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Sasori entered their darkened room and grunted. He reached up and flicked on the light. Like a disease, the light spread throughout the room, illuminating it with a bright, unnatural glow. His green eyes scanned the lightened room and stopped on the single wooden bed that was that was against the last wall. The small sleeping figure of Deidara laid curled up like a cat on the end of his bed. Sasori grunted at the sleeping figure with annoyance. Deidara hadn't even bothered to dress himself, and was in the exact same attire Sasori had left him in previously.

He gave a light cough and closed his eyes, "Deidara," called Sasori sternly.

He opened one green eye at the sleeping Iwa Nin, who seemed unaffected. With a pained sigh he crossed his arms.

'This is so like him' the redhead thought to himself. Sasori strode up to the side of his partner's bed and gave him a quick, rough shake.

'Nmm!' Deidara moaned in rejection as he flexed his bare toes and curled up tighter into a ball.

"Wake up, Stupid Brat!" Sasori yelled as he grabbed Deidara's left foot and began to pull him out of the bed. Finally, Sasori managed to fully pull the blonde off of the bed and onto the cold floor.

"Uwah!" was the shocked cry of Deidara as he slid out of his bed and hit the floor.

"Stupid brat! I told you we had a mission today!" growled Sasori.

Deidara gave a couple of blinks as he sat up and crossed his legs Indian style, as he sat on the floor. "Un? Danna?" said the sleepy voice.

He tilted his head slightly as his sitting style became very sloppy and childlike. Sasori closed his eyes and crossed his arms as the usual bored-like expression poured onto his face. "Hurry and get dressed. We have a mission to carry out," he demanded.

"Nani?" was the slightly lame response as the blonde hugged his bath towel and stood up.

"Yes, Danna," came the obedient reply as he gathered up his Akatsuki attire that lay strewn about on the floor.

Slowly, he sluggishly moved to the bathroom and closed the door. Sasori sat roughly down on his own bed, 'Why? Why do I have to deal with this?'

After a short time, Deidara emerged from the bathroom fully clothed and a slightly annoyed look plastered on his face.

"You didn't have to pull me out, yeah!" complained the Iwa Nin as he lifted a brown bag off of the floor beside his bed and wore a pouty expression. He opened one eye at Sasori, who just gave him a blank stare.

"Let's go," Sasori stated as he left the room to get Hiruko prepared for the journey.

'He didn't even tell me where we were going, un,' thought Deidara to himself as he slung his bag over his shoulder, and then picked up another small, black bag. He stepped out into the hallway, and followed Sasori.

When Deidara had finally caught up to Sasori, he found the redhead already inside is overly creepy puppet.

"So where are we exactly going, yeah?"

The black beady eyes of Hiruko merely stared at the blonde, "Either your coming, or your not."

Deidara's eyes filled with mild surprise at the statement, as a small "Eh?" escaped his lips.

Hiruko turned his back towards his partner and began to slide down the stony corridor.

'I guess I really have no choice,' the Iwa Nin admitted to himself as he followed after the retreating back of his Danna.

Hours. Hours on end. It seemed like they had been walking nonstop for twelve hours straight, which they probably had. They had started when the sun had just been setting behind the mountains. Now the sun was in the exact same position, except it was rising. As it rose, the sky seemed to be painted in rich soft morning colors of dark purple and blue. As the sky became closesr to the sun, the purple gradually lightened and was specked with pink. The few clouds that dotted the sky where outlined in a thin gold, and their white surface reflected the gentle pink. The silver moon was still visible, but was now setting to make way for the day. The morning air was crisp, and the grass that crunched beneath their feet was lightly drizzled with morning dew.

What a peaceful environment. How Deidara would do anything to stop and find a soft patch of grass to curl up in and sleep. Of course, he automatically cast that idea from his sleepy mind. As long as Sasori kept going, Deidara would too. He noticed that on their previous mission, the redhead never tired once. Deidara assumed that this was because Sasori was used to doing long, drawn out missions for the Akatsuki. So, in a way, Deidara was increasing his walking for twelve -hours-non-stop- stamina.

His left green eye twitched with slight agitation. He really didn't mind the walking part, for he was a ninja, and ninja endure much harsher things. Oh no. The thing that was really making him crazy was the fact that Sasori had not spoken a single word to him since the previous day. Well, Deidara didn't really have the right to complain, since he hadn't said anything either.

Issuing a small sigh, Deidara tapped the bell on his hat two times.



For the first two hours this had been a cure for his severe boredom, but his interest had dissipated almost has quickly as it had been found.

