'Star Shots' Table of Contents:

-A Blast from the Past (98) - Why did Jack and Maddie decide to build a ghost portal anyways? Rated: K, Genre: friendship
-A Day in the Life (56) - Cujo knows exactly what he wants... Rated: K, Genre: general/humor
-A World Tipped on its Head (90) - Something strange is going on... AU, Rated: K, Genre: adventure
-Abcedf Ghi (89) - A story in poem form. Rated: K, Genre: poetry
-Ain't it a Glorious Day (78) - It really is. Pointless Lancer/Danny bonding fluff. Rated: K, Genre: general/friendship
-Airplane (29) - Ever wonder what that guy was thinking on the airplane during "Mystery Meat"? Rated: K, Genre: general
-Attack of the Clone (96) - Vlad's plan has gone horribly awry. Rated: K, Genre: tragedy/general
-Attack of the Sues (80) - Stupid Mary/Gary Sue drabble. Rated: K, Genre: humor
-Bane: Swimming with the Fish (34) - First of an AU series of oneshots about my favorite evil character... Bane! Rated: K, Genre: horror
-Brother's Cairn (40) - Simple, little ghost story plot bunny. Rated: K, Genre: horror
-Closing Rifts (93) - Tucker's gone over to the dark side... and he's bringing Jazz along for the ride. Rated: T, Genre: angst
-Collapse (2) - Our hero is lost in the rubble of the theater after it explodes. Inspired by "Miracles Happen" by Myra. Rated: K, Genre: adventure
-Command (21) - In reality, the only loopholes and mental back-flips kept him from being a murder. But it wouldn't last. Rated: K, Genre: horror
-Computer Games (68) - Paulina and Star are playing around on the computer. Rated: K, Genre: humor/friendship
-Cookie Dough (84) - Danny's got something he needs to tell his mom. Rated: K, Genre: humor
-Crystals (43) - DxS fluffiness in class, with ice powers. Rated: K, Genre: friendship/romance
-Death of a Son (31) - Dark and angsty. Warning for suicide and murder. Maddy/Danny piece. Rated: T, Genre: tragedy
-Decisions (65) - A Clockwork piece about the strange decisions some humans make. Rated: K, Genre: general
-Descent (41) - What would you do to save the world? Would you give in? Rated: T, Genre: horror/angst
-Diabolical (13) - You'll never guess who's behind the latest attacks! Rated: K, Genre: humor
-Disappeared (94) - The day Danny disappeared, nobody noticed. Rated: K, Genre: suspense
-Donner, Party of Two (67) - A plane crash forces Danny to make the ultimate choice. Rated: T, Genre: angst
-Dreams (87) - Maddie's personal nightmare. Rated: K, Genre: angst
-Embers (22) - Poor Ember. She had a harsh life. Inspired by a friend. Rated: K, Genre: general
-Emotions (97) - She's locked in a cage with no way out. Rated: K, Genre: suspense/angst
-Eternity (58) - Ghosts just aren't set up to live alone. Rated: K, Genre: friendship
-Failure (77) - It was a test. One she couldn't pass. Rated: K, Genre: angst
-The Fall (9) - Maddie's fight turns into a nightmare. Dark and depressing. Rated: K, Genre: angst/horror
-Fear Me (15) - Meet the Ghost Zone's lastest villian... someone you'd never expect... Rated: K, Genre: humor
-The Fenton Family Meeting (63) - Danny sits down for a revealing family meeting. Rated: K, Genre: humor
-Ghost Fruit (12) - Even ghosts deserve a fairy tale. Rated K, Genre: general
-Ghostly Love (53) - Maddie makes a startling observation about a certain ghost-boy. Rated: K, Genre: romance/angst
-Grand Canyon (27) - Danny and Dash take an unexpected 'trip' to the Grand Canyon. Rated: K, Genre: general
-Graveside Contemplations (39) - Maddie meets an unexpected visitor at her son's grave. Rated: T, Genre: tragedy
-Guardians of the Secret Series: Rated: K, Genre: general
--Casper High Peace Officer (71) - He knows something.
--Ghost Insurance (75) - He's cashing in on the Phantom.
--The Neighbor (72) - All she wanted was her windows fixed.
--The Youngest Fan (88) - He's in kindergarten and saw something amazing.
-His Own Little World (36) - Dash gets to witness Danny's nightmare... Rated: T, Genre: horror
-The House (57) - A story of four characters unravels in an age-old style. Rated: K, Genre: angst/general
-Hunter (17) - Skulker attacks Maddie and Danny in the lab. Part of a larger story arc that won't get written. Rated: K, Genre: general
-I Need to Go (60) - Danny's taking a walk when he runs into a ghost that really needs to go somewhere. Rate:d K, Genre: general
-I'm Sorry! (46) - Valerie's deepest desire becomes her worst nightmare. Rated:T, Genre: angst/tragedy
-Impossible Battles (64) - Danny needs to fight to save someone... but who? Rated: K, Genre: tragedy/adventure
-Imprints Series: Rated: K, Genre: general
--The Playground (3) - One lost girl on the swings and a boy who can do nothing but watch helplessly.
--The Nursery (33) - A ghost haunts the third-floor of an abandoned building.
-Juggler (30) - Playing with simple evil things. Everybody does it, even the good guys. Rated: K, Genre: general
-Jumping to Conclusions (42) - Poor Danny in the park. Is everything as it seems? Rated: K, Genre: general
