Harry Potter & The Fall of a Dark Lord

by Kalen Darkmoon

Summary: Harry returns from a disastrous fifth year and, in his hurt and anger, lashes out at the wizarding world in a letter to the Prophet. Can love really be the 'power he knows not'? Independent!Harry, Powerful!Harry, Manipulative!Dumbledore, H/Hr ship.

Warning: This story is rated Mature for violence, adult language and situations. If you are not of age or easily offended by such material, then please do not read this. There will be steamy romance scenes. You have been warned.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. JKR and her publishers do. Enough said.

Since I don't much like anymore the direction that JKR is going after book five with the increasingly horrid treatment of Harry, I've decided to write my own version of events. One that continues the Angry!Harry that we are left with at the end of book five rather than easily glossing over everything that happened in book five like JKR seemingly did in book six. It is quite apparent that JKR has made Harry into little more than a sycophantic follower of Dumbledore no matter what atrocities Dumbledore has committed against him. She obviously has no understanding of the mind of a neglected/abused teenage male who has just learned he was betrayed and lied to by the man he had come to trust the most in the Wizarding World. Harry should have danced on that lying old goat's grave in book six rather than so easily trusting him again given the seriousness of his loss of Sirius being directly attributed to Dumbledore's betrayal of Harry's trust. This doesn't even get into the trust issues he should have with the old man for continually subjecting him to the neglect/abuse of the Dursleys when he repeatedly begged him not to send him back there. I find it hard to believe that any teenage boy would just march on like that, seemingly not caring about the horrors he is being subjected to by the wizarding world and it's so called Leader of the Light. After his mistreatment at the hands of a ministry official in OotP, Harry has every right to tell the whole wizarding world to bugger off.

In short, this is NOT Half-Blood Prince compliant. Now on with the story...


Chapter 1 – The Letter

It was nearly midnight when Harry slapped down his quill and rolled up the parchments he had spent much of the day writing on. Asking Hedwig to take them to the Daily Prophet and not to let anyone see her, she gave a soft 'hoot' and took off with them.

"Well... Tomorrow could be interesting." he mused quietly to himself as he readied for bed. Emotionally exhausted after having spent his hurt and anger in a letter to the editor of the Daily Prophet, he easily fell into a deep sleep despite his hunger. Unfortunately, it did not spare him the recurring nightmares he had almost every night. He kept seeing Sirius falling through the Veil and Hermione's fall to a cutting curse, their ghosts blaming him for their deaths. When it wasn't that nightmare it was another he frequently had the past year - Cedric's and his parents' ghosts coming from Voldemort's wand, also blaming him for their deaths.


The next morning...

Dan and Emma Granger had just sat down for breakfast to find Hermione tightly clutching the Daily Prophet with shaking, white-knuckled hands. While she read, they cast frequent glances of growing concern at each other but decide to wait until she is finished reading to find out what is wrong.

"H-how could they? How can anyone be so cruel?" A stricken and tearful Hermione dropped the newspaper with a sob as she ran to her bedroom to dress. "We have to help him!" she cried out along the way. Her parents again glance at each other as they pick up the newspaper to read what had so upset their daughter...


To the editor:

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches...

born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies...

the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal and either must die at the hand of the other..."

That's right folks. According to this prophecy that Voldemort was recently after the details of in the Department of Mysteries (and I've so graciously been informed of by my esteemed headmaster mere moments after the loss of someone close to me), I'm the one whom he marked and is supposed to stop him. Though, I must add that, personally I believe the source of this prophecy to be laughable and a fraud. However, it does explain why Voldemort has such an unhealthy interest in me - the reason why he murdered my family while trying to kill me as a baby. Voldemort has known about that prophecy since shortly after it was given to Headmaster Dumbledore by Sybil Trelawney several months before I was born, while the headmaster deemed it unimportant for me to know. I seriously doubt his ever informing me if it were not for the fact that I had learned the existence of such a prophecy pertaining to me while fighting death-eaters in the Department of Mysteries. A prophecy where it appears I am expected to be the wizarding world's sacrifice to protect it from the results of its corruption, complacency, bigotry and willful ignorance.

