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Chapter One:

Deidara walked very cautiously down a stony corridor. His small shadow flicked about the walls. This whole place sent unpleasant shivers down his spine. About five minutes ago, the Iwa Nin had been outside in the sunshine, admiring its warmth and happy light. Now, he was in a dark, gloomy desolate place…a cave. He could barely see a few feet in front of him, even though his forest green eyes had adapted to the darkness. What he could make out was rocks…just rocks…and spiders here and there; the rest was the insane darkness that now seemed to take hold of his mind and his entire being. Oh how he hated being in this cave that emitted and evil aura and smelled like rotting blood. No...not just a cave, it was more than that; Deidara remembered how he had to break all the talismans on the caves' door in order to just get inside…he didn't just come in uninvited…He had been asked to come to this desolate place.

He had received the invite a few days earlier…a strange ninja had given it to him. Deidara couldn't make out his face, but his voice alone sent shivers down his spine. The Nin told him about the invite, and explained exactly what it was, though not giving vital information away. Deidara had merely come here to uncover if this was what he really wanted…but, for now, he would have to see.

He continued down the caves corridor, always watching what was visible in front of him. He heaved a heavy sigh after a few minutes of getting nowhere, and decided to go back…but, he was interrupted by a strange noise…Out of instinct, every single muscle in Deidara's body tensed up. He pricked his ears intently to the sound, but did not turn around…

Before he could do more, a voice spoke up…

"Ahhh Deidara…How good of you to finally come. I thought that maybe you weren't going to accept my humble invite," said the voice coolly.

The sound of the voice made Deidara give a slight shudder as he turned around to face the voice which had addressed him.

Deidara glanced at the fellow ninja, Or at least, the silhouette of one. It looked like some kind of projection jutsu- the ninja was obviously somewhere else, and this was just a creation of chakra, but it was accurate. Well, from what Deidara could see, the strange silhouette that was now staring at him could have possibly been male if it wasn't a simple projection. The only other feature of the shadowed man that was visible was his eyes. These eyes emitted a strange aura within them. As Deidara stared back, he felt as if the pair of eyes looked directly through him…down into his soul where it read every one of his most private secrets and dreams. Deidara got a very uneasy feeling almost immediately.

In fact, the whole place had Deidara on edge, and his hand instantly flew to his clay bag, fiddling with the latch. He tried not to look too uneasy (he was a powerful ninja, he could handle himself in a fight), but there was something odd about the man and cave and it was bugging him.

Though Deidara could not see, the man gave a crooked grin at his actions…

"Relax," he said very calmly, "and besides…your efforts are pointless…you are in my domain now..." he added as his eyes watched Deidara's every move.

Deidara slowly lowered his hand from his clay bag. The man was right. He didn't have a clue where he was…Well, in a sense he did, but he didn't know the area as well as someone who lived here did.

"Alright…I'm here now, yeah. So now what?" he questioned at the shadow, his voice sounded strong and firm.

The shadow tilted his head to the left at this… "I thought the details were explained to you?" he answered with a question.

Deidara gave a slight scowl at this…he was here, but had not yet officially joined this organization yet. he remembered the encounter about three days ago…

'So. What exactly is this Aka-tsu-ki, yeah?'

'I'm sure you know exactly what it is…'

Deidara smiled… 'I sure do, yeah. It's an organization with S-class missing nin, yeah?'

The other stared… '…Then why ask if you already know…'

Grinning, he replied, 'To see if what you were going to tell me was different than my information, yeah.'

He grinned at the thought of this flashback, and how he had tried to pry a little more information out of the shinobi. He didn't know what the Shinobi who questioned him looked like…for he had stayed in the shadow of his red clouded coat and strange hat the entire time. He did know that the Shadowed man was not the same Nin he had talked to three days ago.

