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A Note before I begin, as always, italics are song lyrics. The bold/italics is how the song opens, and I did it different to set it off as a 'letter' versus a thought background how songfics usually are…it'll make sense, hopefully, as you read it. Enjoy!

Anywhere (part 3)

It's been two weeks since the day in the studio. Two weeks since I last saw Jude. Since I held her. Since I talked to her. I hear through the grape vine that she's leaving today. And she didn't ever say good bye. As much as I wanted it to be this way, it still hurt. To know we were over. That it was done and finished. Something that never had a chance to begin was killed so effectively so fast.

I walked into G Major and walked into my office. I sat down at my desk and sighed heavily. It was quiet here. Ever since she walked out the door, my life has been quiet. Safe. Boring even. I wasn't use to being bored and I didn't like the feeling.

God what that girl did to me. I thought as I shook my head. I glanced down and saw a piece of paper folded on my desk. I frowned. I didn't put anything like that there. I picked up the paper and unfolded it and read the words that were wrote neatly on the page.

Dear my love, haven't you wanted to be with me?

And, dear my love, haven't you longed to be free?

I can't keep pretending that I don't even know you,
And at sweet night, you are my own.

My eyes read over the words with a heavy heart. Jude. I thought sadly. The words were like a knife to the heart. Of course I wanted to be with her. That wasn't the problem. I'm not good for her.

Take my hand

I finished reading her letter and sighed as I placed it down. I wanted nothing more than to go and hold her. To run off to…god only knew where, and start a new life together. One where we could be together. Would be together.

We're leaving here tonight

I groaned to myself and shook my head. I had to stop thinking about her. I had to stop wanting her. She was an addiction. A drug, and I willingly became an addict.

There's no need to tell anyone

I got out of my chair and paced my office a bit. I felt restless and unnerved. I needed to do something. Anything.

They'd only hold us down

I opened the door and bolted towards the studio. I may as well turn my excess energy on work. Do something productive than to sit and sulk and wish that she wasn't leaving. That things could be different for us.

So by the morning light

I sat down in my chair in Studio A and flipped on the soundboards. I had nothing else to do so I began to mix some tracks for another one of my artists.

We'll be half way to anywhere

As I tried to focus on the task at hand, I found my mind slipping. I found myself thinking about her. Wondering what she was doing. Where she going? I tossed the headphones off my head in frustration. I leaned down and propped my head up in my hands. This can't be happening.

Where love is more than just your name


I have dreamt of a place for you and I

I zipped up my huge duffle and glanced around my bare room once more. I didn't take everything, but the essentials were all gone. I had several outfits crammed in the duffle along with a pair of boots, flipflops, toiletries, favorite cds and pictures of my friends and family – the ones I cared about.

No one knows who we are there

As my eyes sweeped around my room, my gaze locked on a picture frame laying on top of my bare dresser. I crossed my room and held the frame, staring at the moment in time captured.

All I want is to give my life only to you

It was a random picture that Kwest had snapped of Tommy and me in the studio during the production of my first album. It was a picture that caught us both off guard, but captured our essence so very well. Tommy was seated next to me, his arm around the back of my chair. We were both staring into each others eyes – probably during an argument over lyrics that we always had. But behind the stubborn glance, you can see something more in both of our gazes.

I've dreamt so long

Or maybe it was something that only I saw. I traced the outline of his jaw with my finger, tears stinging my eyes. I kissed my left fingertips and held them over his lips before setting the frame back down.

I cannot dream anymore

I turned away from the dresser and walked over to my bag. I picked it up with a muffled 'oof' and left my room, closing the door behind me. Once at the bottom of the stairs, I let the bag drop from my shoulder and my sister pulled me into a hug.

"I'm gonna miss you Jude." She said, pulling back and smoothing out my hair.

"Me too Sades." She smiled at me sadly and nodded.

"You're gonna come back, right?" She asked me.

Let's run away

"I…I don't know." I told her honestly. I didn't know if I would come back. I didn't know where I was going or how long I was going to be gone. I just knew I had to. Just…get away.

She nodded and looked like she was going to cry. It surprised me a bit. Sadie about to cry because I'm leaving? I mean, for YEARS she denied I was her sister. And then I became famous.

"Call me, ok?" Sadie said and I nodded. She smiled at me and we hugged once more. "Bye Jude." She said.

"Bye Sadie." I told her and she helped me grab my duffle and we carried it outside to my car in silence.

"You sure you're just going to leave your car at the airport?"

"Dad and Jamie said they were going to get it for me." I told my sister as I heaved the bag into the truck and slammed it shut.

"OK." She said and sighed once more.

"I'll be ok Sades."

"I know." She said, and shrugged. "What can I say…little sis is all grown up." I smiled at her and we hugged once more.

I got into my car and waved at her before I started the ignition and backed down the drive and pulled onto the street.

I'll take you there

I made it to the airport without incident. I got my bag checked and headed into the lobby to check departure times. Of course, my flight was on a three hour delay. Great.