His reason, or so he claimed, for withholding this bit of information was a desire to protect my happy childhood. I almost gagged. What happy childhood? I certainly had none as both Voldemort and Dumbledore made certain of that. Furthermore, why was I not better trained? He's known of the threat Voldemort still remained but yet I have received no training necessary to face such a monster. As you'll soon understand why, this is when I began to see Dumbledore in a much more suspicious manner at his motives towards me and is what caused me to re-examine my life in the wizarding world and learn the true extent of my betrayal.

Hmm, where to start. How about with a short history lesson?

In 1926 a young witch named Merope Gaunt of the line of Slytherin had fallen in love and married a muggle nobleman named Tom Riddle. Several months later, Tom Riddle had abandoned a then pregnant young Merope when she had revealed to him that she was a witch. Since her bigoted family cast her out for her relationship with a muggle she had no one to turn to and was left alone and destitute on the streets. December 31, 1926 a baby boy was born and this child was named Tom (after his father) Marvolo (after Merope's father, Marvolo Gaunt) Riddle. Unfortunately Merope died within an hour after childbirth and young Tom was left in a muggle orphanage where he was raised in a cruel, abusive and unloving environment. By the time young Tom arrived at Hogwart's he had become an angry muggle-hating young boy who sought only vengeance against both sides of his family that had abandoned his mother and him and the world at large that failed to protect him. An anger and hatred that eventually grew into the Dark Lord Voldemort we have today.

Surely I am also not the only one to see the irony of how easily Voldemort is getting his revenge upon the world. Not only upon the muggles for his father's abandonment but also from the pureblooded bigots like those that banished his mother penniless onto the cold, hard streets. I'm certain he finds it greatly amusing to have those bigots grovel before him while he pits them against muggles. I'm even more certain he finds it most satisfying while he tortures and kills those same pureblood bigots himself for their 'failures'.

Now, how about we start at my beginning?

I was born July 31, 1980 to James Potter and Lily Evans Potter. A little over a year later on Halloween my parents were murdered by Voldemort as he attempted to kill me because of the prophecy. (Though I must wonder how he learned of it when it was recited to Albus Dumbledore alone, but I digress.) Shortly afterwards, my godfather Sirius Black was arrested for the murder of Peter Pettigrew and several muggles as well as the belief that he had betrayed my parents' secret to Voldemort. He was sent to Azkaban for life with no trial nor any effort by the ministry or the wizarding world to learn the truth. The truth was that Peter Pettigrew was my parent's secret-keeper and was the one who had betrayed them to Voldemort. Pettigrew had killed those muggles as he successfully faked his death and framed my godfather. The result? By denying my godfather the justice he was due, an innocent man was condemned to a hellish prison and a one year old child was condemned to an abusive home with the Dursleys - muggles who despise magic and consider the wizarding world, and I quote: "FREAKS!!"

Despite warnings and objections from Professor McGonagall, I was placed there by Albus Dumbledore who believed that the prophecy and some sort of blood-magic protection (or so he claims) from my mother were more important than my well-being and happiness. Now let me tell you a little about this oh-so-wonderful 'home' the Headmaster found fit for my childhood...

It wasn't until I started muggle primary school at age five before I even learned my name was Harry Potter. All of my life I had always been called 'boy' or 'freak' by my so-called 'family' and reminded daily of how I was an unwanted burden upon them. A burden that frequently meant my going days without food, occasional beatings, living locked in a cupboard (when not cooking, cleaning or otherwise slaving), and receiving the cast-off clothing from my whale of a cousin. To this day I am still treated as such, but I suppose things have improved since rather than being locked in a cupboard, I am now kept locked in a small room. This is the environment a one-year old child was left in by the so-called 'Leader of the Light'. If only it ended there though...

