(A/N- Alright, here it is. The first chapter. Hope it's good.) Chapter 1- Crushes and Truth or Dare

Neji was sitting next to Tenten under a tree. He touched her hand and slowly leaned in…

"Tenten," he breathed.

Oh, how Tenten loved his voice. She leaned toward him, slowly closing the gap.







Tenten opened her eyes and was met with Ino's curious sapphire eyes. Sakura and Hinata were giggling behind Ino, looking at her. Tenten and Ino were very close and Tenten's lips were puckered. She quickly returned them to normal.

"Yeah," she asked slowly and uncertainly. I hope they didn't notice that.

"…" Ino was just looking at her like she was crazy.

"Wellll… are you going to answer me," she said, trying to sound annoyed. Oh man, they did see me. Why, why, WHY? She mentally slapped herself. She was frustrated for being caught daydreaming.

Then Ino got a very mischievous smile on her face. Oh God, no. I know that smile!

She turned to face Sakura and Hinata. "Nevermind," she called back. She whispered something to Sakura and Hinata. They giggled even more and Ino fell to the ground laughing hysterically. Tenten groaned. Why? You idiot! She mentally slapped herself twenty times.

After about five minutes of laughing, Ino turned to face Tenten. She still had the smile.

"I called you, but you wouldn't answer," she smiled wider. Tenten just looked at her, kind of nervous now. (I'm going to be evil to Tenten right now)



"Well, what?"

"Aren't ya gonna tell us why you wouldn't answer?"

"I was just daydreaming." Ino smiled even wider if that was possible. Wrong thing to say Tenten. Why did you say that? You idiot, Tenten yelled at herself.

"What were you daydreamin' about?"

Tenten gulped. "Nothing," she said quietly.

"You sure?"

"Pretty," she said in a sarcastic tone.

"Ok…Tell meeeee," Ino pleaded

"What?" Tenten asked confused.

"You know what."

"No I don't."

"Yes you do."

"No I don't."

"Um, yeah, you do."

"Ummm…nope, I'm pretty sure I don't," Tenten said pretending to think.

"Fine, be that way."

"What way."

"That way."


"Tell meeeee."

"Tell you what."

"You know what."

"No…I don't. Ino, just tell me," she said exasperated.

"Fine. Even though you knooow what," Ino said, annoyed as she stuck her tongue out at Tenten. Sakura giggled. "Tell us what you were dreamin' about."



"Well, what," Tenten asked innocently.

"Ten…Ten," Ino growled.

"Oh, alright. I…was daydreaming about…a boy," she finished happily. "There, I answered your question."

"Tenten," she whined.

"Oh, fine. It was-nah, you have to guess," she said and stuck out her tongue at Ino. "Ha, I got you back Ino," she stated simply.

"That's funny Tenten," Sakura giggled. "Well she did get you back, Ino," she added after Ino glared at her.

"Who is it, Tenten?" Hinata said, tired of waiting.

"Well…guess!" she said happily. She smiled sweetly at Ino who was being held back by Sakura. She looked very mad.

"Fine, I'll tell you…"

"O…k," Hinata said.

"It's…Neji," she said quietly.

Meanwhile: In the bushes a few feet away

"Way to go Neji," Naruto congratulated the young white-eyed ninja.

"Yeah," said Shikamaru.

"Hn," said Sasuke.

"Hn…thanks," Neji said quietly. He had a trace of a blush on his face.

How did these four boys get there, behind the bushes in the first place, you ask?



"I'm bored," complained the number one hyperactive ninja, Uzumaki Naruto.

"I'm not," replied the lazy ninja, Nara Shikamaru. He was lying on his back watching the clouds go by.

"Hn…I am," the two…serious ninjas, Uchiha Sasuke and Hyuuga Neji said.

They had all become friends over time. Naruto and Sasuke were already friends and Naruto made friends with Shikamaru and Neji at the Chuunin exams. Sasuke made friends with Neji. Then they eventually formed a bigger group. Now they were inseparable. You could see them everywhere together.

"Let's go to that clearing where the lake is," exclaimed Naruto loudly.

"Let's be quiet for a change and just talk," suggested Shikamaru in a sarcastic voice.

"Ok," Naruto replied. Shikamaru was the only one who could get Naruto to be quiet. That was the reason Sasuke liked him.

"Hey, I got an idea since you wanna talk, let's talk about…" he stopped, thinking. Then he got a foxy grin on his face. "…Girls."

That one simple word made the boys interested. Shikamaru appeared to be thinking about something or someone with a small smile on his face. Sasuke actually got attentive and looked at Naruto with curious onyx eyes and then tried to play it off. Neji managed to actually get a small blush on his face.

"Well…" Naruto said annoyed.

"Wellll…nothing. It's none of your business," said Sasuke. Naruto frowned. Baka, he thought.

"Fine…I know who you like anyway," he said with a smirk.

"Hn…no you don't. You're bluffing," said Neji.

"Whatever," Naruto said while he grinned. "By the way, I saw Tenten the other day. She looked really nice and I think I'll ask her out. Oh yeah, I saw Sakura too. She was kissing Fuzzy-Eyebrows."

"Hn…wait, WHAT!" Sasuke and Neji exclaimed.

"You are not going to ask Tenten out because she wouldn't go out with someone like you. She would like someone like…"

"Like who?" Sasuke smirked.

"Like maybe you Neji?" Naruto grinned.

"Naruto got you good, Neji," Shikamaru said as he laughed.

"Fine, I like Tenten. There, happy?" he said exasperated.

"But anyway, Naruto, did you reeeally see Fuzz-I mean Lee kissing Saku…" he trailed off as he saw Naruto's foxy grin. Oh god! I cannot believe Naruto tricked me. I hate that grin, he thought as he slapped himself.

