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Summary: Dean could see the hurt in Sam's eyes after what he snapped at him

Note: SPOILER for Everybody Loves a Clown


The tears, those tears that fell of Sam's eyes, from that moment, Dean wished he could take back his words.

"Sam you spent your entire life... fighting with him when you lost saw him, and now when he is dead, now you want to make it right, well I'm sorry Sam, it's too little too late."

And then the hurt in Sam as he stared at him; his face was stretched and tears willing to burst outside, "Why are you saying this to me?"

"Because I want you to be honest with yourself about this. Because I'm dealing with Dad's death, are you?"

They both stared over each other, and you could slice the silence with a knife, and then Sam's broke it, "I'm going to call Ellen."

Dean stared him as he left, moving his head, shaking it softly, and wished that he could simply took his words back, wish that Sam would forgive him as he snapped at him.