He claims that his sole motive was concern for my safety. But yet there still remain many more questions unanswered. How could such vaunted blood protections truly exist? Something that he claims can supposedly stop even unstoppable killing curses. Are they commonly used by wizarding families to protect their own children? If not, then why aren't such vaunted protections used universally? If so, does this mean every child is immune to the killing curse? For that matter, how does anyone know that it was the killing curse that was cast at me by Voldemort? There are no known witnesses and its obvious that Voldemort's wand was never recovered for he has it now. So how does anyone know that level of detail? Or did everyone merely accept the word of Albus Dumbledore, the man who kidnapped me from my rightful guardian that very night?

Not more than a week ago he fully admitted this much to me in his office: "Five years ago you arrived at Hogwarts, Harry, safe and whole, as I had planned and intended. Well - not quite whole. You had suffered. I knew you would when I left you on your aunt and uncle's doorstep. I knew I was condemning you to ten dark and difficult years." (1)

Now my question is, why would he do this? Why would he intentionally place any child in a situation where he knew and obviously intended for them to be hated and abused? Why did he place and keep me in an environment eerily similar to what baby Tom Marvolo Riddle was left to? Am I not deserving of a normal loving home environment? Or was I merely some form of experiment to salve his conscience for perhaps not helping Riddle once he came to Hogwarts? That if he could subject another child to such a cruel environment and he not become a raving Dark Lord then Dumbledore could feel relieved of any responsibility for Riddle's transformation into Voldemort?

Or was it really something much more insidious? Did he perhaps hope and plan for the neglect and abuse to leave me more open to his kind grandfatherly image and thus conducive to his control as an eventual weapon against Voldemort?

Most importantly: Is this what the wizarding world wants and is willing to allow to happen to its children? If so, why would I want to be a part of that world much less fight and possibly sacrifice my own life for it?

Now, some would argue I am being harsh and the headmaster means well or is just senile or incompetent. However, with the recent information of the prophecy I've begun to see my past in a new light and I have come to the conclusion that it was his intent to make and keep me dependent upon him so that I would trust him and his subtle manipulations to use me as a weapon against Voldemort. He wanted control over me and until now he has had that control; but no more! He has proven that my trust in him was severely misplaced when it comes to my own personal well-being and I refuse to be his pawn any longer!

Furthermore, I severely doubt the very existence of these so-called blood protections he claims to protect me while at the Dursleys because I find it highly improbable that love-based blood magic can be sustained by residing with a family that despises my very existence. In any case the protection was rendered ineffective when Voldemort used my blood for his resurrection my fourth year and even then was shown to be insufficient to protect me from him or his death-eaters as the headmaster has claimed. After all, rather than harming him, my blood helped him regain corporeal form. If it were not for the 'Prior-Incantetem' effect because our wands are brothers sharing the exact same cores, I would be dead regardless of these much vaunted blood protections. Despite the proof of the ineffectiveness of these blood protections (if they even exist), I continue to be imprisoned and enslaved by the Dursleys for that very reason. Care to explain that old man? Or was all of it nothing more than a lie to get me to continue to reside here and let them hurt me further? Do you really believe I'll somehow continue to see you as my yearly rescuer from this hell now that I know you fully intend for me to suffer here?

How did I reach such conclusions, some of you might ask? His own admission that he knew he was effectively sentencing me to a life of hatred and abuse to anti-magical bigots was what really made me begin to think through what I've been through since coming under his influence.

To answer that question, we come to my return to the wizarding world from muggle exile and my first year at Hogwarts. Upon my first entry into Daigon Alley I was taken by Hagrid to see Mr. Ollivander to obtain my wand. Although I was unaware of the true significance at the time, I learned that my wand was the brother to that of Tom Riddle's- containing a phoenix feather for its core. One of only two feathers given willingly by what I later learned to be Fawkes, the headmaster's own phoenix familiar. Most curious that Voldemort would share a brother wand with myself cored with feathers from the headmaster's own phoenix. I would be willing to bet a great deal that my own wand has been made since sometime after my birth and the headmaster had somehow attuned it to me. Perhaps by use of my blood to ensure its match since he has stated that he's already been quite free in his use of my blood for his blood wards upon the Dursley residence?

