"FRANKIE!" my mom's voice entered my mind distantly.

"UGHHH! I'm up, I'm up" I shouted groggily.

It was 5:30 on Friday morning, yet another boring day in lame-ass New Jersey. I got out of bed with a sigh, walking to my closet. I pulled on a pair of tight black jeans, a black Misfits tee, and a hot pink hoodie. I ran downstairs to lace rainbow star laces in my black chuck-taylors. I grabbed some coffee and poptarts, shouted 'bye' to my mom, and walked out the door.

Mikey and Gerard were directly on time, as per the norm. I hugged Mikey and gave Gerard a nod of my head and an awkward smile. Then, we walked off to pris- I mean school, Mikey and I trailed behind on the same path we took every day. I stared at Gerard, his beautiful raven hair, those haunting hazel eyes, that porcelin skin... he was just...

"AAGGHHHH! WTF!" My thought process was interrupted by a large...erm, someone... tackling me for reasons unbenounced to me.

"Stop checking out my brother! Your fruitymuffin-ness is creeping me out!" Mikey screeched, rolling off of me. I blushed a furious shade of scarlet, Hiding my head in my hands. I got to my feet, fingering my lip ring nervously. Gerard looked over his shoulder at us, grinning. I gave him a nod of acknowledgement. He turned back around, and i whacked Mikey in the head.

"OWWWIES! That wasn't nice!" He whined squeakily.

"Well, don't tackle me like a fucking idiot!" I snapped back loudly, hoping that he thought my cheeks were red with anger.

"Don't worry Frankie pants, i'll still love you, even if you're a fruit cocktail!" He said with a phsycotic grin...I considered force-feeding him some vicatin and calling the loony bin, but decided against my better judgement.

I gave a heavy sigh, that may have whieghed about 80 jillion pounds, linked arms with my crazy-ass best friend, and skipped on down the road, singing a poem i wrote to a random tune. Gee just looked at us like we should be locked up, which might be best for society, and shook his head withh that gorgeous smile plastered to his lips... I think that's when my heart melted...Seriously.