-Just a Chess Game (14) - Danny and Clockwork clash over a game of chess. Rated: K, Genre: general/friendship
-Just Another Day in Paradise: Bad Dream (32) - Cute, fuzzy, possible future fic. Rated: K, Genre: general/romance
-Kari (70) - Is Maddie's old friend evil or not? Rated: K, Genre: angst/suspense
-Lake Monster (19) - Jazz tells all during a children's fishing trip. Rated: K, Genre: general
-Left - Right - Left - Right (62) - What a difference one little choice makes. Rated: K, Genre: general
-May Madness (91) - Tucker woke up one night in May to find that it's... snowing? Rated: K, Genre: humor/friendship
-Molasses (54) - A barbeque thrown by Kwan gets an unexpected guest. Rated: K, Genre: friendship/humor
-Murder, He Wrote (81) - GhostWriter needs some help understanding what it's really like. Rated: T, Genre: tragedy
-The Nanny (18) - Danny gets a Nanny and everything goes horribly wrong. AU, Rated: T, Genre: suspense
-New Years Revelations (55) - An ooey-gooey DxS holiday bit of fluffy. Rated: K, Genre: romance/friendship
-Not so Accidentally (61) - What if the accident in the portal wasn't REALLY an accident? Rated: K, Genre: general
-Obsessions (59) - Spectra tries to do some psychology on the Box Ghost. Rated: K, Genre: humor
-One Moment to Forever (1) - Danny is frozen in time for a second as we contemplate him. Rated: K, Genre: general
-Overheard Conversations (95) - Maddie overhears Skulker and Danny having a little chat. Rated: K, Genre: humor/suspense
-The Pendulum (10) - Clockwork contemplates Danny's future. Spooky and deep. Rated: K, Genre: general
-Phantom Trials (25) - Phantom goes on trial for the murder of Danny Fenton. Rated K, Genre: suspense
-Polygraph (92) - Danny's strapped into the GiW's new lie detector! Rated: K, Genre: suspense/humor
-Prints (66) - Phantom is knocked out and brough to the hospital. What happens next? Rated: K, Genre: general
-Puzzles (26) - Danny gets the ultimate revenge on his sister. Happy Birthday!! Rated: K, Genre: humor
-Real Life Oneshots: Rated: T, Genre: adventure/suspense/angst
--Real Life Introduction (48) - What would Danny Phantom be in real life? Spooky, that's what.
--Octopi (49) - 'Real' Danny fights a spectral octopus.
--The Ghost Zone (50) - 'Real' Danny visits my version of the Ghost Zone.
-Revelations (4) - Why is it that Jack is forever testing his inventions on Danny? Rated: K, Genre: general
-Running (47) - Danny's lost everything he ever held dear, and now all he can do is run. Rated: K, Genre: angst/tragedy
-The School (76) - Danny's a bit too late to save the school from the ravenges of a Hellish spirit. Rated: T, Genre: tragedy/horror
-Shards (24) - Danny gets captured by an old "friend" with a grudge and a few shards of red crystal. Rated K, Genre: horror
-Silence Unending (44) - An unexpected glance into Vlad's future. Rated: K, Genre: angst
-Spectral Spy (86) - Jack gets a visitor... a strange visitor. Rated: K, Genre: humor
-Splinters Series: - The untold stories behind the "Pits". Rated: K, Genre: general
--Gory (38) - Part 1 for Gory!
--Jai (51) - Part 1 for Jai!
-Sugar Rush (8) - Featuring the Fantastic Master of the Days Right After Halloween. Rated: K, Genre: humor
-Summer Muskie (20) - Jazz gets her ultimate revenge during a family fishing trip! Rated: K, Genre: general
-Stars in Blood (6) - An in-depth look at a few moments after Skulker attacks. Rated: K, Genre: angst
-Sweet Dreams (73) - A creepy/sleepy look at second person present point of view. Rated: K, Genre: general
-Tapes (52) - Not everything is as it seems... sometimes we're just stuck in our own little worlds. Rated: K, Genre: angst
-Three Months and Counting Series: Rated: K, Genre: suspense/angst
--Danny (28) - Something is seriously wrong when Danny shows up for school...
--Jack (35) - Part 2
--Maddie (37) - Part 3
-Timely Returns Series: Rated: K, Genre: angst
--5:27pm (79) - Danny's been gone for two years and suddenly he's back.
--5:49pm (83) - Part 2
-Travel Service (16) - How come Danny, Sam, and Tucker can fly across the country to Vlad's without their parent's noticing they are gone? Rated: K, Genre: general
-Tree Therapy (23) - Sam's bad day is cured by some helpful plants. Rated: K, Genre: general
-True Rulers (45) - Meet the evil behind the Phantom... Rated: K, Genre: humor/general
-Two Roads (11) - Danny lives out Robert Frost's famous poem "A Road Not Taken." Rated: K, Genre: general
-An Uncommon Birthday (74) - Happy Fourth Birthday Danny Phantom! Rated: K, Genre: humor
-Vortex (5) - It's all a matter of perspective, after all. Rated: K, Genre: friendship
-Whys (7) - A controversial, and vaguely scary, peek into the mind of the clueless. Rated: K, Genre: general
-Wondering (69) - Danny gets tortured and brought to a psychologist. Rated: K, Genre: angst
-You're Not Being You (85) - A bit of the future for 'Real Life', plotless DxS. Rated: K, Genre: frienship
-Zim's Thermos (82) - A DP/Invader Zim crossover. Rated: K, Genre: humor