However, that is but the first chapter to this story of lies, deceit and manipulation. For, little did I know the danger that was in store for me when the headmaster saw fit to bring into the school a powerful artifact that Voldemort was trying to obtain.

First, if Voldemort was after it, why did the headmaster have the Philosopher's Stone brought into a school full of young children? Why draw that monster to Hogwarts while it was full of innocent young children? Especially when Dumbledore knew by way of the prophecy that he would be unable to protect us from Voldemort.

Second, why have it retrieved and brought by one who he had to have known by now couldn't keep a secret? Something my friends and I discovered within months of meeting him, while the headmaster has known him for more than fifty years. (Sorry Hagrid, my friend, but its true!) I also find it strangely convenient that Voldemort, having been stuck in an incorporeal state for nearly a decade, now just so happened to suddenly find out about this artifact that has been in use by Nicholas Flamel for centuries and it just so happened to be brought into Hogwarts at a time that I had begun attending. How convenient that three first-year students would so easily learn of something that was supposed to be kept secret enough to protect it from someone as experienced and powerful as Voldemort. It is now obvious how the circumstances were contrived to make us aware of the stone's presence and its being sought after by Voldemort. All the while the headmaster and the rest of the staff seemingly remained blissfully unaware of Voldemort's presence in the castle as our possessed defense instructor Quirrel, whom curiously, the headmaster himself had hired.

Third, why were the obstacles to protect the stone so relatively simple, clearly designed towards the strengths of, and so easily passed by, a trio of eleven year old students? I find it odd that there were such pathetic obstacles - pathetic in that they were simple enough to be bypassed by three children (two of whom were even muggle raised) and yet were supposed to protect the Philosopher's Stone from someone as knowledgeable and powerful as Voldemort. Surely Devil's Snare is of little obstacle to a dark lord of Voldemort's power. Or how about a game of chess to pass further; one of little enough difficulty to be won by an eleven year-old boy? Or perhaps a room full of keys in which they left the actual key within the room rather than keeping it to himself and leaving the others as decoys? Next we had a logic puzzle most suited to the talents of the smartest girl I know where a particular potion must be drank to continue further. Again, a relatively simple puzzle resolved by a mere child is supposed to stop a great and powerful dark lord? Why have the correct potion there at all? Why not make what is the correct potion as far as the puzzle goes actually be some kind of deadly poison and the headmaster keep the correct potion to himself? Last but not least we have an unconscious troll. While I'm sure the troll was quite conscious before Voldemort encountered it, it obviously was not an obstacle of consequence for one of his power.

Unfortunately, all these seeming 'coincidences' were far too convenient for it to be anything other than completely contrived. With an objective examination of the facts, it doesn't appear that our headmaster is so innocent as we are commonly led to believe but rather this was truly his intent. If not, then perhaps he can explain how three children who just happened to have enough tidbits of information dropped by the headmaster himself, potions professor and grounds-keeper to spark and hold their curiosity, guiding us to my eventual confrontation with Quirrel/Voldemort.

Its actually quite simple. Dumbledore drew Voldemort to Hogwarts where Dumbledore expected me, an eleven year old child with no magical knowledge nor knowledge of my very history, to stop Voldemort as the prophecy dictates. There wasn't any true effort to protect such a powerful artifact but rather it was used by our headmaster as bait - a means to draw Voldemort and I into a confrontation where it was apparently his hope that I would fulfill the prophecy and destroy the dork lord. He in fact even assisted my ability to be "out-of-bounds" and to overhear certain conversations by providing me my father's invisibility cloak. Why else would he give a first year student an invisibility cloak with a wink during the school year but to encourage my presence where I shouldn't otherwise be? Our headmaster's chillingly reckless endangerment of so many young lives appears based upon an obviously arrogant belief in his own infallibility. That he knows what is best for the world regardless of the price to others and is somehow solely qualified to make such decisions on everyone else's behalf. Who appointed him to this position of god? What gives him the right to act with such impunity in defiance of the law and, more importantly, the safety and well-being of others? Frighteningly, it doesn't end there...

