep my feelings for you secret even if I tried." Hinata said with a tired sigh.

"But what if your family doesn't except, I mean with your status and all it's really probably not the best thing for you." Sakura continued, concerned.

"Well if my father disowns me, we already know a place that we can go; I mean that's what you said to get us membership in the first place." Hinata said with a light loving grin.

"Uhh… Hinata that's not something someone would usually joke about…" Sakura replied unbelievingly.

"I know, but what I meant was I'd give up anything for you Sakura, I love you that much." Hinata spoke her words happily.

"I love you too." Sakura said softly before giving Hinata a soft kiss.

"This is sweet and all, but you two need to go to bed or something, all this overly romantic stuff should really wait till morning." Miyuki said with an embarrassed laugh.

"Alright." Both replied similarly.

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