We're leaving here tonight

I sighed and headed towards the food court area. I didn't really want food, but at least I could get a coffee and maybe grab a copy of Rolling Stone or something to read to keep myself entertained.

There's no need to tell anyone

As I scanned the magazines, my eyes stopped on a gossip mag. "Jude Harrison Leave the Industry!" It proclaimed. I sighed and picked it up and flipped to the featured article, skimming through the summary of my three years of being an "Instant Star".

"Jude?" I heard a deep male voice say. I gasped and closed the magazine as I spun around, not recognizing the person who was speaking to me.

"Um…yeah?" He smiled at me and I continued to be confused.

"You are Jude Harrison." He said, looking proud of himself. I just smiled at the man. The price of fame. "Can you sign this for me?" He asked, holding out my second cd. I was surprised this guy had it with him, but whatever.

"I don't have a pen." I told him and he padded his jacket and pulled one out and handed it to me. I went through the usually pleasantries when signing and handed him the cd and the pen. The man left happy and I felt homesick.

I was going to miss my band, my job, singing, recording, my producer.

They'd only hold us down

Tommy. I thought, feeling a pang in my heart. I set the magazine down, no longer interested in reading anything and walked aimlessly through the airport, lost in my own thoughts. Tommy. The man was a double edged sword for me. I loved him and I hated him. I loved him for being…him. For his ability to understand me and my music, for making me a better musician, for standing by me when he didn't have a reason to, and most importantly, for not losing faith in me.

I hated him because he's broken my heart more times than I could count. He loved me but he didn't want me. One minute he'd be open like a book and the next I couldn't scratch his surface with a titanium nail.

So by the mornings light

I didn't want to fall for him. I didn't want to even LIKE him. But I did, and it happened. I fell hard and fast and I don't think I'll ever find anyone that will make me feel the way he does. I've tried other boyfriends - Shay, Jamie, and Speed, to name a few – and they didn't compare. They didn't measure up. They weren't Tommy.

We'll be half way to anywhere

I groaned as I walked and made my way over by the departure schedules to see if my flight was pushed back further or miraculously defied the time estimate and would be here within the next 10 minutes. It's happened before…once.

Where no one needs a reason

The lobby was full of people and it was hard to view the right screen. I walked slowly and carefully as I looked for my flight number on each of the screens, not having too much success.

I kept walking and reading and felt myself collide into someone. I let out a squeak of shock and felt myself loosing balance. Strong arms wrapped around me and helped me steady myself.

"Thanks," I said, trying to recover a bit. I realized almost at the same time what had just happened. "OMG, I'm so sor…" I trailed off as I looked up and saw the person who I had just run into. My heart stopped in my chest and my breathing stopped. I couldn't believe he was here.


My arm was still around her as she gaped up at me. I knew I would explain why I was there, but I found myself unable to. God she's so beautiful that she takes my breath away.

Forget this life

"Tommy?" She managed to say, her voice sounding confused.

Come with me

I smiled at her. Her confused blue eyes looked into mine and I couldn't bring myself to look away. Don't look back you're safe now

I reached up and brushed a strand of blonde hair from her eyes and she watched me.

"I'm sorry." I told her, caressing her cheek softly.

Unlock your heart

Her eyes closed and she leaned into my touch.

Drop your guard

I stopped the ministrations and her eyes fluttered open, looking directly into mine.

No one's left to stop you

I leaned down tentatively and kissed her softly.

Forget this life

I pulled back from her and she looked at me, confusion in her gaze.

Come with me

"I couldn't stop thinking about you." I told her softly.

Don't look back you're safe now


Unlock your heart

"I love you, Jude," I told her, laying my forehead against hers. "I don't think I can live my life without you."

Drop your guard

Her arms circled around me and I pulled her closer to me. I saw tears welling up in her eyes.

"Don't cry, Girl." I said softly and she sniffed slightly.

No one's left to stop you now

I bent down and kissed her once again, this time putting everything into it. She responded with just as much need. My hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her tightly to me, our bodies molded perfectly together. I felt her fingers tangling themselves in my hair.

My lungs burned with the need for oxygen and I pulled back reluctantly. I watched as she licked her lips and look back up at me. I flashed her a grin.

"Is that offer still open?" I asked.

"What offer?" She asked, sounding breathless.

"The one where I come with you wherever it is you're going." I asked and she smiled coyly at me. I raised an eyebrow in questioning.

"Depends." She said, looking seductively at me.


She laughed slightly and grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me closer to her.

"This," She answered and kissed me deeply.

I smiled into her kiss before responding with as much thoroughness as she gave me. We both pulled back when the need to breath became overwhelmingly needy.

She smiled up at me and took my hand in hers. Our fingers had a mind of their own and automatically laced together. We walked out of the lobby and towards the terminals.

We're leaving here tonight
There's no need to tell anyone
They'd only hold us down
So by the morning light
We'll be half way to anywhere
Where love is more than just your name


And with that, the end of another 'era'.