In my second year, the ministry again imprisoned an innocent man in Azkaban without a trial – Professor Hagrid – when the Chamber of Secrets was opened by a first-year student, releasing a basilisk into the school. A student that was possessed by the diary of Tom Riddle, also known as the self-proclaimed 'Lord Voldemort' – an anagram of 'Tom Marvolo Riddle'. The cursed diary was given to that first-year by none other than Lucius Malfoy, a governor on the Hogwarts Board and political supporter of Minister Fudge. I was forced to face not only a spectre of Voldemort, again, but Slytherin's pet basilisk that I very nearly died fighting. If it were not for the aid of Fawkes, Dumbledore's phoenix, I would have died from the venom when I was bitten while killing it. My friends and I were but twelve years old and yet not only solved the mystery of the attacks but also a single twelve year old boy was left to fight a thousand year old basilisk.

With something as simple and easily obtainable as even a sneakoscope being able to detect the presence of dark magic and items, as well as it being well known that the headmaster possesses dark magic detectors in his office, that diary should have never made it into the school unless he allowed it in. An item that nearly cost the life of a female first-year student. Where was the Headmaster? Shouldn't this have been his responsibility and not that of a bunch of twelve year olds? Is it really so easy to bring such dark and deadly items into the school? Or only when it suits his purposes?

However, what makes me suspect this to really be the headmaster's complicity in yet another confrontation between Voldemort and I was the appearance of Fawkes, the headmaster's phoenix, during my fight with Tom Riddle and Slytherin's basilisk. Very convenient that he knew where and when to find me and that he had (thankfully!) brought with him the sorting hat with Gryffindor's sword. The headmaster had led us to believe that he had no knowledge of the whereabouts of the supposedly well-hidden Chamber of Secrets, yet his own phoenix just happens upon it while bringing weapons when I needed them most. Curious indeed. With my newfound understanding I am no longer left wondering why he knew so much, yet did so little.

My third year saw three attempts on my life and soul by the dementors sent by the ministry to Hogwarts. Why would the ministry send such dangerous creatures to guard a school full of children? Why would the headmaster allow such a thing? Surely a hundred hungry, soul devouring creatures are far more dangerous than a single suspected (non-convicted) murderer? In the infinite wisdom of the ministry and Albus Dumbldore, apparently not, I guess. Or did they each have an ulterior motive? The Minister has already shown that he considers me a threat and has tried to kill me with dementors since then. As for the headmaster, well...

How is it that Peter Pettigrew had gone twelve years undetected in Hogwarts (as the Weasley pet Scabbers the rat) by the headmaster when a few students had in their possession a simple item that showed his presence within the school? An item called the Marauder's Map, created by my parents and their friends while they were students that simply showed the names and whereabouts of everyone in Hogwarts Castle. Given how the headmaster always knows right where to find someone when he wants to, I find it hard to believe that he doesn't use something similar and because of the headmaster's keeping me ignorant of my family's history, the significance of Pettigrew's presence was lost upon me until near the end of the year. It was when we finally met Sirius just after he had captured Pettigrew that things were finally brought to light.

What the rest of the wizarding world took as the common knowledge that Sirius had betrayed my parents, killing Pettigrew and muggles in his escape was denied me by the headmaster. Denied, despite countless questions by me about my family and also proven to be wrong by Pettigrew's mere presence in Hogwarts and capture by Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.

Why did the headmaster keep such information from me? Was it because he was complicit in Sirius' being blamed and incarcerated for twelve years? It certainly appears obvious now that he needed my godfather and legal guardian out of the way so that he could control my upbringing and thus control me as his weapon. After all, imagine my surprise to have learned that it was actually Dumbledore himself who cast the Fidelius charm hiding our home at Godric's Hollow and would thus have known that Peter Pettigrew was the true secret-keeper rather than my godfather, Sirius Black.

