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The Preparation

A spiky, yellow head looked inside the door; his mako washed blue eyes looking around in haste. He got bumped from behind, causing the small bell to sound on the door. "Shh," he said, putting his finger to his lips. The brunette man behind him shrugged a bit, the tiny puppy in his arms was twisting around, trying to lick his goatee. The dignified man put his hand over the white puppy's face, the pink bow on the dog's tail held a brand new set of tags. When he was sure the owner of the bar wasn't there, he slipped in, and waved for the other man to follow. "Tifa?" He called; looking around, grateful there was no answer.

"Now," Reeve Tuesti looked to his friend, trying with no real success to keep the puppy breath off his face, "Can you tell me what this is all about?"

Cloud Strife was still wary, looking out the windows, and then looked to Reeve. "She's a present, for Tifa's birthday tomorrow. She's been saying how my schedule is always keeping me out too late, and she's worried sometimes. I don't know why, she can kick my ass, but she wants a dog." He gestured to the cuddly white puppy in the Commissioner's arms. Reeve raised a black eyebrow, and smiled a bit, "I see, this doesn't look like a very fierce dog though."

"Of course not, it's a Pomeranian… they are just cute. Really, can you see Tifa with a pit bull?" He was still looking around, "are the plans for the party ready?"

"Of course, I sent Yuffie out to the Manor to get Vincent… I don't know why he bought a phone if he never picks it up."

Cloud looked at him like he was nuts. "Yuffie? Why Yuffie, she's just going to make him crawl farther into his coffin."

Reeve chuckled a bit, "Not likely… last letter I got from Shelke said that he was fixing the place up, and she was helping. He's kind of taken her on as a daughter. He and Yuffie got closer during the Omega Crisis, if anyone can get him away from painting, it's her." Cloud shook his head a bit and put his hands out to take the dog. "Well the food is being catered, and Cid is going to Corel to pick Barret and Marlene up. I'll have to tell him to swing by Nibelhiem…"

"Call Yuffie first to make sure he's coming…"

Cloud nodded, and then took in a deep breath. "Did my other present come yet?"

Reeve nodded, laughing a bit as the puppy started to lick Cloud's arm. "It came yesterday, are you sure about it? I mean…"

The blonde held a hand up to stop him, petting the small puppy on the top of her head. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life. I just hope she feels the same way." He sighed a bit, the nervousness was starting to show on his face, so Reeve decided to try and make him feel better. "Don't worry Cloud, I'm sure she'll love it… I'll bet she even cries… happy tears of course." The swordsman took a deep breath and nodded, shifting the dog so it couldn't lick him more, "I hope so… it's taken me six months just to save up for a stone that big… and it's not that big."

"She'll love it, she loves you, we all know it, I'm just glad you're finally doing something about it." Cloud looked to him and smiled just a bit, "It just seems… fast to me. I've never even kissed her…" Reeve patted his friend on the shoulder, "Maybe you should fix that tonight. You have the house to yourselves until tomorrow night, when Marlene and Denzel come back from Corel… I think it's time you tell her. Then I'll bring the major gift to the party tomorrow night."

Cloud nodded, watching Reeve leave, and then he started up the stairs. He went into his room and put the dog on her leash, setting out the food and water he'd already bought for her, and closed the door. Luckily she didn't start barking, that was all he needed; Tifa hearing the dog and going up there, ruining the surprise. He headed back down stairs, going into the kitchen and grabbing out some left over chicken, and didn't even bother heating it up and he started eating. He was hungry, even though his nervous stomach was cooperating; he decided it was bad to starve himself. He had to figure out what to do tonight, the last night of the small vacation from the kids. "Maybe a home cooked dinner… too bad I'm not much of a cook." He started looking around, trying to figure out something he could make that he wouldn't screw up. He found the stuff for spaghetti, and it was one of the few dishes he'd learned to cook, his mother had insisted that he, at least, would always eat well. He smiled just a bit, and started to pull out the ingredients. He looked at his watch, knowing that Tifa would be home from the market in about an hour, and it would be right about dinner time. He set the noodles to boil and mixed the sauce up, letting it simmer as he made the meatballs. Once it was all together and cooking, he took his cell out and flipped it open, dialing Yuffie's number.

"Hiya!" exclaimed an overly cheerful voice, and he could hear some banging and saws in the background. "Hey Yuffie, what's going on?"

"Huh? Oh that, Vincent and Shelke are fixing the banister at the moment, after the paint war we had last night, Vincent opted out of painting today. At least I got that ratty cloak off of him long enough to clean it!"

Cloud was going to ask her a question, but decided against it… he probably didn't want to know anyway. "Are you three coming tomorrow? There is going to be another surprise for Tifa, on top of the party."

Yuffie giggled, "I know, Reeve told me, I already called Cid for pick up. Luckily Nibelhiem is on the way there from Rocket Town, or else he would have bitched about it."

"So Vincent is coming too?"

"Of course he is silly, He wouldn't miss it… Right Vinnie?" The swordsman heard some sort of affirmation in a rough, deep voice and Yuffie giggled. "Okay! See you tomorrow!" She hung up and Cloud went back to the fridge, grabbing some lettuce and vegetables to make a salad. He hoped everything would be alright, and he couldn't wait until dinner…


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