"Broken Dreams"

By Donny's Boy

Disclaimer: I own neither the characters nor the plot of the Muppetsand/or any of their television shows or movies, and I am making no money from this story. I mean no harm.

Part I: Ten Long Years

It had been ten long, lonely years. Ten years without a Muppet movie, a Muppet television show, or much of anything else. Sure, the gang still did some t.v. appearances. Kermit kept up with his Sesame Street obligations, Fozzie hosted a short-lived sketch comedy show on cable, Piggy did assorted print and television ads. Those old fools Statler and Waldorf even got their own internet show reviewing movies. But the Muppets had not appeared together, all of them, for ten years.

If the Muppets were the Beatles of under-three-foot celebrity, then the current state of Muppet affairs was 1977: John semi-retired, George hiding from the public eye, Paul experimenting with disco, Ringo … doing whatever it was that Ringo did.

But the fans had never given up hope. After all, the Muppets were still alive and well and funny and wonderful—why wouldn't they get back together someday?

That was the exact question Ivan Ivanovich was determined to answer. Ivan, a feature article writer for Obsessive Voyeur magazine, had been assigned to do a "where are they now" piece on the Muppets and was due to interview the Great Gonzo in less than an hour. But Ivan planned to go beyond his assignment and do a little digging for the truth behind the unofficial breakup.

Would the Muppets get back together someday? Why had they gone their separate ways in the first place?

And what ever happened to the mysterious Muppet movie that was left unfinished when they split up?


Author's Note: This story was originally published on Muppet Central under the name JustJ. I chose a different pen name when I signed up here, but I'm the same author. Didn't want anyone to think I stole. Thanks for reading!