Perhaps even more telling was while Sirius was explaining what had happened, Professor Snape attacked us and fully allowed Pettigrew to escape. Having then been a Death-Eater during the same time as the betrayal, surely Snape knew the truth regarding Pettigrew being the true traitor. Because of Pettigrew's conveniently assisted escape, my godfather was no longer able to prove his innocence and was again forced into hiding, unable to claim his legal guardianship over me. It was curious how the headmaster made no effort to help prove his innocence despite his ability as Chief Warlock to have gotten a him a trial with Veritaserum or pensieve testimony, leading me to wonder at the level of loyalty displayed between the headmaster and Professor Snape. After all the years of abuse that the potions professor has been allowed upon non-Slytherin students by the headmaster, it would not surprise me that Professor Snape returns that loyalty and intentionally allowed Pettigrew's escape and withheld his knowledge of Pettigrew's existence as the true traitor. Knowing all of this, I can only believe that the headmaster needed Sirius to remain a fugitive in order to keep me under his thumb.

The one thing I don't understand is how two friends (Hi Fred! Hi George! Sorry about this...) who had the Marauder's Map prior to me could have missed Pettigrew's existence as well. They certainly knew of the significance since everyone seems to know more about my 'famous' history than myself. After all, it can't be everyday news that someone gets sent to prison without a trial like Sirius did for supposedly betraying my family to Voldemort and murdering Pettigrew. Given the number of books written about the Boy-Who-Bloody-Lived, the fact that my history is covered in fourth year History of Magic and questioned about on the OWL exams, I can only suggest that they should be tested for the presence of memory charms.

Even worse, with Pettigrew's escape, he was able to resurrect his master into a corporeal form at the end of the Tri-Wizard Tournament in my fourth year. A year where I was yet again in danger and set up for a confrontation with Voldemort because our illustrious headmaster hired a polyjuiced death-eater as our DADA instructor. If the headmaster is truly innocent then I must wonder at the apparently superb acting skills of that death-eater in that he was somehow able to fool the headmaster into believing he was Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody. Mr. Moody is a more than twenty year long personal friend and ally of the headmaster's from the first war against Voldemort but yet the headmaster was fooled for an entire year of sharing meals, staff meetings and living within the same castle? The death-eater was able to not only get my name to come from the Goblet of Fire despite my not having entered but the headmaster informed me that I had no choice but to participate despite my protests. I never realized how easy it is to force others unwillingly into binding magical contracts. Or is it really? In any case, because of my compelled participation, the death-eater then turned the winner's cup into a port-key and delayed the other particpants so that I would reach it first. A port-key that took me to Pettigrew where my blood was used in a ritual to resurrect Voldemort into corporeal form. My whole participation and victory in that damned tournament was a sham designed to get me into the hands of Voldemort. How convenient for the headmaster that the death-eater he hired as a professor set the stage for yet another confrontation with Voldemort. I was so disgusted with everything that I gave the winnings away, wanting no further part of it. I had never had any need or want of the fame or money.

Of course, when I reported Voldemort's return as well as the identities of several death-eaters he had immediately summoned to witness my execution at his hand, Minister Fudge's only response was, "No. He can't be. He just can't be back." Instead of verifying that I was telling the truth, he instructed dementors to 'kiss' the captured death-eater/professor without allowing any questioning while calling me a lying, attention-seeking brat and then setting about assassinating my character in the press. Anyone who knows me, knows that I loathe the attention and yet the Ministry and the wizarding press all chose to attack me as being crazy rather than face the hard truth and work to stop Voldemort before he could regain his strength and rebuild his group of followers. If nobody else is willing to fight to stop him, then why should I?

