Summary: This is a little something I wrote after playing out Dreamfall and TLJ. Its about what happened to April in Chapter 10-Crossroads and after that. I tried to write it with April's original personality from TLJ, because in Dreamfall,she's really not herself. I may also use references to The Longest Journey in the later chapter.

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"Wherever she is,that's where you're needed the most."

Maybe that's why I'm here? Cause this is surely not "Stark" so either she's here,or I did something horribly wrong...
Zoe started to walk towards looked like a small settlement, thinking about the White Draic Kin's words. She was halfway across, when a huge boom almost made her jump into the water. With her heart pounding like a drum she looked up to see what it was. Above a small pier she saw gigantic fireworks, and machines, similar to the one she's gone to the Dark People with. On the pier there were a lot of soldiers sorrounding two people. One of them looked like the Azadi who believed her story back in the tower,the other was...APRIL!

April was shocked.She was told that a messenger would await her by the pier and instead,it was the Azadi she met before freeing Zoe, back in Marcuria.

-I'm in trouble...- she tought. Her eyes went lower and noticed the Azadi's sword. -Yes,definitely in trouble!-

-I have been searching for you- he said. -Ever since I've met you near the tower...-

- What do you want with me, Azadi?- she asked,trying to keep her voice look confident.

- My name is Kian Alvane. I wish to talk to you...-

-Before you kill me?-

-No. I do not wish to kill you...

-Then why are you here? You're an assasin sent to kill!-

-True.I am an Apostle of the Goddess, or as you say, an assasin. But I'm not here to kill anyone.-

-Then what do you want from me?-she was confused now. Why did he come here then?

Kian let out a deep sigh and said: -...In all my life, I have served the Six without question. But what you said back in Marcuria,and the way you've said it, rocked the very foundtation of my belief in them. -he stopped for a second and took a step towards April. -Even after you've left, I felt the power of your words,and your spirit,like...a link connecting me to you.-

I...-she said,and took a step back, trying not to blush- I never imagined that I've made such a strong...impression on you.-

-You have shown me the flaws in the rule of the Six. You've openned my eyes, as I was blind to them.- he said and stepped closer.

I've...only told you about what I've seen...-she said and took another step back,now blushing furiously.

-No, you've done more than that...You made me realize that we're mocking the will of the Goddess, that we are failing to do as She told us to…-he said crouched down before her.- I wish to help you, to show my people the error of their ways. and to correct those!-

April was unable to speak. She tried to take a step back,her toughts racing around in her head, but realized that she would fall into the water. In the past years I have killed countless Azadi soldiers. And of them is standing before me and offers his help...
April quickly took hold of herself and said: - I thank you for your...honesty...Kian. I accept your help.-
Kian stood up and sent a faint smile towards her. April smiled back and felt herself blushing again.

That's, when chaos struck...

Huge ships appeared in the sky, accompanied by the alarming fireworks. Kian drew out his sword, ready to fight. In a few seconds they were sorrounded by Azadi soldiers. -You have done well,Apostle. -said the Azadi commander- You have found both the Scorpion, and her base. Now, finish her!
April gasped. He...lied to me! He was with them the whole time!

-No...-answered Kian.

-What! You deny the command of the Six, and the will of the Goddess!-

-You of all people dare to judge me, Vanon! You, who helped in enlsaving the magicals, killed their Minstrums, and sent dozens to Sadir!Is THIS what the Goddess wants? Slaves, prisoners and death! This is NOT Her will!- April relieved a bit. So he IS with me.

-You have fallen farther than I've ever expected, Alvane.-said Vanon and nod his head.

A soldier immediatly leaped forward,and before Kian could do anything,he thrusted his spear into…April.

Zoe watched in horror as April's body fell into the water.She wanted to scream, but couldn't. "Find April Ryan.Save her."said the girl on the Screen everytime. And she failed...
With tears in her eyes she began to run against the world,until she ended up in someone familiar's arms...

It was cold. Burning cold especially,in her chest. She could breathe,but it was getting harder and harder...and more painful.Her senses were braking down, one by one,until all that reamined were her toughts. She felt as light as a feather,drifted by every little current. She felt calm...
"Welcome again, April" said a voice in her head...a strangely familiar voice... "I have been waiting for you, ever since last time we met..."