"I cannot believe you just got tricked like that, Sasuke. I no longer know you," Shikamaru joked. Then after some thought, "Well, since you tried sooo hard to find out, I'll tell you. I like…Ino."

"Oh, I didn't know about you, but thanks," Naruto said happily.

"Wait, who do you like, Naruto?" they all asked at the same time.

"Oh, I like Hinata," he said without a care in the world.

The three other boys fell down anime style.

"You don't care if we know?" Shikamaru asked.

"No, not especially," he said. "You guys are my best friends, so why would I? Oh my god, I got a great idea," he exclaimed. "Well, don't you guys wanna hear it?

"Not especially," said Shikamaru. "Plus I'm sure you'll tell us anyway."

"No," Neji replied.

"Hn…" Sasuke said.

Naruto growled. "FINE." After a few seconds he said, " let's go spy on the girls."

The three boys perked up.





They all had a sly smile on their faces as they stalked away.

End Flashback

And that is how our four boys ended up behind the bushes.

Back to the girls

The three girls got quiet. They were very surprised. Finally, Sakura spoke.

"Well, you guys actually make a good couple. It was just that I was surprised."

"Hey I got an idea," Ino said proudly.

"Congratulations," Sakura said simply. Tenten started to smile while Hinata giggled quietly.

"Ahem, I said I have an idea," Ino said ignoring Sakura.

"Once again, congratulations," said Sakura now holding back a laugh. Tenten snickered.

"I said I-"

"Congratulations, you want a dollar?" Sakura asked sarcastically, cutting off Ino. They all started laughing hysterically. By the time they were done, Sakura and Tenten had tears in their eyes and Hinata's stomach hurt from laughing so much.

Ino's eyebrow twitched with anger.

"Ok, what's your idea Ino?" asked Sakura still laughing.

Ino just stared past Sakura.

"Are you trying to sulk," Tenten asked laughing at the face she was making. "Ino, you know you can't sulk for nothing."

"Ino, go ahead and tell us before our eyes burn from the sight of your horrible sulking," Sakura said serious now. Hinata giggled.

"Yeah, go ahead," Hinata complained.

Ino smiled and stuck her tongue out at Sakura. "Alright, I was going to say, before I was so rudely interrupted-" she looked at Sakura who stifled a laugh. "-That we should play truth or dare."

"Ok," the three answered.

"Yay, I'll go first. The order will be me, Hinata, Tenten, and then Sakura. Ok? Ok," she said without waiting for an answer.

"Hinata, truth or dare?"

"Um," Hinata looked at Ino's face. "Dare."

"Man, the one time I think ahead, you pick the opposite."

Ino thought about what she could do. Then she smiled her evil smile.

"Fine, I dare you to tell me who you love," she said as she crossed her arms satisfactorily.

"…" Hinata was thinking. Suddenly she smiled.

"I love…a boy!"

"Hinata, not you too," Ino groaned.

"Fine, I love…Naruto," Hinata blushed.

"Aww," Sakura and Ino said together. "You make a cute couple."

"Ooh, Sakura, come here so I can braid your hair," Ino suddenly said at random.


The girls sat there for a few minutes.

"You know, we should call you Baby-Sakura. You kind of act like one sometimes," Ino said completely out of nowhere.

"Do not."





"Guys, can we please play-"

"How do I act like a baby," Sakura said as she yawned.

"Well, you yawn and get tired really fast, you cry more than us, and when you get mad it reminds me of a kid throwing a temper tantrum."

Sakura opened her mouth to protest.

"And when you don't think someone is right, you get upset and say something that sounds kiddy…ish," she said really fast before Sakura could say anything.

"Can we please play the game now?" Hinata said impatiently.

"Oh, go ahead."

"Alright, Tenten, I dare you to…um…take your hair out," she said.

"Why, never mind," she said. She took out her hair for one second and then put it back.

"I couldn't even see anything."

"Oh well. Too bad."

In the bushes

"Me neither. That should have been longer," said Neji as he stared at her. He smiled anyway as he started daydreaming about her.

Naruto imitated Neji, staring stupidly in Tenten's direction. Sasuke and Shikamaru snickered.

"What's so funny," Neji asked.


Back to the girls

Tenten thought for a minute. She smiled wickedly.

She looked at Sakura.

Sakura looked up, noticing Tenten looking at her.

"Well…are you going to go or what, Tenten," she complained. "I'm tired."

Sakura yawned.

"Ok, truth or dare?"


"I dare you to…act like a baby," she said barely able to keep back the laugh.

"Hey, Tenten that's not fair. I want a real dare. You can't give a stupid one like that just because Ino called me Baby-Sakura," Sakura whined.

"Good job, you can stop your dare now," Tenten said, now laughing. She was lying on her back and clutching her stomach. Ino started laughing uncontrollably now. She was rolling on the ground with tears in her eyes.

"Hey, that's not funny, guys. Stop laughing. It's not fair. That wasn't even a real dare," she whined even more. At this Ino started laughing more.

"Stop. Stop. I'm going to die from not being able to breath," she gasped.


After a few minutes of laughing…

"Oh, Sakura another reason is that you can actually sulk too," Ino said as she smiled down on her. She had started doing Sakura's hair again. Sakura still didn't answer. Hinata and Tenten looked at her.

"Aw, is little Baby-Sakura upset," Tenten asked like a mother talking to a baby.

"She is. I think it's time for a nappy. She's all tired out," Hinata said to Sakura in the same voice.

"Ok Sakura you can give me your dare," suggested Ino since she was done Sakura's hair.

After a while, Sakura said, "I dare you to um…I dare you to…um…

And then Sakura fell asleep. Her head landed on Ino's lap.

"Oh my god, her head is humongous and heavy. Now, I have to wait till she wakes up," Ino complained.

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