Even worse, in an attempt to prevent the truth from ever getting out, Under-Secretary Delores Umbridge recently gloated to none other than Draco Malfoy (overheard by myself and others) how she was the one who sent two ministry dementors after my cousin and I during the summer after the Tournament. If it were not for my ability to cast the Patronus that I learned under Professor Lupin during my third year, my cousin and I would now be soulless husks. However, because I had the audacity to defend my life and soul along with that of my muggle relative, the ministry chose to prosecute me for underage use of magic and violation of the statutes of secrecy. An incident that would never have happened had the ministry not just attempted to kill me with its dementors. Was I really supposed to just let them devour my soul? Fortunately at least half of the Wizengamot decided that I was justified in defending myself. Though, I am left wondering at the sanity, humanity and motivations of those who didn't.

Having failed at that task Minister Fudge chose to appoint Umbridge to the again open DADA post as High-Inquisitor where she issued educational decrees to silence dissent and forced the repeated use of a blood-quill upon myself and other non-pure-blood students who disagreed with her edicts. Something that has left another permanent scar upon me, this time courtesy of the Ministry rather than Voldemort. In her position as High-Inquisitor, Umbridge also formed an Inquisitorial Squad, curiously all Slytherin, pure-blooded and several of whom turned out to be the children of the later captured death-eaters. This squad was led by Draco Malfoy, son of recently captured Death-Eater Lucius Malfoy. Rather than help to protect the school and students, the squad focused on terrorizing and assaulting non-pureblood students and anyone they associated with. Umbridge even went so far as to use Veritaserum, supplied by Snape, upon me illegally and later attempted to cast an unforgiveable (Cruciatus Curse) upon myself, thankfully stopped by one of my friends.

On a side note: Anyone taking bets on Lucius Malfoy bribing his way out again with the unverified excuse of being under the Imperious Curse? Why not use Veritaserum and actually learn the truth for once? But then again, Lucius is well known to have Minister Fudge in his pocket and can probably afford to avoid such an inconvenience.

Also, is anyone else sensing a pattern with the DADA professors we are getting at our oh-so-safe and illustrious school?

All the while I was dealing with this and despite well knowing of Professor Snape's intense personal hatred of my father and thus by extension me, Headmaster Dumbledore required that I attend private Occlumency lessons with Professor Snape because of the visions that were being forced upon me by Voldemort through his mark – the scar on my forehead. Lessons that Snape used to exercise his personal hatred of me by inflicting further pain and difficulty rather than teaching me anything useful. In fact, my nightmares and visions only worsened after Professor Snape's so-called attempts at Occlumency lessons leaving me questioning his motives and if it was by the headmaster's design. After all, near the end of the year, one of those visions were used by Voldemort to lure me to him. I was led to believe that Voldemort had captured my godfather and was torturing him in the Ministry's Department of Mysteries and when I tried going to Professor Snape for help, I was ignored and dismissed. Since it was well-known that I would never leave my godfather to such a fate, again it seems I was set up to face Voldemort more by design than fate.

It wasn't until near the end of the year, after my friends and I battled with Voldemort and his death-eaters in the Ministry, that everyone was finally able to learn the truth about Voldemort's return. A battle that cost the life of my godfather when he fell through the veil fighting recently escaped Death-Eater Bellatrix Lestrange. Sirius Black died a hero and yet remains a mass-murderer in the eyes of an uninformed public because of a corrupt ministry and Wizengamot that takes every opportunity it can to avoid the truth when it suits their purpose. Combine that with a Chief Warlock with far too many secrets and personal agendas caring little for any kind of justice or truth and this is the result you get.

Which more or less brings us to today. A day where I once again find myself locked in a room in the Dursley household having been allowed nothing to eat for the past two days while remaining cut off from all contact with my friends under orders of Headmaster Dumbledore just as during the summer after my fourth year. It is during times like these that I understand just what Voldemort so hates about this world.

Now that you know all of this (to which I freely offer to verify everything under Veritaserum and pensieve memories), I again ask you why you believe I should fight for you? Why should I sacrifice my life for you? As I see it, the wizarding world is largely responsible for my hellish life and in no way deserves my help in fighting Tom Riddle or his followers. A person needs a reason to want to fight - something worth fighting for - and I have none.