The shadow looked at Deidara's puzzled expression for a while with slight interest…

"Since you have now shown up, this means that you will be joining us…" said the eerie voice as the man's eyes gave a quick, yet intimidating flash…

"I don't have a choice, do I, Shadowman, yeah?" Deidara said with a grin as he gave this man his nickname. Deidara knew that he didn't have a choice, since he had shown up at the Akatsuki hideout. He knew that this organization wouldn't have just let him know the location of the hideout, if he wasn't going to join.

But, how they knew that he would join gave him slight chills. He was looking for something away from Iwa, and had already been a missing nin for more than four months now .But, that story would have to wait for a better time, because Shadowman was now talking again.

Brushing aside his new nickname (for now) he turned to Deidara and spoke…"How we run things here are quite simple…" he paused and his eyes looked deep in thought and concentration…"You will be traveling quite often on various missions that I will personally assign you…'"

'Great...missions' Deidara thought… 'but if he's assigning them, than he must be pretty high up in the ranks here, yeah.'

"You also will be traveling with a partner ninja. The purpose of this partner is to cover any of the weaknesses you may have,' Shadowman paused for a second to think carefully of what to say next.

This was not what Deidara wanted to hear. How could they partner him up with someone! How he loathed being partnered with other ninja. He couldn't stand them, and they couldn't stand him…and his previous Iwa fellow ninja didn't really appreciate, yet alone understand the beauty and usefulness of his 'art'.

Shadowman then went on…"The Akatsuki itself is rather small…We have minions and underlings in every place you could imagine…While our final goal is to capture all of the Jinchuuriki; we are paid to do other missions to keep an income. The missions are for the most part missions that no one else will take- they are dangerous, because the Akatsuki is made up of only the strongest missing Nin, we are the only ones suitable enough for the job."

Instead of going off on Shadowman on the partner thing, (like Deidara would of) he merely stood there impatiently tapping his foot as Shadowman explained other rules of this organization and what kind of missions they would be doing…this went on for about fifteen minutes…and then Shadowman said his last sentence.

"I have already decided who you will be paired with. If you go down the corridor to your right, you will be sharing the third room. Your partner will explain any unanswered questions. I will also be sending down another member with your attire shortly." With this, the projection began to fade into nothing but wisps as the jutsu ended

Deidara nodded and gave a slight shrug as he followed the instructions to his new shared room.

Deidara stared at the rock-like door in front of him…Should he knock, or just walk in? After about two minutes of standing there in thought, he finally decided just to waltz in…and that's exactly what the Iwa Nin did.

When he opened the door so abruptly, he saw another ninja standing nearly in the doorway. Deidara's green eyes widened as he leapt back a few feet with surprise…

"You should have knocked…" said the other Nin in a bored voice as he turned away from Deidara and went and sat down on a bed.

Deidara chose to ignore the other shinobi as he looked around his new 'room.' The room was a moderate size. There were two beds in the room; one on the right side of the wall, and one on the left. One of the beds had red blankets, while the other had black. The beds faced away from the door and each had matching side tables. On the wall behind the door sat a small, built in desk with a large wooden chair, and next to that, the closet. The only light was the soft glow of a couple of lit candles that were placed on the desk and the shinobi's side table. There where no windows, and the walls were smooth stone. The ground was earth, and some throw rugs were placed around the room.

Deidara stared at the horribly boring room. He automatically linked that the black bed was his, since the other ninja was sitting on the red bed. He crossed the room in quick long strides and threw himself down on his bed, making himself bounce with the mattress.

He sat up as he stared at the other Nin. Deidara looked at him strangely, because the Nin looked more like a monster than a human. He wore an all too familiar black cloak with a couple of red clouds here and there. The ninja stood with hunched posture, and he had stringy black hair, and a black bandana that covered all of his face except for his eyes, which were small and beady. Deidara could also see a long, metal, scorpion-like tail that hung out from the back end of his cloak.

Deidara's left eye twitched at the unpleasant view of what he concluded to be his partner…he would have to look at this scary monster-like person on his travels…all of a sudden a forceful knock sounded on the door. Deidara looked over at his partner to see if he was going to answer, and after about ten seconds, decided he would himself. So, Deidara heaved himself up off the bed with a sigh and strode over to the door.