One Moment to Forever
A Danny Phantom FanFiction by Cordria

The violet eyes opened as they gazed up at one tiny speck in the night sky; one mote of light among millions. One that was somehow unique and special despite all the others that crowded for his space.

The spark reached the top of his arc through the air, pausing for a moment – hanging in the pure weightlessness that everyone experiences before plummeting back down to the Earth. His green eyes were closed, enjoying the feeling of nothingness, the momentary cleansing of the torrent of feelings that washed through him every day.

The bright, almost blue moon cast a silvery light down on him as he hung, poised to fall. It sparkled in his messy, starlit hair and glittered off the clean white and black of his outfit. It turned an otherwise unremarkable boy into tiny twinkling star; ordinary and small among the heroes and other flashes of light that now surrounded him, yet at the same time remote and distant and untouchable.

The world trembled at the feet of the great hero, the one who gave everything for people who cared nothing about him. The world quivered at the feel of the heart of one so brave and bold. The world shook at the sight of a star so small that dared to shine so bright.

Yet the world did not feel nearly as much as one pair of violet eyes, which stared up at the tiny star in his moment of freedom. It was in her eyes, and her eyes alone, that the star become more than just a distant and courageous hero. He became her savior; one who could take away all of her fears; one who could still feel pain and cry. She alone could see the burden that was placed upon his shoulders. She alone could help him carry it.

But even with her, the keeper of his soul, the star could not be truly free. This the champion knew deep down in his heart. Except for moments like this, the load that had been place upon him would be with him his whole life. It had been his choice – made freely and with no regrets. Every morning he woke up, renewing his vow to be the hero, choosing, yet again, to take up the burden.

The star pin-wheeled his arms and legs, fighting unconsciously for a bit more time. But the world needed him, the world needed a selfless hero, and so the world began to pull him back. Ever so slowly, almost sadly, the world reclaimed the champion from his weightless freedom. The star, once more a boy and chained to the Earth, began to fall.

The violet eyes watched the mote of light drop through the darkness that surrounded him. As he passed, the other stars seemed to brighten, the darkness dropping away for a blessed moment before being reclaimed. Then the violet eyes blinked once more, and the moment was lost in time forever.

Written October 12, 2006