So, in closing, perhaps I can put Voldemort's concerns to rest. You see, I have decided that I would like to offer him a truce where I am no longer going to oppose him and his followers. While I have no intention of following him or becoming dark myself, neither do I any-longer intend to fight him. The prophecy be damned. So long as he and his followers leave me alone, Voldemort can have the the whole lot of you for all I care. May you enjoy the fruits of your manipulative self-serving leaders, ignorance, bigotry and apathy.

- Harry James Potter, the Boy-Who-Bloody-Doesn't-Care-Anymore


Hermione returned to find her parents visibly upset and talking hurriedly between each other. "We have to help him! I have to help him! Please?" she pleaded.

She didn't know why but suddenly he was all that mattered to her at that moment. He was not only in danger but hurting badly and needed help - help that was long overdue. After all he was always there for her and now she wanted to be there for him, to always be there for him. She wanted to just take him and run away from all of the cruelty he was forced to endure. To show him that someone still cared and that he was loved... Love... that is what it really came down to. He felt alone and unloved and as a result he lashed out at the world that denied it to him at every opportunity; condemning the world to the same pain and suffering that had been forced upon him. Although until now she had denied it for so long in her heart, she now wanted him to know that at the very least she loved him. That there was at least one person left in the world who loved him for the kind, gentle and brave young man that he was, not the 'Boy-Who-Lived' and prophesied savior from Voldemort.

After calling their office, the Grangers quickly left for Surrey, unaware of the complete chaos the wizarding world was rapidly falling into in the wake of Harry's angry letter.


updated 09/07/2007

(1) Dumbledore, OotP - Chapter 37

Author's notes: I know JKR has come up with some interesting answers in interviews and on the FAQ at her website with regards to some of the plot holes that I raise as a reasons for Harry's suspicion of Dumbledore's intentions. (e.g. According to JKR the Weasley twins never noticed Pettigrew on the Marauder's map because they didn't know who he was or his importance. Uhm... Right. Yet it is considered common knowledge among everyone else, curiously except Harry, that Pettigrew was murdered by Sirius after he confronted him about betraying the Potters to Voldemort. Their own sister worshiped the legend of the Boy-Who-Lived so it was obviously well-known in their household. Also, why was this information withheld from Harry by Dumbledore? Harry had asked Dumbledore many questions about his parents that Dumbledore ducked answering. Surely he had a right to know the details of his parent's murder? Instead he had to wait to hear the truth from an accused mass murderer and betrayer of his parents rather than the "trusted" headmaster.)

Its disgusting how, despite Harry's repeated requests, Harry's history of his family is withheld by Dumbledore while he puts forth his caring grandfatherly act. Not to mention that he knowingly keeps sending Harry back to a home where he is reviled and abused. (Locking a child in a cupboard and withholding food is abuse. Clear and simple.) Dumbledore had Harry's vault key and he obviously had access to the Potter's belongings since he gave Harry his father's invisibility cloak first year. He also never gave Harry the opportunity to visit his parents' graves and say 'goodbye'. All very important to a boy who was told all his life how worthless he and his parents were and how his worthless parents died in a car crash.

Another hole I see is from this question and answer from her FAQ:

Q: In 'Prisoner of Azkaban', why couldn't the Ministry of Magic have sent Sirius an owl, and then followed it, to find him?

A: Just as wizards can make buildings unplottable, they can also make themselves untraceable. Voldemort would have been found long ago if it had been as simple as sending him an owl!

Really? If these other methods are so effective for everyone else – including Moldy-Voldie – then why aren't they used to protect Harry rather than leaving him with the Dursleys who don't want and despise him. In fact Grimmauld Place was Unplottable and under Fidelius by Dumbledore himself – FAR safer than the Dursleys regardless of the so-called blood protections.

Perhaps the biggest part of all that I can't understand is how a love-based blood protection can be renewed or strengthened with the vicious hatred of Harry by his so-called 'family'. The way the Dursleys are portrayed, it wouldn't be hard to believe that they would willingly sell Harry to Voldemort if they could.