He wretched it open to see a taller Nin peering down at him with yellow-green eyes. At the sight of him, Deidara almost fell over from shock. The Nin had a large plant-like frons that resembled two leaves, the outer rim of the leaves had sharp jagged edges…the whole plant looked like some type of mouth. Even more strangely, the left side of the Nin's face was black, and the right side was white. He had choppy green hair that added to his intimidating appearance. The Nin was wearing the same cloak that seemed to be the fashion statement around here. The Nin was holding a strange black bundle in his arms…

After recovering from shock, Deidara thought to himself, 'Did I just enter some type of freak show?' He grinned, 'I shouldn't be the one to talk…'

The Nin held out the bundle towards Deidara and said, "...Here…your…attire…" in a creepy voice that matched his looks completely.

Deidara gave the strange Nin a weak grin as he took the bundle from his arms. No sooner than had he done this, the ninja vanished from his sight.

Giving a slight huff, Deidara looked over at his so called partner. The man was just sitting on his bed in the same position Deidara had left him in, twiddling with some metal tool-like object.

Deidara gave a slight sigh at this…as he began to look through his new clothes.

Sasori paid his new partner absolutely no attention. In Sasori's point of view, he seemed to be an idiot from his playful body language. As Sasori was quite intent in his work, he heard him speak for the first time, but it was quite muffled, so he really couldn't make it out. With a grunt to himself, he looked up at his partner. He was holding up the infamous black Akatsuki attire, and was comparing it to his own body.

To Sasori, the young shinobi was nothing special. He had long straw blonde hair, which was tied up into a half ponytail, except for one large blonde chunk that hung over his right eye. His eyes were a dark forest green, and emitted a happy aura. His choice in clothing was rather peculiar, for he just wore a simple black net-top, dark blue capri pants, and the standard ninja shoes. Fitted on his neck was a black choker.

The Nin must have known that Sasori had been starring at him because he stopped what he was doing to stare back. Sasori just shook his head at this…"Aren't you going to put your robe on?'' he questioned with no amusement in his voice as he merely stared back at him.

Then, Deidara gave have a quick grin as he quickly slipped the robe over his head. He pulled it down and straightened out the wrinkles on the bottoms and sleeves. He gazed at the robe with bewilderment for a second, and then wondered, 'How on earth did they get my size?' before quickly turning to the next piece of his uniform.

He lifted up the spats as he gave a look of slight disgust on his face. He set them down on the bed next to him as he picked up the hat he had seen previously before. He set it on his head. He then lifted up the purple nail polish and examined it very closely with his forest eyes…

Next, he then turned to his partner and held it up,

"We have to wear this, yeah?" he said with slight disgust.

"On our fingernails and toenails…" Sasori stated as he set the metal tool he was holding on his bedside table. "You also have to put a scratch through your headband…" he added

"Nnnngh," Deidara mumbled as he began painting his nails, while muttering things like "This Akatsuki has weird taste, yeah…" and other things like "Why couldn't it have been a different color, un?"

After Deidara was finished painting his nails and toenails, he turned to Sasori… "So…What's your name, yeah?''

He then turned and took off his headband and put it into his brown bag that lay beside him.

Sasori stared at Deidara for a few seconds…"Sasori…" he merely stated as he gave a quick grunt.

Deidara gave him a strange look as he tilted his head. "Well, I am Deidara," he replied, his voice was slightly confident, yet confused at the same time. Deidara stared at Sasori for a few seconds, and then came to a conclusion, "It's nice to meet you, Sasori-Danna!"

…Sasori just stared at him for the longest time…His black, beady eyes watching Deidara as slight annoyance filled them…This made Deidara happy, though, because this was the first emotion he had gotten out of his new Danna all day.

"Never call me that again…" he stated, as he got up a slinked over to the built-in desk.

Deidara gave a mischievous grin at what Sasori just said. 'Maybe I should always call him that, yeah. At least I get some reaction from this guy one way or another…' he thought.

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