'I guess I can't blame him, yeah,' Deidara thought to himself as he hit the small metal once more. 'I did put him in an…awkward situation. Though, it was kind of awkward for me too,' he argued with himself as a slight pout look graced his features.

'Eh. I'm not the one to judge so quickly…' another tap of the bell, 'I have put him in an awkward situation before, yeah.'

He was just as guilty as Sasori. He of course did not forget what he did to Sasori on their last mission. Though, the blonde had only kissed him to make him shut up and listen, and to prove his point in the argument. Sure, it made no sense to anyone else, but in Deidara's mind it was perfectly clear. Deidara had never kissed, or been kissed, by another man before.

At the exact same time, Sasori had been watching the expressions on the blonde's face from the corner of his eye. Seeing Deidara's facial expressions change so suddenly, made him think that the blonde was even more callow than before. He tilted his strange (Hiruko's …) head at the grin Deidara was issuing.

'Why is he grinning? His face has shown nothing but boredom throughout the trip,' pondered Sasori briefly as he slid along. He took another glance at Deidara, 'Does that mean he isn't freaked out by my actions? Or maybe he's finally lost it.'

As Sasori was lost in thought, Deidara glanced over at him.

"Danna," his voice cracked through the silenced and through the thoughts.

"Look, Danna, a town!" the Iwa exclaimed as he jumped up and down.

Sasori turned his head to face where Deidara was looking. It in fact was a town. Though not just any town, that town was their mission. At this, Sasori grinned.

Deidara slammed his bag down at the end of his bed, in the hotel room. The room was a lot smaller than the previous one, and he was amazed that they had actually fit two beds in here, even though the beds were pretty much squished up right next to each other.

"Why does it have to be that kind of mission," breathed Deidara as he flopped down on his bed. Ignoring the usual complaining, Sasori slipped out of Hiruko and stared at the blonde with blank eyes. Silence was Deidara's answer.

About two hours ago, they had met with another outlawed ninja. The ninja had explained to them the jist of the mission. It was very simple. They were to meet with some important feudal lord at the dinner hall in the middle of town. Around eleven p.m., they would exchange packages. The Akatsuki would give a desired package to this lord, and in return he would give them one in return. Though, by the end of the night the Akatsuki would acquire both. After retrieving both packages, they would meet in a desired spot by five-thirty a.m. the very next morning. Thus, receiving their award and their mission stated complete. Their identity wouldn't need to be covered, and would be best if it wasn't, to prevent suspicion. The mission only had about a two percent chance of failing.

The mission seemed easy enough, and they had the beauty of disposing the lord anyway they desired. In his mind, Deidara thought of a beautiful way of destroying the lord but, it wouldn't quite work at all. Just as he was thinking this, Sasori called to him.

"..-diot. Hey, Stupid Brat!" came the angered voice from the redhead.

"What!?" Deidara answered back, with slight annoyance.

Sasori glared at him with his sharp green eyes. "I don't want you participating in this mission," he bluntly ordered.

Deidara's upper corner of his mouth twitched as it drooped into a frown, and than slight anger swelled in him. Sasori hadn't let him participate in any of the missions so far! Obviously, that wasn't fair.

"Danna!" he began to argue as he crossed his arms and stood up. "I am participating. I am part of this team too, yeah!"

Sasori stared at Deidara long and hard before he said, "Say nothing. Wear normal clothes," he paused as he grabbed Deidara roughly by his arm and pulled him down close to meet his eyes "Get in my way, and I'll kill you," adding intensity to his last phrase, as he walked over to a chair and plopped down in it and began working on another puppet.

A sigh of frustration escaped Deidara's lips. He was treating him like a small child!

They were partners!


Ok, maybe not completely on the same level, but close enough.

Uncrossing his arms, the blonde walked over and plopped down on his bed. It was roughly eight at night, and he had two hours before he even had to get prepared. So, slowly closing his green eyes, Deidara drifted off into a doze.

Awaking an hour later, the Iwa Nin found that he was fully awake. Unable to force his mind into slumber, he sat up suddenly, which caught a stare from Sasori. A simple stretch and yawn, Deidara rolled off of his bed and onto the floor. Standing, he scratched his chest and walked over to his small bag that laid by the chair that was occupied by the redhead. He undid the claps and began to dig through the bags continents, pulling out his desired clothes. He shook them out to rid them of the wrinkles, though it did a poor job. He rose and began to head for the bathroom.

Grinning, he thought to himself, "No matter what, this mission is going to be fun."


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